Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hi lovessss!
I know this week's a non-stop giveaway week so there'll be another giveaway in my NEXT blogpost so please stay tuned for that!!! ^~^

So anyway i helped my sister take pictures of some of the clothes she'd like to sell today
and i priced them at like $5 to $15? So do take a look if you like ^~^
My sis is 1.67m and UK8 to 10 and the clothes fit her nicely :) She's really good at choosing clothes that make her look really skinny!
But some of the clothes might look really long on me cause i'm shorter, sorry about that!
Her style's more girlish than mine! Good for office wear etc especially if you're UK8 to UK10 and need longer tops or dresses! :D

Here are some pictures i took that didn't quite make it to the selling post.. hahah
just wanted to post some~~


And omg #pxdkittygiveaway actually TRENDED in Singapore today!!! thank you all for taking part in it!
So cause of that, i've brought the closing date of the giveaway to 1 day earlier, 13th November 2011, 11.59PM, so that people won't think I attract attention if the hashtag is up for too long hehe :)
End faster can choose winner faster also!!! ^~^

and omg really didn't expect it to trend~~
all i wanted was for an easy way to see everyone who joined the giveaway in a list via the hashtag so that i can choose the winners easily..... but YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!

But I think i shan't do another hashtag giveaway on twitter else later trend then people kpkb me and hate me T~T
We'll do something easier next time! :) less public! hahah i see how then tell you all :D



Anonymous said...

love the denim shirt ! where did you get it from?

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, im a reg reader, love your blog, but i need alil help, do you mind blogging things for bigger sized girls? Like blogs that has extended sizes for shoes, cos im always so jealous when i cant buy all those pretty shoes i see! :( thanks alot though :D you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

when you doing the photoshoot with the other girls? can't wait to see the shoot pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi babe! I really think u should do giveaways like in the past, through ur blog comments platform! Because if through twitter, either some of us don't have twitter else is others spam tweets like crazy and like those who actually participated but did not spam, their tweets won't get seen easily and I don't think you'll be able to remember all right? Because there's so many tweets of those who spammed..):

Anyway, I am not just suggesting this coz I didn't win anything. It's coz like the way you pick winners are of random (both on blog comments and twitter) so I think it'll be fairer if they participate through blog comments as it will be easier for you to keep track of all the participants becoz they don't spam freely like how they do on twitter.

Just suggesting though..the decision is still urs to decide however way u want to hold ur giveaways.

Cheers, xx! (: <3

kitty said...

@anon: I'm selling it soon! :D

@anon 2: definitely!!! do give me some time, i'll post about it soon <3

@anon 3: soonish heheh waiting for them to confirm the date ^~^

@anon 4: eheh yes, i understand dear! :) did you see my latest giveaway? it'll be via comments, not random :) I'll read through every single one and judge for the winners based on that! ^~^

Anonymous said...

Will you be selling the denim top!!? love it!