Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Legend of Home Empire

Hi kittens ;3

So here's part 2 of my Serangoon NEX adventures with my PPGs lol!

We went into a furniture shop..
but I was AWE-STRUCKED the moment we stepped in!
nothing like the usual furniture shops you see around! :)

Hope you'll enjoy the pictures taken with the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100's Premium Auto Mode!
I love how easy it is to use the camera :)
Imho, it's a compact camera but the quality is waaay above those other compacts you find elsewhere already.
Plus it's super dummy-proof!
Even a non-tech savvy (i can't handle dslr for nuts) person like me can take pseudo-professional shots.. what more a professional! :)

We were looking around for mirrors with nice lightings in the shop to camwhore with :p
As usual, no photography so THANK GOD FOR THE FAST SHUTTER SPEED plus picture quality wasn't compromised! ;)

View of a glass chandelier from below... whoaaa

It's important to get a chio + good camera so that when you camwhore with the mirror people won't see a really ugly and bulky camera but a super chio one instead?
I think it adds on to the prettiness of the picture! ^~^

Thank you King & King Wong for having such a beautiful shop!!!
I am soooo going to get my furniture from your place in future if I manage to earn $$ lol
Their stuffs arent exactly the cheapest, but you are DEFINITELY paying for exclusivity, quality and great style! :)

Then we went to the Disney store some levels below~
Picture perfect! :)

You really don't need a DSLR for shots like this.. plus dslrs are usually bulky and i hate carrying heavy stuff around :x
For me, a good compact is good enough for my daily use! ^~^

They have several of this quirky stores at NEX which sells a lot of lifestyle products, very very fun to window shop!
Okay but i bought something from one of the shops.... couldn't resist! LOL

Wahhhhh look at the super pretty notebooks!
I have this really bad habit of buying gorgeous looking notebooks for the sake of keeping them and not bearing to use them at all cause once i write on it i can't tear the pages out and all...

but despite knowing all of that.. i still buy them anyway :x

Alright, so do explore Serangoon NEX whenever you're bored, cause it's quite a new shopping centre and it's one of the LARGEST i think!
Worth going! :)
So when people talk about it you can go like "yeah i've been there before! i went to the k9 park, cinema, karaoke, pet safari, king & king wong, etc etc"

LOL like show off :p



Anonymous said...

how much is the camera?

Jasmine said...

I think you should post like outfit of the day! :D I like how you dress!

Anonymous said...

hello, may i know where to buy your camera and how much is it? thanks!

EP said...

Hi Rachell, can I know where you got the tiger top? (: Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

thanks. someone lied to me there's nothing much at NEX. lie for what?

Steffany said...


Love your pictures taken by Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 (: Its just simply awesome.

Between, the camera case in white, does it come along with it or buy from somewhere? hmm

Stay Pretty always^^

kitty said...

the camera is $499! might have in house promo at Best Denki in Taka I heard! <3

thank you love, i'll try to post more outfit posts ^~^

i blogged about the tiger top in my newer posts, do check it out! :)

haha idk! maybe they went NEX when it was really new and didn't have a lot of shops yet. Now NEX is really happening! tons of stuff to do :)

Hey love, thank you! :)
The camera comes in white and black! not a casing if that's what you're asking ^~^

Gunila said...

РВК-ART is superb, I loved those pictures!!!