Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beauti Instinct #4

Hi kittens ;3

Just a short update about my progress with Beauti Instinct cause I recently got a few comments (some sounding quite demanding O.o) asking me why I haven't posted on it yet

Just to clear up, I don't post about Beauti Instinct as often as bloggers sponsored by Beauti Instinct because I THINK they usually have to post for each facial visit
but mine is NOT sponsored and it's just a voluntary personal review
so it's kinda like when there's something really important I personally feel like I have to share then I'll blog about it, otherwise it just means that everything is going alright :)

Like in my previous post about Beauti Instinct, my skin has more or less cleared up, with the exception of old acne scars and maybe clogged pores (everyone has them i think) which is why I'm now on "maintenance" with Beauti Instinct.
That is to make sure that my skin doesn't go back to the gross way it was!
And please be realistic and don't expect perfect perfect air brushed skin hor tolong! LOL

So my previous package with them is almost finishing so I'll be signing another $3k package (yes i know.. super heartpain~~~) with them but this one will be slightly more flexible in a sense that I can choose from any treatment on that day to suit my skin condition (eg whitening, slimming) rather than just doing treatments for acne.

Ohyeah and Auntie Rita recommended me to buy a range of products for whitening for my scars so I bought that as well.
*Cross fingers* Please make my scars go away!!

So yep :)
that's kinda about it!
Do let me know if there's anything you guys would like me to update you guys on regarding Beauti Instinct as well, I will read the comments and try to answer them via blogposts okay! :)

For all my Beauti Instinct related reviews,

If you girls would like to call for an appointment:

Phone & Opening Hours
Contact (main line):
+65 6733 9149
Contact (line 2):
+65 6738 4759

Business hour: 11am - 10pm (Monday to Friday)
11am - 8pm (Saturday)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

545 orchard road #03-14 far east shopping centre singapore 238882

Love you all, bye~~ :)


Anonymous said...

Hi babe, have you chosen a winner for the knitted top giveaway? :) Can you announce it here as well?

Anonymous said...

hi any age allowed to do the facial? 17 can?

Anonymous said...

hi, does beauty instinct do waxing all those? can u ask them for any tips/solutions for dark underarms!

kitty said...

hi sweets <3 any age can do the facial! :)

hm i'm not sure about waxing etc, I'll ask the next time i visit! :) as for dark underarms I'm preparing a tutorial for it! <3

Anonymous said...

How much do those products cause?

Anonymous said...

Are their products effective ?