Friday, December 2, 2011

Number 1 thing to do...

...when you are alone - CAMWHORE.

Sorry kittens ;3
This is an extremely meaningless post of the pictures i took by myself when I was alone outside hahah

my fake specs are from Cineleisure, $5 only!
Checkered top / dress from a koreanish shop at FEP level 2 or 3

Camwhoring makes time spent alone a lot happier heheh :p
so be sure you get a good camera + compact enough to stuff in all of your bags!! ^~^



Anonymous said...

Hey babe can do a video of how to save hair from droppin plssssssssss??

Anonymous said...

hey can i know what effect did you used for picture 3? the abit 3d effect red and green.

kitty said...

i will try! i have very thin hair too :(

maybe i'll do a tutorial.. or google photoshop for vintage pictures! :D