Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HTC Sensation XE

Hi kittens ;3
Have you guys been to Bugis Street recently?

Did you guys see the advertisement above the busstop? ^~^

It's a huuuuuge HTC Sensation XE!!! :)
I felt so happy looking at it cause I'm proud to be an owner of one! yay!!!

It comes in white and black but I prefer the white one cause it looks super stylo! :)
Even my boyfriend likes it, wooo!

Check this out! The main screen tells you the current weather conditions in your area WITH SOUND EFFECTS (of rain, wind) AND EVERYTHING!!!!

And to unlock the screen, you have to drag the "ring" to the center of the phone :)

First of all, I love how wide and clear the screen is :)
I've always been a big fan of phones with LARGE screens!!!
Cause you can see pictures clearer, type easily and the phone feels less fragile on the whole! ^~^

And I finally got to try out the beats audio of the HTC Sensation XE!
Best sound quality from a phone i've tried so far :)
It truly lives up to its name!

For all you music junkies out there who can't live without music and need some music accompaniment on your way home, on your way to school, when you're out alone,
the HTC Sensation XE is definitely a good investment :)
Only hear from the BEST
cause it'll make your favorite song sound way more awesome than it already is! :D

And of course the Android market ;)

Everything is so neatly organized and it's so easy to look for the applications that I want!
And of course I'll usually go for the free ones first unless there's an app that I really really want/need that requires me to pay! :p

For me, games on phones are usually secondary but to my boyfriend who takes my phone to play games all the time, it matters a HUGE deal!
Thankfully the Android market is able to satisfy his gaming needs!
He even saw counter strike for download and was extremely happy! LOL

But for me, I'll stick with more girly games like FishGame (aka Fishing Joy) and Coin Dozer and those other games that don't require much strategic planning and brain power hahahaha :x

Another thing I look for in a smart phone is its apps for PICTURES!
To me this is super super important cause I like to add effects to my humble pictures to make it less humble looking :p
I mean almost all the girls I know rely heavily on effects like "cross process" "increase brightness" etc to make their pictures look better and cover up our flaws! :)
That's why I downloaded the Photoshop Express, for free!!! ^~^
Not bad so far cause it's usually just the lighting that I need to edit.
As for other picture designing apps from the Android market, I'll be looking out for more and will share with you guys soon! ^~^

And for me, it is a REQUIREMENT for my phone to have a secondary camera.
I might have mentioned this too many times before but I shall say it again~
I NEED a secondary camera to take pictures of myself so other people wouldn't know, to check my teeth after a meal to see if there are any veggies stuck in it, to see how I look (self-conscioussss) when I don't have a mirror with me!

And check out the extreme clarity of the HTC Sensation XE's secondary camera!
Most other smart phones have really bad quality secondary cameras. But this one doesn't!

I took this picture with my camera while the secondary camera was on ;)
Sharp right the image!!!
I assure you, the main camera's quality is even better!

I also like how the camera function itself provides "Vintage" filters and all :)
And you can see the final effect before you snap! Unlike those that can only process after snapping sort! ^~^

As mentioned above, I'm a huge fan of big screens cause I can type so much more easily that any other phones! :p true story, sorry!

And their auto correct lets you choose the closest words you might have misspelled and I like to be able to choose what word it is rather than being forced by auto correct to alter my words without my consent!!~~~ ahhhh~ LOL

And for the purpose of easy navigation, you can choose to view all the "pages" at once to go to the app you want more efficiently!

The HTC Sensation XE also makes it really easy to connect to all your social platforms and get the latest updates from the different sites all at once with the Friend Stream!!! :D

Plus you can customize the pages according to your preference of apps so it's highly personalized :)

So far I LOVE the HTC Sensation XE more than my old smart phones!

It's fast, doesn't lag, doesn't overheat for me, the outer appearance is awesome, the sound quality is to die for, i love the solid grip of it so it won't slip off my hands, the Android market is well supplied with (free) apps
and I am enjoying every single bit of the HTC Sensation XE :)

So if you're planning to get yourself a new phone,
why not give the HTC Sensation XE a shot? ;)
You'll fall in love with it for sure!

Love you kittens, bye!! :)


Anonymous said...

A tutorial on ur hair please!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the bralet and what did you matched it with?

Anonymous said...

HAHHAHA! Omggggggggg "martin oppa" LOL!!!!!! cute.

kitty said...

i will do that soon! :D

i got the bralet from candle boutique :) I matched it with a pair of black high waisted shorts <3

hahahah oopssss i saved that a long time ago and am lazy to change it :p