Friday, December 23, 2011


Hi kittens ;3

Not sure if you guys saw me tweeting with the hashtag #LastManStanding the other day~

I was actually at Zouk with my boyfriend for the Last Man Standing event by (Health Promotion Board)! :)

Basically the whole idea behind this event is to prove to people that you can have fun clubbing and partying without binge drinking~~

And personally, I don't binge drink simply because it makes me fat :p
It's like unnecessary weight for me, so most of the time I just choose not to drink unless I really have to!
Can you imagine being 45kg and slim everywhere but you have a beer belly?
I can't live with that :O

But not drinking doesn't take away all the fun out of clubbing for me :)
Getting high and being in a good mood depends more on the company you're with and the atmosphere more than the drinks!
People drinking alone at bars... they don't seem really high and happy to you do they?
In fact, I tend to enjoy myself more when I don't over drink than when I do!

Plus, I'd rather remember an awesome night out than get so drunk that I forget about it when I wake up ;)


So we finally reached Zouk!
I was in such a rush I forgot to bring my camera so please forgive the picture quality, I used iPhone's camera haha oops!!

And the moment I got there, this machine caught my eye!!!
I wasn't the only one curious about it of course. Everyone was attracted to it it like bees to a flower hehehe

There was a queue for it and there was this board that said "Will you be the Last Man Standing?"
I was told by the babes and hunks in charge that everyone can try out this machine for free and even stand a chance to win prizes at the end!!! :)

Each participant that reaches LastManStanding will get a chance to take a dip in the prize bowl to instantly win the following prizes: - 2x movies tickets to any Cathay cinema (or)
- S$20 worth of Playnation hours (or)
- S$20 worth of Starbucks dollars (or)
- S$20 worth of SuperBowl vouchers

All the above are actually activities that we all can enjoy instead of binge-drinking when we're upset or bored or stressed etc! :)

Also, all LMS winners will be pooled for a chance to win a trip for 4 to Bali which will be announced on 9th Jan 2012 on the FB page! woohoooo :)

LMS winners or non-LMS loser can ALSO receive a S$20 voucher if they complete an online survey on the webpage :)

What's the machine about? Read on!

Waiting for my turn in the queue :)

While I was waiting, one of the hunks passes me a pair of crazily blurred out glasses and told me that's what your vision will be like when you're drunk...
Hahahah it's sooo bad you probably won't even realize when you kiss some ugly dude thinking he's damn hot please :p

And he got me to try to high-five him with the glasses on, IMPOSSIBLE!
That's how bad over drinking gets you. You won't even be able to walk straight!
For guys, you'll probably fail to impress that really hot girl in the club
For girls, that's super super dangerous cause you might get taken advantage of without even knowing
(if a hot guy touch you maybe you'll just let it go... but if a super unhot guy touch you, you'll definitely go crazy! LOL so protect yourselves!)

Then it was my turn!!!
Basically the machine was built by Health Promotion Board to test the alcohol levels in our body and the result will show how much you drank!
You just have to blow into the machine for 4 seconds and wait for the verdict.
#LastManStanding means you could abstain from alcohol totally!
And for doing that you get to win prizes that day ;)

Alright sooooo, here's my result!!! :D

My boyfriend tried it too haha!

LAST MAN STANDING – 0% – 0.019%
(0mg - 19mgo)
TICKLED PICKLED – 0.02% – 0.039%
(20mg - 39mgo)
DITZY BABBLER – 0.04% – 0.059%
(40mg - 59mgo)
GIDDY GUZZLER – 0.06% – 0.079%
(60mg - 79mgo)
DRUNKENSTEINED – 0.08% and above (80mg and above - Binge Drinking Level)

I'll just show you how to achieve the Last Man Standing result cause that's what you should be aiming for! ^~^
LAST MAN STANDING – 0% – 0.019% (0mg - 19mgo)
This is where you’ve had one drink or less. Those who attain this stage, wins a dip in the bowl to win some cool prizes!!!

And for being the #LastManStanding we get a special tag woohoo!
Feels good!

And we were also entitled to participate in this sure-win lucky dip!
Martin got a $10 Playnation voucher and I got a $10 Superbowl voucher (which we used up the next day hahah)!

Also, all the #LastManStanding were told to fill up our details for a lucky draw for a Bali Trip for 4 *cross fingers that we'll win!!!*

So glad we didn't drink any alcohol! ;)

If you want to try out this Last Man Standing challenge as well, do visit for more details on the Venues and Dates and you can stand a chance to win the Bali Trip for 4 as well! :)


The next Last Man Standing challenge will be held at Butter Factory on the 23rd & 24th December from 11pm!!! :)


And we were hanging around looking at other people's results
Some people got Drunkensteined and you could totally tell even without seeing the results cause they were shouting rowdily and couldn't even handle their own body weights, lol!

A common sight in clubs would be lean girls.
And no, I don't mean lean as in girls with slender and pretty bodies.
I mean lean as in to lean on every single thing for support!! :O
These girls get soooo super drunk and lean on tables, chairs, walls, their friends, the toilet doors, and every other thing they can find... and then puke all over them.
I don't know about you but I personally find that very unsightly.
And it's very much of a burden for their friends as well..

Like we're suppose to be having a good time and in the end I have to deal with your inability to control your drinking and might have to clean up after your puke?
There is a limit to how much you can take advantage of friendships, sweethearts!
So please know how to differentiate getting high and enjoying yourself and getting dead drunk and being a bother to everyone around you ;)

Super embarrassing personal experience, I got my friends and myself BOUNCED OUT of the club for being dead drunk and lying around everywhere before hahah so yes :( Super waste money and not fun!
NEVER going to make the same mistake again!!!

And yet another common sight (which I saw several times at Zouk that day), girls who probably had too much to drink squatting on the floor. (picture below meant for illustration purposes only hahaha)
Seeing this leaves me speechless all the time!
You probably took a lot of effort to dress up in a gorgeous dress and killer heels to the club to look good
But binge drinking leaves you squatting unglamly on the floor cause you can't even stand steadily...
Worth it? I think not!

Not to mention when they start to puke and get it all over their long pretty hair... the horror!

Remember, you want to look like this

NOT this!

So the next time you head to the clubs, stay classy, not deaddrunk and embarrassing! :)
And don't naively be cheated by peer pressure into thinking that if you don't drink you're "not cool/fun" cause let me tell you what is not cool/fun,

So drink responsibly and you can actually REMEMBER your night of fun instead of ending up with a terrible hangover! ;)

For more information on binge drinking and how to avoid it, please visit

Here are some other pictures from the event I koped from Donna's blog! :)
I've always seen Donna in pictures and she is damn pretty irl omg!!

Woohoo and that's our night! :)
See these happy faces of the #LastManStanding !!!

Love you all, bye~~


a, said...

i recently found you on youtube and i think you're so cute and pretty! in one of you videos you had a layered cross necklace. was wondering where you got that? found a similar on asos but 28$ is more than i'd like to spend on a necklace!

kitty said...

thank you sweetheart <3 <3

i got it from Diva, it was $28 too!!! but i got it a few years ago and it finally broke :<