Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Heiresses

Hi sweethearts!!!
I'm damn excited to introduce you girls to this super awesome blogshop, The Heiresses!
From how much I've spammed the pictures below with their apparels, you know that....I LOVE THEM ALL!

One thing for sure, The Heiresses is EFFICIENT with their mailing of items!!! yay!! :)

They are currently having a promotion from November 2011-31January 2011:
Follow Heiresses on twitter @The_Heiresses
Followers who quote ther twitter username and "PXDKITTY" will be entitled to 5% off!

First up is a sequins loose knit top!
It's puffy at the sleeves and hem which makes you look skinnier! Love how "photogenic" the knit top is! :D
Definitely good if you're the kind who like to take pictures of your apparels etc hehehe!

This awesome blazer is from Heiresses too! :)
The cutting of it is super slim!
Good for more petite sized girls!
And because of this blazer some people said i look KOREANish with it!!! *honoured*
So this is definitely a good choice for formal wear and you'll still look stylish with it :) :)

Their Fringe crop top is really simple to match :)
Comfortable and not too plain!
Awesome for shopping! Cause it's easy to put on and remove (when you're trying on clothes in the changing room ehehe!!)

Also, many people have been asking me about chunky metal necklaces!
Heiresses' gold chunky necklace is superrr chio!
And it makes the clinky sound whenever i walk :D

Also, if you're looking for some simple boots to match your tank tops and shorts, Heiresses has it too! :)
The heels are of comfortable height and i could even run with it lol!

If you've got all the awesome clothes already, you might want to get some statement rings to match with it ;)

If you love all the items I've shown above, visit

Promotion (from November 2011-31January 2011):
Follow Heiresses on twitter @The_Heiresses
Followers who quote ther twitter username and "PXDKITTY" will be entitled to 5% off!


CuteBun said...

Nice accessories!

Cutebun FB page

Lynette djong. said...

Can't seem to find the items you are wearing at their shop! :(

Lynette djong. said...

Is this your bed head hair look? :)

kitty said...

I have a tutorial for this hairdo up soon! :) :) please wait for it <3 ^~^

kitty said...

Not the same as the bedhead one :)

Anonymous said...

@lynette its up alr, go visit.

Anonymous said...

The site is down:( But i DM-ed them on twitter alr, waiting for them to get back.