Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hannah Grace Apparel

Hi sweethearts!
I'm finally back from Japan!!! Woohoo :D
Hope you guys missed me? :x

Anyway, our blogshop of the day will be HannahGrace Apparel!

HANNAHGRACEAPPAREL is an online fashion boutique caters for men & ladies who enjoys shopping yet not burning a hole in the pocket.

And their very first collection is specially chosen just for the festive season!!! :D

This knitted top is extremely soft and comfy :)
Best part is that you can always "pull" the strap inside to change the outlook of the top to get that "ruched front" design :)

If you need to party (New Year's eve count down party perhaps?) and want something stylish yet not too revealing, these are perfect for you!
The black leather bands on the sleeves create an illusion of slimmer arms.
Pair this with a chunky silver necklace and you're good to go!

For a more distinguished party, this low plunge back dress would fit perfectly!
The slightly flowy skirt will make you look super romantic and chic!

And of course for babes who just want to enjoy the holidays in a casual and laid back manner with all your close friends, check out this simple black crop top!
I think it'd look damn hot with ripped high waist shorts :) i like!!

Also, if you have any male friends who are keen,
HannahGrace Apparel is looking for a s MALE model for their Homme collection as well :)

So do check them out and happy holidays sweethearts!!


Anonymous said...

u kinda look a lot older in this post... O_O

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for what you have. Youre already a pretty girl, there isnt a need for you to have plastic surgery. There are girls who are 10x less prettier than you, but they never thought of changing their looks. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. If your mum knows (not sure if she does) that you want to have a plastic surgery, she'll be heartbroken. Be happy with what you have. Appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Your makeup here is less thicker on the bottom :D Looks amazing as usual ^^

kitty said...

<3 <3