Monday, December 5, 2011

Maximum Creativity with my Exilim!: Christmas Shopping

Hi sweethearts!!!
Christmas is coming, are you excited yet? :D :D

I went to Vivocity the other day to do some christmas shopping! :)
(Pictures taken with Casio Exilim EX-ZR100, i edited the lighting of some pictures a bit ^~^)

Enjoy the pictures and hope you'll catch some of the festive mood!!! :D

No photoshopping done to this :)
Taken with the HDR-ART mode!
It basically creates dramatic art right on the camera!!! SUPER AMAZING~

M.A.C..... ever since I posted the blogpost about potentially fake make up products sold online, I've been extremely sensitive to this brand name haha
only going to buy their products over the counters!
No more online make up shopping for me! :)

Wah and I love it when they sell christmas decorations!
makes me extremely happy just looking at all the lights and colors lor!


Colourful flowers on HDR mode without photoshop

The same colorful flowers taken with HDR-ART mode!

Christmas tree with HDR mode~

The same christmas tree on HDR-ART mode!
It makes the colors of everything pop man, so nice!!!! :)
The whole world is now a prettier place with HDR-ART mode!

And when I was done with shopping for christmas decorations,

Went to my 2 favorite shops at Vivocity, TOPSHOP and Forever21!
Even when I'm super broke it is a MUST for me to go into these shops to window shop.
If I don't get to window shop there I will die!!! hahaha

And remember in my introduction post about the Casio Exilim camera I said nobody realized I was taking pictures in the shops???
YEAH! It was in TOPSHOP and Forever21!
But I'm not doing any sneaky things ah~~
Just thought that their items are really pretty so I wanna capture the moment forever heheh ^~^
Plus free advertising cause I love them!!!! *throws hearts and blows kisses*

Once I'm done with my current cosmetics I kinda wanna try out TOPSHOP's cause they are quite affordable and the packaging is soooo pretty!

polkadots!!! i want~~~

And omg whenever I step into Forever21 it doesn't even feel like Singapore to me.
Like unreal.
Everything is so colorful and pretty.... I WISH I HAD A WALK IN WARDROBE THAT LOOKS LIKE F21!!! ^~^

Alright those 2 shall be my materialistic wishes for Christmas:
TOPSHOP make up and a F21 walk-in wardrobe

HAHAHA plus obviously to wish for my family to be healthy and happy and etc etc etc! :p

Not too much to ask right, Santa? :x

Love you all, hope we'll all have a merry merry christmas!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Topshop make up is not good:(

Anonymous said...

hi may i ask how much did you buy the camera for? :)