Sunday, December 4, 2011

Maximum Creativity with my Exilim!: Feeling Artsy?

Hi kittens ;3

I've been trying out the different modes of the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 and today I'm going to share about this feature, HDR-Art, which according to the pamphlet "transforms everyday scenes into a novel type of artwork"!

After looking at these pictures, you'll realize it's SO SO TRUE!!
These are the shots I took from a simple walk through the neighborhood to get some daily necessities :)
(I was without make up and fearing for my life that someone would see me hahaha)

You can actually adjust the HDR-Art level to 1, 2 or 3 depending on how strong you want the effect to be.
And personally I always go for level 3 cause I think it looks waaaay prettier! :p

Random can drinks and Qoo!
I remember there was a really big hype for this many years back when it just came out... hahah good times, good times.

My favorite picture so far!
I love how vivid the colors turned out! No photoshop! :)
It actually looks like the back view of some exotic tropical birds rather than feather dusters in this HDR-Art mode! ahaha!

And omg I was the most impressed by the next few pictures!
These are just point and shoot photos I took while walking (really quickly cause I had no make up) through the wet market, and they turned out AWESOME!

Like who knows wet market could look so good? :O

This is what it looks like in reality without HDR-Art mode, looks less exciting hor~

HDR-Art mode makes everyday scenes we take for granted a whole lot more exciting and colorful!

Even a random stray cat looks like it's tinted blue and popped out from Alice in Wonderland!

The only time the O$P$ on the wall looks...... pretty :x
But kids, vandalism is bad! And so is borrowing money from non-licensed sources ahh...... :x

Without HDR-Art mode, looks dreamy and serene~

With HDR-Art mode, looks like some magical place in our childhood cartoons!

Everytime I take a random shot, i always can't wait to view the pictures from the display to see how it turned out :)
So thank you Casio Exilim EX-ZR100's HDR-Art mode for making my world a whole lot more artsy and excitingly pretty! ^~^


haruhi250 said...

At YCK there right?

Anonymous said...

Omg I know where this is!! I live here! DO you live here too??

Anonymous said...

Omg where to get this camera!!!!!!

kitty said...

omg fml o.o see me without make up please pretend you didn't see okay T~T