Friday, December 2, 2011


Hi kittens ;3

Guess what this is! ^~^
hehehe okayyyyyyy it's a ring!!!!

But it's not just a ring!
It's a ring HANDMADE WITH LOVE~~~ ♥♥♥
out of the lot this was my favorite cause of the white details at the sides! :)

And I got it from The-PaperMonster! ^~^

Quote PXDKITTY and get $1 off total price!

Spend $40 = meetup to customer's convienience + mystery gift
Spend $50 = free registered postage + mystery gift
The mystery gift is not sold anywhere ! Handmade !

Customers can also stand a chance to win #10 credit by doing these simple steps:
1. Like The-papermonster on facebook!/profile.php?id=100003168079971
2. Share our MADEWITHLOVE album
3. Screenshot it and send it to
4. 3 lucky winners will be chosen
5.Winners will be notified by Facebook

Omg and i was soooo attracted to this panda bag pack and sling bag from The-PaperMonster cause it's too adorable!!!
I always wished i could keep a panda as a pet after watching those cute panda videos but we all know that's not possible..

So get a cute and furry panda bag instead! Looks as cute and you don't have to feed or clean up after it and you can store stuff in it! :p

How can anyone resist this? x)

And also, they are selling some handmade toys and accessories at affordable prices so do check them out! :)


Anonymous said...

I know it's kind of no link that I ask this here but I really don't know where to get you. I was just wondering is beauti instinct like good? And how much does their each facial treatment kind of cost?

kitty said...

hey dear, you can search beautiinstinct on my blog search bar :) i've written my experience and all there ^~^