Friday, December 30, 2011

Japan Trip Part 2 (Osaka)

Hi kittens ;3

Woke up at 5am in my hotel in Osaka (Swissotel Nankai Osaka) to see this gorgeous view!

If you're planning to go to Osaka, I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hotel because it's so accessible (directly at the train station), their service was AWESOME, their staff were so super helpful and because we made a few changes to our trips here and there they were super flexible in us changing rooms and bookings etc!!!

My sis basically planned the entire trip for us and we had no tour guide.
so super impressed by her max!!!
She learnt Japanese in school so we were like totally reliant on her the entire trip... oops :X
And she planned to bring us to go pick STRAWBERRIES!!! :D
but first we had to take a long train ride :)

Saw some family making mochi at the side of the road.
they were just making it for their own consumption, not for sale! omg how rare is that man~

And they were nice enough to let my brother try hitting the mochi too!!!!

Bought a TON of bento and rice balls for the train ride cause my sis told us we could eat on the train and we totally abused that privilege :X

We even bought curry rice hahaha omg
we made it a point to keep the train super clean and didn't litter or drop anything anywhere okay!

My lil cousin :)

Not sure if you can see those 2 full black figures at the train station
their hair and dressing plus the guitars they were carrying reminded me of MARTIN :'(
he didn't get to come with us on the trip cause he was in army

but i think he'll LOVE Japan (actually he already does... a lot.) cause everyone there looked like they could be his best friend with the same love for Visual Kei all hahah

Checking the map like touristssss!
Okay we are hahah~

And then we reached Yao-Shi, Osaka to go to the strawberry farm!
The person at the farm was super kind to offer to pick us up from the train station to bring us to his farm and we all walked there together! :D

The sky looks bluer on the other side~ TRUE STORY.

Please pardon my very small eyes

And don't be fooled by the glorious sun rays!
It was really cooling and windy there :) Love the weather like insane!
you will never perspire there man

hahah my sis called for us in this picture and i was running and telling my brother (who is friggin awesome and i love him damn a lot!!!) to hurry and run! lol

Like I snapped spontaneously when the train passed by and everything was captured so perfectly without even planning.
Even though the competition is over, I'd still like to say that the camera is indeed a must-buy.
It makes ALL your picture taking so much easier!

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My brother tried to do the same as I did, my shot was luckier I guess :p

My dad scolded us for taking this shot cause we were taking our own sweet time to cross the train tracks hahahah
he say later the train come and then bang us :X

And we arrived at GrandBerry! :)
You can easily contact them via email or phone call to book a time slot to visit their farm and pick the strawberries!
If you're planning a trip to Japan, this would be a fun experience!

I think the rates were like 1,000+ yen per person, roughly about $10+ SGD per person for half an hour of strawberry picking "buffet" :)
No take aways but trust me, after half an hour of non stop eating strawberries you'd be soooo super satisfied already!

I look short and stumpy in this picture yes I know hahah don't judge!

Their strawberries hanging from the vines all glistened in the sunlight like delicious red rubies~

And you DODN'T even have to wash them!
Just cut them from the vines and pop them into your mouth x)


I must say most other strawberries you find out there are sour and only look pretty on the outside.
But trust me when I tell you something is damn sweet cause I have a sweet tooth. THEIR STRAWBERRIES ARE SOOOOO GOOD!!!


Do you know how shiok it feels having the entire strawberry farm to yourself and eating all the strawberries you want (for half an hour)? :D :D :D
The entire experience.... omg i love Japan!!!!!

You just need to cut strawberry off the vines with a pair of scissors they provided and eat it and throw the leaf part into a plastic bag (also provided)!


And look at how huge their strawberries are!!!
I intentionally cut the left side one to show my brother cause it looked obscene hahahah but I ATE IT ANYWAY AND IT WAS SWEET.

Another weird looking strawberry out of nowhere :p

But the rest of the strawberries at the farm were perfectly sweet and HUGE!!!!
And we had a competition to see who could find the biggest strawberry and my brother won!

And you can bet it tasted heavenly~~~

All the leaves of the strawberries we ate :p

Byebye GrandBerry!
Thank you for the wonderful experience and super sweet strawberries!
Because of you, I have tasted the best and I will never ever be satisfied with stupid sour strawberries from elsewhere ever again!!!!! ^~^

Their sky their sky~~~
again I'll say,

My brother taking pseudo model-ish shots HEHEHE
it's damn fun to do stuff like pretend we're doing a photoshoot when we're overseas where no one gives a damn about us and nobody will STOMP us, LOL
and my mum and dad will be rushing us to catch up with them :p

"Reindeers" at their convenience store!
This was during Christmas day itself :)

A house we walked past which reminded me of UP!

And then we took the train to....... *secret*
Read on tomorrow! :)

Anyway 99.99% of the girls in Japan are super gorgeous and look like models!
They all put a lot of effort in doing their hair and make up and they look effing AWESOME!
So if you're going to Japan, please be prepared to dress up else you will feel as inferior as we did cause all their people are so good looking!!!!

A good example will be the girl sitting opposite me on the train! LOOK AT HER HAIR!!!
Every single one of them in Japan look like they just walked out of a professional saloon and just had a photoshoot with super chio make up all.
both boys and girls. omg.

Alright enough of gushing for now


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Anonymous said...

The girls in Japan take a lot of care in their hair and nails and make up and stuff :) haha I've been to Shibuya, and I felt so damn paiseh sia without make up cause the girls were like all damn chio and all + make up and everything!

Oh ya and like they have those shop staff who dress up all nice nice to represent their shop's brand (eg. Liz Lisa = dress in Liz Lisa style and so on) then they put a lot of hard work in their apperance. I once read somewhere that some of them wake up like damn early and take hours (the one I saw was 5 hours (!!) and that was just for her hair) to prepare @_@"

Wish I could go to Osaka too ): looks so fun!! Plus your eyes look nice :) love how you do your eyeliner haha I fail at doing it every time sadly ;_;