Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunflower Pixies

Sunflower Pixies

Are you all ready for the upcoming festive seasons yet?
Cause I know I aM! ^~^
Starting tomorrow I'll be on a huuuge shopping spree so I can dress up for Christmas! :)

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Sunflower Pixies frequently hold giveaways and have clothes in a variety of colors!
"Like" and "Share" Sunflower Pixies' Collection 3 on Facebook and stand a chance to win a top from BERSHKA!

I'm in love with their newest collection, Collection 3! :)
Cause they have all these awesome crochet and eyelet stuff, soooo much love!!!
Sweet and sexy but not too revealing at the same time!!!!
You won't wanna be like them #showyourboobies girls trending on twitter! :p

Have been eyeing on tons of crochet/ eyelet/ lace stuff ever since I wore my crochet crop top out for the instructional video cause they are damn pretty!!!
Makes you feel extra confident too!

Out of the 3, this is my favorite!!! :)
Cause it looks like it's from TOPSHOP, but it sells at a lot cheaper!!! :D

This black one will be an awesome substitute for crop tops cause you can't really see your tummy for people who are more conscious! :D

Not just their latest collection, but their previous ones are damn chio too!
Tons of last pieces from Collection 2, last chance for you to get it!
Love this miu miu inspired swallow motif outerwear.
You just need a plain back tank dress inside and you're good to go! Superrrrr convenient ^~^

Here's a gorgeous skirt from Collection 1 :)
I like how pastel-ish the florals are!!! :D I think I like soft looking florals more than those super dark ones for some reason! More vintage looking ^~^
Plus when you spend $30 and above for Collection 1, you receive a free mask!!!

Finally, their pre-order section has their prices LOWERED specially for the festive season!!! ^~^
Super cute snowflakes and reindeer motifs omg super Christmassy!!! :D
Looks super like the new top I wore in the CANMAKE post some days back! :)

So don't forget to check them out for some early Christmas shopping!
Quote SPFpxdkitty and receive free normal postage for purchases above $30

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