Saturday, December 10, 2011

RE: Smoochiezz's M.A.C make up

Regarding the video and blogpost I posted some time back regarding my suspicion of the make up product I bought online..

It was because I was damn paranoid by Kiyomi's rashes (you mean you weren't?) and Kiyomi and I felt like it was important to warn people of the possibility of fake make up sold online because IT IS POSSIBLE. Plus I googled and saw other blogposts about fake M.A.C products as well which made me even more paranoid.
But I didn't mention names because we were just extremely suspicious (don't deny you would too) but we didn't know for sure so we cannot mention the names of the shop(s) in question.
Even the M.A.C counter people HAVE raided places which sold counterfeit products and told me that if you want to buy make up online there will definitely be a risk.

Also, the comments posted were all people's speculations on which shop it is, and EVEN IN PRIVATE when a reader DM me and asked about the shop's name I didn't post it up.
The video was just a WARNING that fake make up could be sold online, not directed specifically at anyone if you watched it carefully.

It was until one of the helper of that shop FLAMED me and wanted to HURL ME OVER for questioning the authenticity of make up products sold online (I didn't even say anyone's name, I said online in general?) on her blog and formspring.
As a helper of that shop, if the customers are curious, and you know that your product is authentic, I believe that you should STILL be patient and reply your paying customers politely and clarify their doubts with them instead of THREATENING TO BEAT ME UP AND SAY THAT MY MOTHER IS STUPID?! How does that make any sense?

**disclaimer: rude shop ASSISTANT does NOT represent the shop and in fact the shop owner has always been nice

So fuming mad, I posted up her formspring on my twitter (for flaming me unnecessarily when i didn't even say their shop name, could have been any seller actually!)
But unfortunately her formspring had other questions related to the shop and then the matter blew up even more cause people suspected if it was that shop that I got the suspicious looking M.A.C from, because she sounded really uncertain of the product herself by insulting me and another blogger (don't flame any other bloggers btw, you can flame me at the end of this post)! EVERYONE is paranoid and we just need assurance, so difficult?

Like I said on my twitter, 真金不怕火 (Real gold isn't afraid of the fire) and that a verification of the authenticity of the product will only prove the real products to be worthy of purchasing (more customers for them) and the fake products sellers will lose out!
Sounds reasonable to me?
But BEFORE I get it checked it is only alright for me to be paranoid and warn people of the possibility of it being fake first?
Or you guys want me to go like "your M.A.C might be fake but it's okay, keep using it while I get it checked"???


I got paranoid and I tell you guys EVERYTHING first hand.
Eg. when the cube-gen spree case turned out to be a scam I tried my best to help get her contact etc
If I hide my suspicion to myself, IF proven to be fake and then I tell you guys "Hey guys, for the past 2 weeks I sent my M.A.C i bought online for verification and turns out it's a fake. So technically you guys applied fake M.A.C on your face for another 2 whole weeks but just stop using it now"???!!
You guys will hate me for that AS WELL.
So, whatever I do also will kena hated, so okay, I don't expect anyone's forgiveness for being overly paranoid, meh~

BUT fortunately for me, the one I got online was checked to be authentic in the end!

I don't care if you guys are going to insult me for being paranoid or assuming (as if you never assume before, liar!!!) when i saw my friend having rashes etc,
cause being paranoid worked out for me cause now I can get ASSURANCE and know that I can buy that AUTHENTIC M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation from Smoochiezz at $29 instead of $49 at the counter!

And I actually asked the M.A.C person who called me to tell me it's real, "So it's really okay for me to buy online at $29 right? :D" cause I damn scared she will be angry with me for saying I want to buy online
and she said that it's actually really convenient to buy M.A.C over the counter in Singapore cause of the accessibility and you are still advised to buy over the counter but......
if I can save $20 by buying online and they checked for me that it is REAL, why not :x

Having said that, I DON'T believe the claims made by bohliao HATE COMMENTS trying to add fuel into the fire saying that I ruined Smoochiezz's business by being suspicious of online make up
(a lot of other people are selling M.A.C online btw)
cause IN FACT, if you think about it SENSIBLY, it will give them more credibility and customers will be more assured purchasing products from them because I HAVE CHECKED WITH M.A.C AND THEY TOLD ME IT'S AUTHENTIC!
So Smoochiezz's sales will definitely increase (and I never mentioned their name when I was being paranoid, I only mentioned now cause I KNOW FOR SURE it's real and I giving them good publicity eh!!!) but other online shops might experience a dip in sales......

