Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prom Tips (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from Prom Tips (Part 1)


Make up.
If you'll be doing make up on your own, as I've said in the earlier post, I'd prefer it if you didn't do anything too different from your usual everyday make up (just slightly thicker will do) for prom in case you screw up really really badly and don't even look like yourself.
I've chosen a few safer looks which might be suitable for prom and I've picked videos that suit asian features cause trust me, it's not realistic to look at someone with totally different features (deeper set eyes, crease, super high nose bridge etc) and hope we look just like them after learning their make up style.

P.S. if you're going to ask me why I didn't post Michelle Phan's (YT make up guru) video for prom here, it's cause she used a really strong Purple and Green eyeshadow for her look and it's damn easy to screw up if your eyes are not as chio as hers. Plus amateurs in make up like you and I will definitely make ourselves end up looking super wayang so yah.

I'd strongly advise you to stay with more neutral shades and safe make up UNLESS your prom has a certain dress up theme like you have to look like vintage pin up girls etc.

And make sure you practice on days before the actual prom night too!

Here's one with brown eyeshadow (my make up tutorial from some time back!!). If you like the pictures I posted from my Prom Tips (Part 1) post, this is the only style of make up I usually do.
Saves me the hassle of buying too many different type of eyeshadow hahaha!

If you'd like something more sultry, go for this!

For those who prefer lighter eye make up and would like a more natural glow for prom (especially if you're wearing light colored dresses), go for this! :)

If you need make up professionals for prom instead, I don't know of any cause I usually prefer if I did my make up myself.. but you can google them here.

Or if you trust my make up skills (i am not a professional btw), text me 92370248 and book me for 2 days. 1 day for rehearsal make up, 1 day for actual prom but i am going to charge $$ okay! Not free ah :/
Cause even before I post this up I have a few requests for me to do their make up already.. i need to pay for cab fare etc, please understand~


Some of the easiest hair to do for prom would be to curl your hair.

So that you have tons of volume and bouncy hair like this:

If you use those super tiny curler, your hair might end up looking like pubes or maggie mee and you might not like it very much.

So here's 5 simple looks for prom using just a curler, bobby pins and hair spray! :)
You can add on other bling bling accessories on your hair afterwards.
Can't go wrong with this
Really damn simple!

If you have shorter hair and die also wanna curl it...

If you don't have a curler or don't want curly hair but you'd prefer naturally bouncy straight hair like this:

Check out my basic hair tutorial!

Or if you can't be bothered with fringes or curling hair at all and want it all up in a big bun, check out this post
You can add on some pretty headbands once you're done with the big bun too. It'll look something like this, so pretty! :D

if you are lazy and don't trust yourself with your hair, go to the professionals!!
Remember to bring a picture of the hair (print it out or save it in your phone) style you desire so that the result will be closer to what you want! :)
Here are two places that I would recommend

Milly's (you can do your hair extensions, lashes, nails etc)
Prom hair styling
Price range: $15 to $30

Essensuals Bugis (you can do dyeing, cutting, bleaching, treatment etc)
Prom hair styling or other services
Price range: $30 to $90 depending on how complicated you want your hair to be

Regarding what color of accessories you should wear for prom... SILVER.
Definitely silver! :)
Like those fake diamond necklaces (or real one if you have but don't tell others else you tio rob)

You can almost match silver accessories with every color of dress you'll be wearing! ^^

Buying a tiara would be good! Cause even if you're not the prom queen, you can be a cutesy prom princess for the night! :D
And you can easily get these silver accessories (ring, earring, tiara, necklaces) really cheaply at SINMA, Chameleon, Far East Plaza etc ^^

If you need some earring ideas, get something like Chanel Inspired Earrings? hahaha
chio what!
And trust me, it's just for one night and you guys are all students. Nobody will blame you for not wearing the real thing which is like how unaffordable for us :(
Not like you're attending some high end fashion show then you need to dress up with all the real branded stuff right? :x

Otherwise you can wear gold accessories too but gold might actually look a bit obiang lor :/

And make sure the silver necklace is not too chunky like this cause the style is totally different from classy for prom already.
UNLESS it's this kind of glam chunky necklaces! :D

Like Audrey Hepburn! :)
Actually if you look just like her at prom tons of guys will ogle at you cause she's damn hot :p

How to pick your dress?

If you're not super skinny, wear a dark MATTE colour. NO satin, NO shimmery stuff on your dress cause that's just gonna make you look bigger.

If you are less well endowed in the chest department like me, always go for fully covered front HALTER dresses. that way, you can wear bra with thick padding without worrying about having to show a bit of cleavage or whatever.
PLUS you can look sexy with the bare back of halter dresses :p HEHEHE

This is one of my favorite halter dresses cause the boobs there got a lot of ruffles hahahah make my chest look less flat and i can wear a normal halter bra in it, yay!

(sorry for the ugly pic this was the only one i had of my halter dress~~~)

If you have big arms, wear something with full length sleeves rather than cap sleeved dresses cause i think that makes your arms look shorter.

And who said long sleeved dresses can't be sexy?
If you have bigger arms but you are better endowed than most girls and have a cleavage you are proud of, get dresses like this! (okay maybe less low cut else people think you slutty hahaha)

But if you have big thighs, make sure you get a longer dress so as not to draw others' attention to your thighs. If you're afraid that will make your body look shorter cause the skirt is long, wear a pair of heels to make up for it!

Moral of story: Know your body well, flaunt what you have (maybe a bony back, collar bones), and make do with what you don't have (in my case i don't have big boobs so i don't act smart try to show cleavage).
BUT! If you no cleavage but die also wanna fake a cleavage for prom, use nubra, just as the tutorial i blogged about in this blog post.


Alright, heading for my dinner now and will add on a Part 3 with blogshop links cause there are so many that aren't suitable so I need to make sure to quality check all before posting them up! :)
Also, I'll add on some other prom tips too!
If there's any comments or questions I missed out from the previous post, please feel free to leave a comment on this post so that I can answer it on Part 3! :)

Click here for Prom Tips (Part 1) if you haven't read it!

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

What type of dress suit more for those who are fatter? ><

Anonymous said...

Hello, just want to say that this blogpost is very helpful as I'm actually having my prom night after Os this year (: I really enjoy reading your blog as it is often relevant and entertaining. I actually look forward to reading your blog after an intense session of mugging (no life student ): ) Forgot to comment on it but the Key blanks that you recommended are the perfect gift for newly-weds! Definitely getting it for a wedding. Looking forward to more posts (:

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you do a blog post of what to wear for chinese new year ? (:

Anonymous said...

hey may I know where you got you double eyelids stickers? I tried a few brands but they're really obvious on the eyes!