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Wanbao and Festive Gourmet Food Trail

Hi cupcakes!!!
Are you all excited for the festive seasons coming up? :D
Christmas and then Chinese New Year! Superrrr stoked cause that will be tons of good food and time to enjoy x)

And these days, cooking at home may be quite a chore, what more on a holiday!
But fret not, cause i'm going to introduce you guys to some really really awesome places your family and you can go to to celebrate the holidays cause i learnt of some awesome new food places!!! ^~^

This is because Dawn (from and I went to the Festive Gourmet Food Trail held by and Wanbao :)

The event is held over a 4 weeks period from 5 Nov to 26 Nov, and Ah Lun (the host) will be bringing a group of foodies to sample Christmas and Chinese New Year festive cuisines at 8 famous restaurants!!! Yay!
Also, there were games during the food trail I went to and we got a chance to meet and interact with the chefs too, so cool! :)

We went to a total of 2 restaurants that day and ate like 12 dishes in total! We were so stuffed heheh!
Excited to see the food yet? :D read on!

The first restaurant is Thai Village 泰国村海鲜酒家 (Kallang Leisure Park branch), which is superrrrr famous for its shark fin soup!
My dad brought my family there twice before cause he believes they serve the best shark fin soup ever, which is why I have a really good impression of Thai Village already! ^~^
I'm sure many Chinese families like mine will find shark fin soup an essential for celebrations too!

(A lot of pictures of dishes from Thai Village are credited to because I was late! So sorry... T~T)

Here is in sum what we ate at Thai Village :)
I shall tell you guys more about the individual dishes in a bit~

So the first dish we had was the prosperity Yu sheng with special wasabi sauce 锦绣生花庆有余!!

Usually people will say we have to LOU HEI (dialect) on Chinese new year and everyone gets a pair of chopsticks and try to bring the yusheng up really really high with the chopsticks and mix it all up while saying auspicious stuff like "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to wish that the family will prosper etc!
I actually think that it's really fun and i always try to bring my chopsticks up the highest and i would stand on my chair at home for that, hahah!

Anyway, you know how typical yu sheng usually has those sweet sauce right?
The one at Thai Village is super special! It has a unique wasabi sauce made specially for the yusheng! :)
I guess it was inspired by the fact that yu sheng always has raw salmon in it so the wasabi complements the raw fish better! :D

It's really nice as an appetizer because the whole mood at the table would be lifted up when we "lou hey" :)
Plus, the wasabi sauce really goes super well with the raw salmon!
It tastes slightly sweet, tangy, fragrant but the wasabi was not spicy for me so I loved it!! :)

The next appetizer was a salted egg yolk with sweet wintermelon center roll 迎春接福双喜到 :)
As you can see, all the mandarin names of the dishes are all super auspicious!!!

I believe this is meant to bring luck, health, wealth and joy to the families enjoying these dishes on Chinese new year hehe!!! I felt happy eating it for sure :p
And the design of the dish was made in a phoenix pattern, super awesome! i bet all the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents will love this! :)

The exterior of this was crispy, crunchy and sweet whereas the insides were so chewy and yummy!
Magical powers of the chef! I feel in love with this dish!
I didn't even know it was winter melon cause it tasted soooo good (i'm usually not a fan of melons for some reason) and I finished the entire thing hahah!

And who can forget Thai Village's signature braised shark's fin soup 泰国村招牌鱼翅! :)
You can literally taste every single cartilage cause it is of such high quality!
I can promise this is the best shark's fin i've tasted out of all the restaurants i've been to in Singapore ^~^
Not just the shark's fin but even the taste of the soup, its soooo rich, fragrant and flavorful!
Personally I like to put a bowl of rice into the soup and mix it around and eat it that way~~
Too good!

See how solid the fin is! :O whoa!!

