Friday, December 9, 2011

#foreveralone at Jurong Point

Hi kittens ;3

Hahaha this is going to be another one of my #foreveralone posts....
yes i know i am damn loner one hahahah

this time, i went to explore Jurong Point by myself!
It's like 25minutes ride from Kovan to Outram park, and another 25 minutes from Outram Park to Boon Lay, non inclusive of waiting time for trains T~T
Anyway when I was taking the train home I read about the news of the revised cab fare charges on Twitter and I was like "k i gotta get used to taking the train more from now on".

The night before I was writing on my new planner what I was going to do for the day~
I kind of did everything EXCEPT start reading a book but i ticked it anyway cause it felt lonely being the only incomplete task, hahaha

The moment I stepped out of the MRT station at Boon Lay,
garfield christmas decorations!!! :)

Oh by the way did i mention i was in SHADES all the way on the MRT and even after that cause I was super conscious about my make up that day? LOL

Oversized shades + Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 on my hands + snapping pictures of the Christmas decorations = look like tourist!!!!

But i am okay!!!!
A tourist exploring JP lor, cause I'm from hougang area, sua gu never go Jurong Point before hahah

See, i remembered to snap pictures with HDR-ART mode! :)
HDR-ART mode makes everything rainbowish look even prettier!

HDR-Art mode again!
Somehow the back view of the decorations have prettier lighting than the front view...
Hahaha couldn't help preferring this picture more than the next one, but at the same time i feel wrong cause it seems like I'm admiring Garfield's butt :x

The entire JP was full of rainbow shiny disco balls!!!
I was soooo excited to explore the place (and not to mention I got lost like 7 times inside the shopping mall)!

So here are some of the shops at Jurong Point which I found quite interesting! :)

A sailor themed boutique?
I didn't go in though cause the staff spotted me with the camera while I was outside the shop so I ran away :p

Pretty macaroons! :D

Christmas cookies!!!
sooo pretty but i don't rmb the shop's name.. it's at the basement though! :D
it's the shop that lets you DIY cakes for people's bday! :) :)

Found this uneven mirror outside Jean Yip I think and took a picture of my outfit!
But it wasn't really clear cause nobody took a picture for me #foreveralone T~T

Omg sooo many dreamcatchers~~~ :D

Turkey Pot pie and pure choc at Coffee bean!
trying to feel the christmas spirit though i was alone~~~ HEHEH

Eat also wearing shades cause I was insecure of my make up... okcan :(

Senseless picture, idk what i was posing for since you can only see 10% of my face... :p

Then i went to takeaway finger food from Billy Bombers for my bro and sis at home since they already had their dinner! :D

I've always liked the american style deco in Billy Bombers :)
makes me feel like i'm not in Singapore HEHEHE
sorry lah, no $ go overseas is like that one :X need cheap thrills like that to entertain myself, lol!

Then from Boon Lay MRT I was supposed to take the train towards Pasir Ris direction but i had my bimbo moment and took towards Joo Koon instead.
Got off at Pioneer and was quite amused by how pretty the MRT platform was!
Maybe it was fated! For me to capture this shot!
The red light was from the train arriving!!!
My camera's shutter speed is faster than you, train!!! HEHEH :P

And then I took another approx 1 hour to get home.

But it was kinda fun and amusing walking around by myself and pretending to be a tourist hahah

You guys should try man :p



Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell!

You know for MAC's foundation right, if let say I've never gotten it before and I would like to purchase from online, how would I know which tone of shade to take?


Anonymous said...

don't you have school/work? whyyy did you quit nus, it was a school i wanted to go but really difficult to get it T___T.

Anonymous said...

The cake shop is called icing room :p awesome camera! I jelly T-T

Anonymous said...

where you get your calendar planner? :O

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell, may I know where did you get your planner from? It looks really pretty :) Hope you'll reply. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you introduce more mix apparel spree advertorial? :) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

May I know where u got ur knitted top in this post? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Omg!
You went so close to my home!
Jurong Point is like the shopping centre closest to my heart since young till now.
And Pioneer station is where I always alight!
Lol ~
Journey to the west!

Anonymous said...

Love your highwaist! Where you got it from?

Anonymous said...

i think you should apologise to smoochiezz for what you have done. i believe their sales are affected by this.

you could have check the authenticity first before doing the video. and by approving comment 'was it from smoochiezz?' obviously u want ppl to know its from them.

im a blogger myself and your action are not ethical. since you say in twitter you will approve all comments i hope you do and reply to all comments given. you owe us an explanation to all your accusation.

i hope you can take more responsibility for your action and stop acting like a child.

Anonymous said...

where did you get the planner! :)

A said...

hello pxdkitty <3 where did you get your planner? and where is the dreamcatcher shop located at?

Anonymous said...

To the person who asked, I think the dreamcatcher shop is opposite NTUC! hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Nah, the dreamcatcher shop is called 77th street!

Anonymous said...

Nope, the dreamcatcher shop is not opposite NTUC.

It's on level 3, beside Chameleon.

Pammy said...

Where did you get your calender book? It's so cute!!!!!!! SHARE PLEASE!

Phoebe said...

the dream catcher shop is called the bluez , next to chamelon , on the 3rd floor of jp1!

Anonymous said...

omg where you get planner from!!!! CHIO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Yesyes, do guide us on what shade to take! I was thinking of purchasing it online yet I wasn't sure of what shade to order. I thought of going to a MAC shop to 'test' the product and then go back home to purchase the shade that I'd tested at the shop.

But.... that's awkward right? Testing out shades in the MAC shop and then just leave :/

Oh that korean planner is cute ttm!