Monday, December 26, 2011

Random Snapshots

Hi kittens ;3

Random post of pictures I found on the camera

My accessories

Rings and whatnot..
Totally need to sort them out already man :/ such an unsightly mess

Instant pictures used as wall deco

My sister's scrapbooking stuff

Some dried up flowers stuck on the wall

wolves in the night



Plus dry mee pok = best supper ever!!!

don't be mistaken, i'm actually not a fan of mustaches~

Sorry for the totally no link post hahah
Love you all, bye~~


Anonymous said...

HI pxd kitty!! May i know where you got your nude knitted top from in your candle botique post? :) thankyouu!

Anonymous said...

hey babe where did u get the rings holder from?

Imane said...

i loooove your blog <3!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your loots from japan, hehe!

Fion Yap said...

Where do you bought the boots from? How much it costs?

Anonymous said...

Hi , may i know where your sis get the scrapbooking materials from? those numberings and abc ~ thanks.

kitty said...

hey sweets, i got it from FEP one of the top levels but it was the last 2 pieces and i bought both :<

from IKEA love! :)

thank you dear <3 <3

i will definitely blog about it!!! :D if got any extras i'll do a mini giveaway :)

the boots are my friend's, dr martens so i think it's about $100+ :)