Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prom Tips (Part 1)

This might actually turn out to be an extremely UNHELPFUL post if you know my histories with prom nights.


When I was in secondary school, i was from an all girls' school and prom was going to be held in our school hall, not some fancy ball room or hotel function room.
so my friends and i were quite reluctant to pay the $$ to attend prom cause:
- no cute guys
- food will just be quite... meh~
- it's our school hall how pretty could it have been
- no after party.. and even if there was, it'd still be in the hall... do clubbing dance in school hall? ok can.

So in the end, the group of us ditched prom and went for hotpot dinner at bugis instead. hahahah


In JC, i didn't attend prom because I thought it was a waste of money, again, cause i had a boyfriend.
so my mindset was that i shouldnt dress up to impress other boys if my boyfriend (from another school) isn't going to be there (OMG I AM SUCH A GOOD GF!!!).


So basically.... I haven't actually been to a prom before.

But you know what, I am quite extremely thankful for that.
Cause back then I was CLUELESS about make up and colored contact lens and dressing up.
Can you imagine if I went to prom looking like this and get tagged on back then's Friendster or Facebook and it'd be impossible to remove the pictures? LOL!!! SOCIAL SUICIDE TTM!
(hideous images intentionally made smaller. if you wanna see the full picture, read this post later on)


But alright, nevertheless, I shall attempt to give some tips for prom to save you girls from regretting in future when you look back on your prom pictures!!! :)

Very very important!!!
Keep your age in mind. Like seriously.
Dress your age. When I was 16, I looked at my school mates' prom photos, I was so damn glad that wasn't me.
Cause we were only 16 but she dressed up like she was 32. MANY of them were in gowns and the gowns didn't even make them look chio.
Like friggin are you kidding me?
Prom is suppose to look pretty and classy, according to your age. Not make you look like you've aged a ton after all your exams?

I think most girls who are attending prom and need advices should be around 16 to 18 (do correct me if i'm wrong)
So outfit wise, get something sexy, cute and pretty! :)

Here are some examples of pretty dresses from local blogshops
(price range: $15 to $30)
Simple, not too outrageous, chio, great for after parties

Having a sexy back design without being too revealing is a plus point!
Sexy but not slutty ;)

Dresses with a tight fit top and flowy bottoms are really charming especially when you walk or when the wind blows ^^

Dresses with flattering cuttings that accentuate your figures are really important!
You don't want to waste your figure and look like a water barrel cause of an ill fitting dress!

Black dresses are some of the safest dresses you can wear for prom :)

For me, whenever I wear tube dresses, i have to constantly pull my dress up else i'll get a wardrobe malfunction which looks really obscene cause i'm not well i wouldn't advice that for girls like me :S
can you imagine if your dress fell while you were dancing with your dream boy? omfg T.T

If you want a fully printed dress, make sure it's tight fitting and makes you look skinny!

And if you refuse to wear black, light colors like cream and nude would do fine too.
Then you'll look sweeter and cuter :)

Dresses with satin and chiffon are appropriate for prom, but make sure it's not dragging onto the floor or you'll look like you're getting married instead!

Don't spend your entire fortune on prom!
Like seriously. Imagine you have a loooong holiday after your exams and boom! All gone cause of 1 night.
And if a cute guy asks you out the next day and you're broke and shy to ask him to pay for all your shit... BAM! Flopped date!

These gowns are sooo pretty but they usually cost like $xxx and that doesn't include the $$ for accessories, make up, shoes, bag, hair styling etc!
Plus, there will usually be an AFTER PARTY for most proms. So it'll most likely be in a club or something. Imagine if you wore a GOD DAMN GOWN, you dance and move your legs super sexily also nobody can see please.
Plus if you choose not to dance in case someone steps on your super ex gown, WHAT IF THE GUY YOU LIKE DANCES WITH ANOTHER GIRL??? O.O
Or if you all are heading off to supper after everything ends, you want to travel around in a gown meh? And don't expect everyone to patiently wait for you while you head home to change before joining them okay. Don't fat hope.

You'll rather look chio and sexy and dress SAFE with something not as BOOMZ, than look like you're trying to hard with a super long gown to be Miss Singapore.
Cause people are usually damn gossipy after prom, so be careful what kind of attention you wanna get.
At least chio and sexy (but still play safe) would get you a few cute guys' attention ;)

Wear a pair of shoes you can actually walk or dance in.
No one likes to see an awkwardly wobbling penguin in a pretty dress.
If you're extremely uncomfortable with heels and stilettos, wedges would be fine too cause more and more people like wedges these days compared to years back :)

Don't bring too huge a bag.
It's not classy when you're in a girly dress and then you lug one huge luggage sized bag or a ginormous backpack around.
Just like how when you are wearing a dress you'll usually avoid being seen carrying grocery bags?

