Saturday, December 31, 2011

Japan Trip Part 3 (Kobe)

Hi kittens ;3

The secret place I mentioned in my previous post was actually Arima, Kobe!
Popular place for people to go to when they want to relax and soak off all their stress in their onsens :)

It's kind of like the mountain area sort, a different environment from the city life in Osaka :)
Laid back, relaxing, everyone's really friendly and the scenery's absolutely breathtaking!

We arrived at night at our hotel.. Can't really remember the name of it but my sis said they have a couple of these hotels around the area!

it's like a traditional kind of hotel with all the pretty wooden doors and stuff!

our room!
you kind of have to bend down to enter the rooms if you're above 1.65m i think!
for me it felt like it was going to hit my head (probably parallax error) but for taller people you'll definitely have to bend down ^~^

our room (shared among 4 people) had 2 balconies too! ^~^

Our slippers for walking around the hotel :D

And we had our dinner in the comfort of our room!!! :) :) so fun!
The people who served us were really patient and sweet~~

Love their raw fish~~~~
best ever ever everrrrr omg it's damn fresh it's sweet x)

Actually it's just an octopus stuffed with quail egg inside it~

Damn damn shiok! Look at the marbling!!! :D :D :D

Soooo super tender and soft!!!
Eat already CAN CRY~~~ :'D

But their strawberry wasn't even half as sweet as GrandBerry's :(

And finally!
Our comfy bed to end a loooong tiring (yeah right!) day :D :D
Crazily soft and fluffy!
I fall asleep within 5 seconds on this bed!!!!



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Love you all!! ^~^


Anonymous said...

hi rachell, able to share how much was spent per person? were you there with a tour group? Thanks and happy 2012.

kitty said...

@anon: happy 2012 too love! i was there with my family and my sister helped us arrange the trip and where to visit etc.. I think it's about $4k per person? I only remembered that by tour it would cost $10k per person which was why we chose to go by ourselves instead. Not very sure though, sorry!