And it's not just the shark fin's soup that is of high quality, the crab meat in the soup comes in chunks too!
Super super generous portions! It's definitely loved by all those who have tried it before :)

Here's the staff serving to each of us portions of the Thai Style Assam Fish 富贵浮云阿参鱼 :)

This was sour and spicy, tasted a bitttt like tom yam sea food soup but more sour cause I associate everything sour and spicy with tom yam hehe!

The assam fish was served at the same time as this Thai village signature seafood fried rice with crab meat 金银珠宝满华堂 and i thought they were awesome when eaten together! :)
it's like layers and layers of different tastes of seafood stacked together, sooo good if you're a fan of sea food! :)

And while waiting for our special surprise dessert, the hosts decided to play a game with all of the foodies :p
We had to play which table could say Omyyyyyyyyyyyyy the longest and then they'll win!

Super love how family-ish the whole setting and ambience was! Totally suitable for family celebrations! So heartwarming! ^~^

But in the end our table didn't get to play cause our table was under so it'd be unfair if we won :( aww!
BUT i had a lot of fun cause those people are sooo adorable! ^~^

And after the game, it was just nice for the surprise dessert dish!!!!
It was yam ice cream with black rice pudding! :)

The awesome thing about this dessert is that it's not just going to be a big hit among kids cause of the yam ice cream (which kid doesn't like ice cream), it's definitely going to be popular among adults too cause it has the traditional black rice pudding under the ice cream!!!! :)
And black rice pudding is a traditional chinese dessert and most of the adults i know love it! ^~^

Check out the different layers of yam & coconut in the ice cream! So pretty right :)

And after dessert, we headed off to our next stop, Hotel Rendezvous!
This was our ride there, like going on a tour, cooool~

Bye Thai Village, I will be visiting you again very soon cause your food is awesome hehehe!

Hahah since i kept taking pictures of food while i was eating, i had to take some pictures of myself else i will feel unloved :P

And many camwhore moments later, we arrived!!!

From what I heard from Dawn, Hotel Rendezvous is really well-known in our parents' times and if they went there to pat tor (date) means they're quite well to do!
Means it's really atas (high class) eh! :)
So happy to be there cause it was my first time!
Also, i think they recently went through renovations too!!! The place looks super classy now~~

Dawn from 365days2play and Janet from! :)

I was super impressed to be greeted by this sight!

And I was extremely honored to see the VIP sign cause we went together with and got to sit at the front table, which means we were sooo close to the stage hehe! :)

These are the price ranges for Christmas & New Year celebration 2011 by Hotel Rendezvous!

I really would like to commend the hosts for being so eloquent and effective in lifting the atmosphere at the ballroom! :)
They made the whole event full of laughter from all corners of the room, respect! I'll bet it's really really hard if you asked me!

Heheh I AM A FAN GIRL! ^~^

(still can't get over the VIP sign!!)

Hi Dawn! :)
Dawn is a food blogger by the way! Her blog is super interesting cause I love food and I love the way she talks about them on her blog cause it sounds so much more knowledgable than mine! :x

The chefs at Hotel Rendezvous showed us their great skills by inventing and reinventing new Christmas dishes to satisfy our palates and also to suit our local preferences!

First up, appetizer! We had this ham and crab meat roll 火腿蟹肉酥卷 which is is super crispy on the outside! :)
Although it's made with ham and crab meat, it tastes very similar to our Chinese 5-spice (ngor hiang).
But the twist in this has got to be that jam / sauce at that went along with it!
The sweet taste from the sauce definitely added some Christmas feel to the dish cause christmas is all about being sweet to others heheh!

We ate as the proud chef introduced the dish to us! :)

Definitely a proud creation for him! ^~^ Everyone at my table loved it!

After a yummy appetizer, they pampered us even more with this thick and sinful Cream of Wild Mushrooms soup 秋冬野菇浓汤!
It has chunks of chewy mushroom in it but there is still enough liquid for you to actually call it a soup :p
And the milky creamy buttery taste of the soup is amazing!
Imho it's better than Marche's, and I used to obsess over Marche's mushroom soup haha!
Plus the chef did the croutons by himself and the extra paprika he added into the croutons made the soup taste even more fragrant than it already is! :)
Definitely a heart warming dish for Christmas!!

