Friday, November 4, 2011

Material Frenzy

Hi dears!!! :)

I'm here to show off my awesome Rolling Stones Inspired top from MaterialFrenzy! :D

Quote PXDKITTY to get $1 off! ^^

And guess what?
It's only $21 on their website!!! SO CHEAP!!!!
Super comfortable, the print won't fade and it's of a super unique cutting!!!
Love it hehehe :D

You can wear it as the model did, or you can wear it like how I wore it! :p

Lips Smacking Tunic with Cut-out at Shoulders - SGD$ 21

Oh and for girls who want a dress for prom but don't want to reveal cleavage and are conscious about your arms, if you're alright if showing off your back, do consider this piece! :D

As the front is plain, you can go ahead and wear a loooong multi-layered bling bling silver necklace with (fake) diamonds to make your dress more exciting!!! ^^

Caught In a Web in Sliver and Black - SGD$ 24

OMG and check out this dress!
The cutting looks great!
For girls who are more conservative, you can wear this for prom too!
This dress reminds me so much of the dress my sis wore for my cousin's engagement party! :D
My sister is about UK10 and she's a lot taller than me. But she is very good at picking dresses that flatters her figure and I learnt a lot from her! :)
I learnt that with a terrible cutting apparel, even a skinny girl can look fat. And with an awesome cutting dress, even a plus size girl can look hot! ^^

If you're worried about it looking plain, do pair it with a white belt (to have a nice contrast) and also some bling bling necklaces and you're good to go! :)

Pleated Chiffon Dress in Mustard, Navy and Black - SGD$ 25

Looks really similar to this right? :D

Prom aside, high waist shorts are a must for normal days! :)
I love how MaterialFrenzy has such a variety of colours! ^^

Structured Highwaist Shorts in Mustard, Camel, Black and Wine Red - SGD$ 24
Comes with complimentary belt as shown.

And of course, the guys aren't left out!
Material Frenzy has couple wear okay!!!! :D
They sell some male apparels too! So do get your male friends, brothers or boyfriends to purchase together with you! :) Save on postage!!! ^^ WOOO!

Storm Troopers: Female sold. Left with S/M for male.

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Anonymous said...

is your rolling stones top black or grey? it looks black! and id the bottom part loose? pls reply!

Anonymous said...

How did you do the GIF image? :) It's nice!!