Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Bus Ride

Since the last time I posted about Last Bus Ride, their collections have SKYROCKETED from chio to FRIGGIN AMAZING!

Trust me, their new collection will DEFINITELY leave you crying for more!!!

For those who has prom coming up soon, if you haven't gotten a suitable dress and need it URGENTLY,
get your CHIC, PRETTY AND AFFORDABLE PROM DRESSES from LastBusRide now! ^~^


And for those whose proms are over, not having prom or ditching prom,

It's quite an understatement even to say that their new collection is friggin amazing.
I would rather go along the lines of breathtaking, jaw dropping or the money in my wallet is begging for me to take them out so that I can have a piece of all these awesomeness too ^~^

Love this for the sexy back cutting!!! :D

I love everything about this outfit!
From the versatility of the dress to the sexiness of the dress' sheerness to the flattering cut of the red ripped denim high waist and to the whole black and red color combination.
DAMN. I need it all man. Not want, NEED!

And yet another black & red outfit! :)
But this one reminds more of a modern and trendy Santarina!!!!
With that furry beret on, you're definitely ready for Christmas! XD
I love how LastBusRide styles their model such that the entire outfit is purchasable from their web! So you can get the entire outfit if you like how it looks on the model! :D

And Christmas isn't Christmas without knitted tops!!!
Knitted tops always look so cosy when worn, like being all comfy by the fireplace during winter!
though we don't have a real Winter season, we can always pretend we have one!! :p
Hide in cold shopping centers while wearing your knitted clothes lor! Yay!!! :p

And this is probably one of the coolest bag i've seen!

Plus, stand a chance to win 10% OFF vouchers from LastBusRide
They are giving away a FREE Balenciaga Inspired Bucket Bag!

How to win?
1. "Like" their Facebook Page to become a fan of LASTBUSRIDE,
2.Under LASTBUSRIDE Facebook Page, Go to C26 LAUNCHING ON 15TH NOV 12PM, Click on "Like" and "Share" to share the album link on your Facebook page
3. When placing your order, kindly include your facebook user and you're entitled to this promotion

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Anonymous said...

The model of lastbusride is the owner. Justsayin' (: