Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love In a Hopeless Place

Hi kittens ;3

I won a $10 Superbowl voucher from the Last Man Standing challenge (will blog about it soon) and we used it the very next day! ^~^

I went bowling with Martin, Zee and Yumin at Kovan's SuperBowl~~

Pictures taken with the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 :)

And cause there was a waiting list, we headed to the arcade first!
Hahaha bunch of old people acting young going to arcade, okcan LOL!

Martin and Zee were laughing at how fake the guns were cause they are in the army so they've used real guns and all before.. haolian please!!!

Yumin on the An Pan man baby machine!

HDR-Art mode!

This fighter plane game is really cool the entire seat will move and jerk like you're really on a fighter jet lol!
But I'm really bad at it so it's a waste of money for me to play it cause the "ride" doesn't last for long hahaha
I'm better off sitting the An Pan man baby machine~

Whoa and out of no where this random shot came about!
It was taken simply by point and shoot method by Premium Auto mode.
Casio Exilim EX-ZR100, you're forever surprising me! hahaha keep it up!!! ^~^

Do you guys miss seeing a lot of Martin's face on my blog? :(
Cause I do!!!
My brave soldier is protecting our country with his life, super proud of him but I miss him like insane man :'(
And FINALLY he's tanner than me, hehehe that's the only good part of army so far :p

Alright, wait for my bowling post next!
Love you kittens ;3


Anonymous said...

Hey i think you're socializing more after martin left for army and that should be a good opportunity for u to be able to meet up with new people : ) Honestly speaking, martin is cuter and 'handsomer' without long hair :D anyway cheers and bless you rachell <3

Anonymous said...

i really really miss you and martin on ustream together! <3

kitty said...

thank you love <3 <3 hehe yeah he's cute either way! :p