This is one of the websites i modeled for previously :) And I think some of their handbags are gorgeous and good for prom so do visit them ^^

I think this bag is the max size you should bring for prom.
Any bigger you'll look like you're going to the office with all your documents and laptop instead ahaha

If i went for prom now, I would bring either of these clutches along cause I'll confirm be dressed in black ^^

What should be in your bag?
In your bag, bring a small mirror to check on your teeth for any traces of food stuck inside, especially if you have braces.
You do NOT want to smile at your eye candy and turn him off with the spinach stuck between your teeth.
Bring a small packet of tissue paper in case you perspire. Oily girl in chio dress... still oily.
Bring some loose powder, lip stick/lip gloss and blusher to touch up.
Here's a good brand of loose powder I'd recommend cause it's light, does the job well and is not cakey:
If you haven't applied make up before, please please PLEASE get a professional (no, i don't mean your classmate who has only applied eyeliner before) to do it for you.
You really do not want awkward patches of blue eyeshadow, oddly stuck on false lashes, super red lipstick and everything else disastrous on your face on the most important day of your life.
Cause the boy that you've been secretly eyeing on your entire school life might just ask you out on prom, so DON'T screw it up.

Make sure that you actually do a TRIAL prom make up (like a rehearsal) with the professional stylist (both make up and hair) before the actual day so you can make mistakes that day instead of the actual day itself.

Don't over do anything. You would rather apply your everyday make up (or don't apply if you're not used to make up) than overdo it and end up looking like you're going to catwalk for a high end fashion show. Your dream boy isn't going to ask you out when you're looking like that, trust me.
UNLESS the whole theme of your prom is High Fashion, which brings me to my next tip.

Dress according to the theme.
All the tips above are based on theme-less proms. But some proms however come up with fanciful themes like Masquerade, Vintage, Pirates etc.
So please make sure you do not wear a garden fairy dress to a Pirate themed prom, else you're gonna get eaten girl.

Make sure you're not going alone.
It is always better to have company in case the atmosphere turns out awkward.
And even if your best friend(s) and you dress up really off for prom, hey, at least you're not alone!
And prom will definitely be more fun with friends even if your dream guy doesn't ask you out lah ^^


Alright, that's all the tips for now, I will update another one soon :)
Inside, I will include prom tips for accessories, hairdos and some others.
Leave me a comment and let me know what other kind of prom tips you'd like me to help with so I can answer them all in the Part 2 post? ^^
Plus I'll try and gather as many blogshops selling pretty prom dresses' links as possible so you girls don't have to look too far! :)
(if you own a blogshop and would like to be listed, please contact me)

P.S. Again I'll say, this might actually turn out to be an extremely UNHELPFUL post cause I haven't actually been to a prom myself. I ditched all of my school proms heheheh



Anonymous said...

Hey rachell! How about having a make up tutorial on prom? Hehe ^^

Anonymous said...

hi babe can u find prom dresses with sleeves? :) kind of concious abt my arms!!

Soph said...

Hey Rachel, this post was actually quite helpful to me :) bought my prom dress alr but ain't tlr sure whaddya do with it cos it's black and plain.

minx. said...

hi there, um. i'm really conscious of how i look when wearing dresses and stuff because my chest are pretty much "invisible" and usually people like me would look bad with dresses (especially tube tops) or at least that's what i think. can you please give some advices for girls who are conscious of their bosoms :/ oh and also, i'm not good with heels, not even wedges and my prom is less than a month away ): i'm dead shit for real..

Anonymous said...

Can you do a blogpost/tutorial on what to wear if you're fat/skinny/fat arms/fat thighs so that you won't actually look fat in that dress if you're fat? :-)

Anonymous said...

Rachell this post is actually quite helpful ! :) but I hope you could include some blogshop links on where to find those kind of chio dresses that you featured. Or if you don't wish to feature them, u can email me: . Thankyouu :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell, can you teach us how to match colours? Besides just black (since black goes with almost any colour), but let's say if I'm getting a purple dress or a peach coloured dress or a blue dress... whether silver or gold would be better for accessories etc. thx so much for the effort to do a post on it!

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend affordable Make up artists? :D
Thanks :)

Yilin said...

omg thanks rachell, this really helps me! Love those dresses that you intro. :D

Anonymous said...

hihi! may i know where you bought the first black dress and the leopard dress?

Anonymous said...

You can give ideas of how to 'attract' the guy u like during prom?

Anonymous said...

is wearing maxi for prom weird?

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know where to get that pair of studded wedges?

Anonymous said...

Could you give us some blogshop web
that we can buy our PROM dress etc
from? Like the pictures you have
posted on your post? ^^

Bitable said...

I love the first dress that you wore, where about did you get it from?

car said...

hi, thanks for the tips ! :) but could you find some dresses or introduce some dress with sleeves one ? cos i find my arm rather fat so i dont really wear sleeveless clothes/dress. please help !!

Anonymous said...

Hi the white dress which u mentioned the tite top n flowy dress. Wherte did u get the white dress frtom

Anonymous said...

you were not hideous! like girl next door to me.

Anonymous said...

hi, can you find dresses that can hide tummies? :(

btw I just saw your angelababy is not fake or something video and a lot of people seem to comment that your nose is fake? why not prove them wrong by doing a video, pushing your nose up? because if your nose is done before, you won't be able to do that. :)

Anonymous said...

May I know where is the first dress from!? :)

A said...

hey! are you able to reveal where you get the first and the leopard dress? if not are you intending to sell them to me? hehe really like the dresses! you can email me yea!