Saturday, December 3, 2011

DIY Elbow Patched Sweater

Hi sweethearts!!! :)

Of late I've been seeing a number of elbow patched knit tops/sweaters around and the first person that comes to my mind......


He's the only person I can think of with those patches on his sleeves where his elbows are at! HEHEH

These elbow patched sweaters usually sell outside for probably $30 or more and I was like thinking....
"Hey, I don't have to buy a new one, i can just DIY with my old plain sweaters!!!"
Total cost... almost free! :)

(Using the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100!
With its super fast shutter speed, camwhoring is made a whole lot easier!!!)

One look and you'll know what to do right? :)
You just need to know the basics of how to sew! it doesn't even have to be perfect and neat! ^~^

All you really need is:
2. OVAL SHAPED CLOTH PATCHES (you can cut out from the old clothes which you don't want anymore)
4. PLAIN KNITTED TOP like the one from my latest giveaway


It kind of seems like brown (dark/light) patches are the most common for the elbow patches!

I've found some other color combinations for you to try out on your old sweaters! :)
Pictures credit to's search for Elbow Patch Sweater

And hey, this trend isn't just for the girls man!
Boys, hop on the bandwagon cause there's plenty of space for everyone ^~^

Love you all~
Have a patchy day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell do you hv any idea where i can get the exilim cam u using in this post?

Anonymous said...

hey may i know where you get the pentagram necklace from?
TIA- :)

Anonymous said...

did you diy the top in the first picture? you should make more and sell them! i'll buy it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi babe, where did you try out the elbow patch sweater in the first pic on this post?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you know where to buy polariod?

Anonymous said...

Hey can I know where you get those studded shorts? They're really nice! :)

Anonymous said...

so sorry to trouble you.. but each time you go BI do you ask you to keep buying new pdts? my friend said so and i dun dare 2 try animore

kitty said...

Mine's a loaned set for the competition and I will have to return it.. I think they will start selling it in stores soon! :)

Will get back to you soon if i'm selling the pentagram necklace dear <3 ^~^

The top in the first picture was from F21 (Vivo city) but if you have a suitable plain knit top you can DIY to save $$ hehe! :)

Polaroid or Instax? :) Online sells it cheaper, if you search "instax" on my side bar you should see some blogshops i mentioned that were selling it :)

i got it from bitter studs dear but i don't think they sell it anymore.. :(

Hm, i bought $700 worth of BI products at one shot so i guess that's why they don't ask me to buy anything.. :x

Anonymous said...

Oh what is the difference between polaroid and instax? Sorry i sounds like a numb