Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prom Tips (Part 3)

Where to shop for a dress?

I found this extremely extremely awesome website where you can view almost all the dresses in existence! hahaha okay kidding but they really have a ton of dresses! :D

They have super pretty dresses worn by Megan Fox, Marilyn Monroe and many more!!!
Confirm plus chop good for prom!!!!
Plus, the price range is about $30? Only someeeeeee exclusive pieces are more pricey due to the nature of its design and quality (you can literally see how good the quality is man), but the rest are totally affordable!!!! ^^

Also, remember to head over to DirtyBling for their pretty dresses for prom!
Price range is about $20+ to $30! :)

You can check out some of their What's Available in this post:

If you guys haven't read the previous posts on prom tips, do refer to these posts:

And if you need any more prom tips of any sort, please leave a comment so that I'll know what you guys wish to see :)

Love you all, happy shopping!!!
Hope everyone will find their perfect dress ^^


Anonymous said...

do blog about where to get nice sweaters, knitted, long sleeves tops etc etc dear ^^ <3

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can blog about some ways to tone the body or lose weight before prom? Just a suggestion though (:

Anonymous said...

Yaaa like how to lose weight? :( Flabby arms and wasit leysss x.x Will appreciate, luv you dear! xoxo.

Anonymous said...

anymore urls to shop for prom dresses which are not in black? :D