Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hi kittens ;3
AutumnBunnies is back with a smashing new collection!!!

From Classy to Sexy to Casual, AutumnBunnies have it all!!

AutumnBunnies's second collection will be launching on 22nd December 2011; 7:00PM.
Bringing in unique designs that are personally picked by them, and imported from Hong Kong or Korea, limited stocks are brought in to preserve the uniqueness of each apparel! :)
However, for the more popular designs, back order(s) will be opened but with limited slots.

Worried that you might not get your item(s) before xmas?
Fret not!!
AutumnBunnies will be holding mass meetups to help you get your item(s) before then! :)

Like their facebook page ( to be the first to know about their latest promotions, launches or give aways!
The preview for their second collection is also up at their page!

Last but not least,
Quote 'pxdkittyAB' to get free normal postage OR $1 off registered postage, as well as 5% off total bill! :)

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