Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hi cupcakes!
We've seen so many cute knit tops recently, and here are 2 more to add on to the collection!!!
They're from ThPotatoCrumbs!
Once you enter their site, immediately you'll be greeted by this super cutesy tribal long sleeve top :) SUPER PRETTY AND COMFY!
And it makes you look tiny x)

I've tried it myself, this top goes VERY WELL WITH BROWN DENIM SHORTS!!!
Personally I think it's not as nice with blue denim shorts unless it's those really really light kind.. :)

If you're the kind who LOVES to take pictures, stop wearing black cause it blends in with almost every background!
Get this piece instead :) I love how the colors of all the tiny tiny details stand out in pictures man!!!

hehehe jk~ ^~^

The next knit top that I love from ThPotatoCrumbs will definitely be more popular among girls cause it's black&white! Considerably safe colors :)
This is H&M inspired and sells at 1/3 of the prices of knitwears at H&M! :D See, online shopping helps you save some kachingzzzz!

I love clothes that are COMFORTABLE.
But what I love more are clothes that are COMFORTABLE & CHIO!!!
Some clothes may be comfy but looks gross in pics (e.g. make u look damn fat)
But not this one!!! :) :)

That isn't all of course! :)
At ThPotatoCrumbs, if you take a quick look, most of the clothes are in extremely safe colors and cuttings! Which means no matter what size you are, tall or short, you'll still look good in them! :)

These clothes are meant for daily wear and i know how annoying it is to keep having to repeat your outfit~
So shop now at ThPotatoCrumbs for more comfortable and trendy apparels so you'll never have to worry about not having nice clothes to wear out again! ^~^

Also, I think their high waist shorts are of a really nice cutting!!!
I hate ill fitting high waist more than anything else aahaha!
So this is definitely one of my favorite pieces from ThPotatoCrumbs! :)

Happy shopping sweethearts! Hope you'll find something you really love for Christmas! :D


Anonymous said...

Babe! where can i buy your tinted glasses cheap?!

h said...

you're pretty, popular, yet so nice to all your readers (and even haters). wish i can be like u!
and u seem pretty down lately cos your bf's in army, so just wanna say cheer up pretty doll!

P.S. I first chanced upon your blog when i was googling for solutions for acne, and I've been your reader ever since. <3 you and your blog!

Anonymous said...

where did you got that chanel sunnies? :)

Anonymous said...

is it rlly chanel shades or just inspired? if inspired, where did you get it!!! <:

Anonymous said...

You look really good in red lipstick! :D

Ashley said...

Hi i think you look rly gorgeous here so don't feel inferior/ think you are ugly without makeup k! :D You look super gorgeous I swear

Anonymous said...

Hi, where can i get the eyelid stickers that u're using?

kitty said...

Hey sweets! i know someone who's spreeing for the exact shades as mine at about $45. will you guys be keen? <3 if yes i'll post it up :)

kitty said...

it's more ex cause practically no one else sells it, i've been searching for some girls who asked for damn long already found one finally :) so yep, let me know! <3

Anonymous said...

show us the spree! but $45 very ex leh. cheaper can?

kitty said...

okay i show you guys soon! <3 i cant find anyone else selling cheaper ones.. unless anyone got lobang, please share! i bought mine long ago and it was really ex too but i bought it cause i liked it a lot and it's way cheaper than the real thing :p

Sugar said...

you bought your shades at how much? and pls share which spree is selling! kitty, u're really dope!

Anonymous said...

kitty!! where do u get ur eyelid stickers??

Anonymous said...

Hi! Are both the knitted tops thick?
Like make you too hot when you wear it, since you know sg has hotter weather! (: