Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bounce that d*ck

Hi kittens ;3

Met up with Peishi and Naomi the other day at Vivocity!

We were in the toilet touching up our make up and they snapped this picture (and evil laughing) cause Peishi say I will look bigger sized cause I'm standing nearest to the mirror lol wahlaooo
that explains my expression btw lol

Super cute animal treats for pets at Pet Safari @ Vivocity! :)
I think you guys should buy them when your pets behave super well as a reward or for their birthdays!!! :D


Good life puppiesssss~~~ ^~^
Peishi was going like "OMG I don't even get to go for spa!"

This puppy was the cutest ever!
It was sooo responsive to us taking pictures of it while the rest were just showing us their diva attitudes hahaha

This dog is Peishi's friend cause they're are both super skinny :p

And then we went to TOPSHOP to shop and look at their make up!
Super pretty packaging but I think in the end we didn't buy....... oops :/

And we also went to Sephora!

And Ben & Jerry's for ice cream and gossiping hehehe

My 2 super pretty girls!
Their eyes look like they're photoshopped IN REAL LIFE!
Only God can do it, all natural no editing needed!
EVERYONE looks like shit beside them so I won't try and I advise you not to as well, LOL :p

3 of us shared 1 waffle bowl ice cream! :)
Damn. the brownie they had couldn't be used as topping T~T

Whoever commented that my face looks plasticky, it's actually the lighting!
See my nose so flat here :X
LOL all contouring okay~
BUT BUT BUT ONE DAY, when I have enough $$$ I WILL want to be plastic and do my eyes and nose etc :)
And I will blog about it so girls who are interested can wait for it :)
Just that now I got no $$ so for now please bear with this face k lol

Alright group picture
and don't compare my face with theirs please i damn insecure already!! T~T

And somehow I am Peishi's part-time boyfriend while she's still single hahaha
so i gotta protect her.
I LOOK LIKE A BOY (with long hair) LOR
like seriously.
i got boy features my god.

I'll look like this if i had short hair
Plastic surgery please come soon~~~ T~T

Anyway I'm like hooked onto this song by Jenna Marbles!!!!

She's fkn awesome and I think she's a perfect example of a girl with intelligence (she has a Masters degree), beauty (she's a fkn hot model) and humor all in one.

Enjoy the song! ;)

Love you all~~


Anonymous said...

hey try cutting short hair rachelle! you'd look prettier, im srs ;)

Anonymous said...

I still think you look pretty nonetheless <3

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!!! Misssed you!!!! So long no blog :/ blog about your japan trip!?!??!?! ^^ xx

J said...

Your link to peishi's blog brought me to naomi's instead. :X

Anonymous said...

hi just wondering where did you get your denim outerwear? :)

kitty said...

hahah my hair takes forever to grow :( i'm too old to be adventurous about my hair already~~

thank you love <3 <3

I MISSED YOU GUYS TOO!!! omg but i scheduled a blogpost everyday when I was in Japan!~~

thanks for letting me know <3 i've changed it :D

i got it from bugis street love! :) i bargain from $25 to $23 hahah!

[[candy`]] said...

I think you look super pretty please! Don't need to feel insecure & no need for plastic surgery! :)

Maria Veronica said...

I think you're gorgeous and I love your eyes, they're very... catty? Haha ;)