Thursday, December 22, 2011

Candle Boutique (ATAS FLEA II)

Hi kittens ;3

(Gorgeous pictures taken by Casio Exilim EX-ZR100)

Have you guys heard of Candle Boutique before?

Even if you have or haven't, you're in luck!!! :)

They'll be having a flea market this SATURDAY, 24TH DECEMBER, CHRISTMAS EVE 11.30am - 9pm!!!
It's specially held for all you last minute shoppers for the Christmas holiday hehe! :)

Read on first! ^~^

I found out about this flea market cause I went to their boutique the other day at Bali Lane (walking distance from Bugis MRT) and I was soooo excited!

But sadly I'll be going to Japan on Friday so I won't be able to make it on Saturday cause their items are gonna be SUPERRRRR AWESOME!

Inside Candle Boutique :)
I love the entire ambience of the place, super cosy!

Outfit of the day picture, I guess! :)

Basically, Candle Boutique offers Studio Photoshoot services plus rental of space for blogshops to display and sell their items!
(I spent $87 there in less than half an hour, the items are that pretty!!!)

Featuring brands like DIYGalore, UrbanBangs, Twist Polka and many more that I blogged about before, woooo! ALL SUPER NICE!! :)

Take a good glance at the items sold at Candle Boutique cause most of the blogshop owners plus many more will be clearing their stocks at crazily cheap prices on Saturday!!

Changing room mirror :p

In case anyone of you were wondering, the flea market is called ATAS FLEA! :D

Give yourself an extreme makeover before heading out for the special festive season of the year! ;)

Splurge at ease with items at pocket-friendly prices, get rid of your preloved items and get new ones at the flea at the same time, at the same time, get to go home with new apparels and give your wardrobe a huge revamp!

Miss this awesome flea and you'll definitely regret!
I'm regretting the Japan trip with my family cause I really want to go for the ATAS FLEA!
Sounds extremely extremely excitingggg plus some of my favorite blogshops EVER will be all at the same venue, omg!
Best. Flea. Idea. Ever!!! I always hate it when I cannot try on the clothes omg~~

For more details:


Location: 30A Bali Lane (Next to Haji Lane)
Date: 24th December 2011, Saturday
Time: 11.30am - 9pm

Also, if you want to rent a space to sell your stuff there as well, here are the rates!

(Includes a chair for every rack, free hangers, fitting rooms!)

In another words, you will just have to bring your stocks here to sell!!

- Placement of racks are on first come first serve basis.
- No sales of food & beverages within candle boutique.

To rent a space:
Email THECANDLE.RETAIL@GMAIL.COM with the details below:

Contact no:
No.of racks:
Big or Small rack:
Blogshop URL:



-> Candle Boutique is located at 30A Bali Lane.

-> Nearest MRT: BUGIS MRT (5mins to 10mins walk).

Hope you all will grab some last minute loots for yourself as well as Christmas gifts for your girl friends at the ATAS FLEA II!!! :)


Random outfit shots~
Anyone wants a hair tutorial for this hairdo?
It's actually supposed to look a lot nicer but... ohwell i'm not a hair pro okay!

Love you all,
Merry Christmas in advance!!! ^~^


Anonymous said...

I want a hair tutorial about this hairdo ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell, you have great fashion sense and I really look up to you for that since I have absolutely zero fashion sense :x just wondering what you'd pair with, if you had a pair of black satin harem slacks. Thanks!:p

Anonymous said...

You have a pretty nose, I mean it :)) Oh and nice shorts! Where're they from? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi what are the prices like there? Like average haha thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

is the flea selling brand new clothes or second hand?

kitty said...

okay I'll do it soon! :D

I'd pair if with a loose fit plain colored (maybe grey or khaki) top! nothing too flashy cause it's suppose to look casual i THINK! and black boots <3

thank you love! it looks nice only from some angles though :x my shorts are from taiwan / hk! <3

i heard that you can bargain! so definitely cheaper than retail price online or at fep! :)

Will most likely be brand new stuff since it's all blogshops <3

Anonymous said...

HI babe!! May i know where you got your knitted top from??

kitty said...

hey sweets! FEP one of the top levels, but it was $99! blogshops may have similar ones though! :D