Wow even Rilakkuma couldn't resist it! ^~^

Rila: "It smells really good , can I have some?"

Oh and then once we were a little less hungry, they played games again!!! :)
The objective was to match as many pairs of the same pictures on the board in the given time limit!
And I could tell how panicky the contestants were cause the music was like those deng deng deng deng kind which gets you excited lol!

Entree 1: Braised turkey with chestnut and red wine sauce 栗子红酒焖火鸡
This dish, wow.
I've never liked turkey when I had them elsewhere cause they always end up hard and hard to chew, but this dish was surprisingly tender!!! :O
I can't imagine how much effort the chef put into this dish just to tenderize the turkey meat!

Drooling yet? ^~^

And then while waiting for our next dish, we had another game!!!
The objective was to dress up 1 team mate as Santa Claus and the one who looks most alike to Santa Claus will win! hehehe!

All of the participants were super enthusiastic about it!!

Will the real Santa Claus please stand up?

Guess where Santa just went to? Orchard road shopping!!! :)

Heheh this lady was super daring! She let her friend apply lipstick on her to make her have rosy cheeks and nose like santa! :p

Entree 2: 圣诞红莓烤大鸭 Christmas roast duck with foie gras mousse and cranberry sauce
We were told that in Europe, they celebrated Christmas by eating duck meat whereas in America, they celebrated it with turkey :)
So at Hotel Rendezvous, you get to celebrate Christmas both the American way as well as European way! :D
Oh and because the duck meatserved for Christmas in Europe are usually raw, the chef intentionally cooked it slightly just in case we can't get used to the rawness of the meat! :P
It's like a medium rare in beef terms if you ask me! ^~^ Super soft!!! I hope I can try the totally raw one someday though!!

Yummy and soft! :) :)

And finally we had dessert! :)
This Steamed Soya Bean Pudding with Pumpkin 金瓜黄豆雪布丁 was sooo unique!
One look at it i expected it to be cold like milk pudding?
But in the end it was warm!!!
And it tasted kind of like bread & butter pudding except that the texture is a lot softer plus it's so yummy!
And the taste of the soya bean is really fragrant and it's not too sweet! Great for health conscious people of all ages who still want to enjoy their desserts! :)

And then the hosts gave a another surprise!!!
It was a second dessert, a Cream Cheese Log Cake, specially made by the chefs at Hotel Rendezvous for Christmas!!!
Oh my god it tasted sooooo good cause I love cream cheese!
It tastes a lot like cupcakes with cream cheese and it made me so happy! :)
There were also blackcurrants inside the cake to add some extra flavor to it~

Want some? :D

And this is not the end of all the good stuff! :)
The hosts held a lucky draw for vouchers from both Thai Village and Hotel Rendezvous!!
Congratulations to the lucky winners!!! :D Hope they'll go back for more of those yummy stuff we had that day!!

After the lucky draw, all the chefs went onto the stage and we thanked them for the wonderful dishes through our cheers and applause! :)
They really worked extremely hard for this event, super touched!

All in all i had a great time at the Festive Gourmet Food Trail held by and Wanbao and I'd love to attend similar events in future if possible! :)
Thank you so much to, Wanbao, Thai Village as well as Hotel Rendezvous for having us there~

And as for you all, if your parents or family are still wondering where to go for your Christmas and Chinese New Year dinner celebrations, why not try out the ones I've mentioned above? :D

Thai Village Sharksfin Restaurant (Leisure Park Kallang)
5 Stadium Walk
#01-50 Leisure Park Kallang S397693
Tel: 64876182

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
9 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189559
Tel: 65 6336 0220
Fax: 65 6337 3773

Hope you'll all enjoy your holidays sweethearts! ^~^
Love you all!

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