Yes, we were all paranoid, yes we were all scared, but the fear eventually led to a better situation for us?

Rather than seeing what others have to say, I feel SO MUCH MORE ASSURED checking it myself with the M.A.C official official people, no?
They actually sent to like HQ or main branch or something to verify instead of just asking over the counter, so it's definitely credible lah!

Only request is that you promise me you WON'T go flame other bloggers regarding this okay? Not their fault I was paranoid first.
So here, you can unleash all your months of pent up hate for me and my small eyes and obnoxiousness or for spamming on twitter or for blogging too much or for being childish or paranoid or whatever

But don't lie that proving Smoochiezz's products to be authentic doesn't make you feel SAFER buying from them lor!
And okay I shall not ask you guys to relax with the hate comments cause I know a lot of you hate me a lot lah yes.


Regarding Kiyomi's face, the M.A.C person over the phone said that if her skin is very sensitive she should stop using it to play safe cause we don't know why her skin reacted that way to an authentic M.A.C product either.

As for the packaging, it was quite awkward for me to ask the person over the phone BUT I DAMN THICK SKIN so i asked "But why you guys do the printing until like that?" AHAHAH OOOPS
And she said that it's because they have different factory plants and they try to standardize the fonts and everything but sometimes it's really hard to do so.. OHWELL, REAL CAN ALR!

And regarding the solid particles inside the foundation, they said it's actually moisture and it's a type of "fungus" (direct quote haha idk but they say it's normal!!!) so just try not to let your studio fix foundation get contact with moisture.

Now you can go buy the real deal cheaper from Smoochiezz :)



Still love you all~ BYE~~~


Anonymous said...

LOL. Joke.

Anonymous said...

You sound really defensive and all. It is kinda' annoying? What's with all the "Lie lie" and "Liar" accusations? It is as if you are trying to guilt trip your readers into NOT posting hate comments. Lol. K nvm. Enjoy basking in self-pity and self-deceit!

Jenn said...

Hi pxdkitty, I've been a reader of yours and Yoko's (armpitjuice) for quite awhile, and really enjoyed reading both of your blogs. However I really feel that you've gone overboard this time round because despite that you claimed that you have no intention to smear smoochiezz's name, you kept retweeting all the *mean* comments made by your twitter followers, even after Yoko had stopped mentioning anything about it on her blog. She had apologized on her formspring, and stopped creating any more news over it. On the other hand, without any verification yet, you kept (re)tweeting bad stuff of Yoko (don't deny that smoochiezz is not included too). One or two days of ranting is enough, but do you need to constantly smear Yoko for 5 days (as seen on my timeline)? She didn't even refute/retaliate you!

Yoko might sound coarse on her blog "hurl her over" is probably the kindest word I see on her blog LOLOL. yes, I know to people that don't read her blog, this might sound mean. But this is just to let you know that from what I see, Yoko didn't mean to be rude, she's just protective of smoochiezz. Smoochiezz (and Yoko) do not deserve your constant smearing on twitter, and you should have been more gracious instead of retweeting mean comments from your followers.

Nevertheless, you were honest enough to publish this post, and i still like reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Even if you were paranoid by kiyomi's reaction,you shouldn't have made it a humongous matter by blogging about it first and scaring everyone away from smoochiez (even if they ARE other online stores selling makeup, they are one of the main or "leading" ones). U could have behind the scenes checked its authenticity w Mac and 2 weeks later, blog about the entire issue at hand starting from Kiyomi's reaction etc. So if its real, yay! If not real, we know for sure the entire story behind why u freaked out in the first place

Fluffy said...

Love you still <3 ^_^

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to say anything, but Jenn took those words right out of my mouth! But yes, I do and will continue, and do enjoy reading your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Trying your best to attract attention? HAHA FAILED.

Anonymous said...

When she posted the "same same but different" post she didnt mention any shop name what. The people who posted the comments were the one who made the assumptions.

Anonymous said...

saw a lot of hate comments so i left this comment here only to cheer you up. I think you did a great job and was really generous in sharing the info with us all. If it wasnt for you, we might still be doubting smoochiezz till now. So, love you. :) And do not be too affected by those comments ok. :)

G. said...

avid reader of your blog but sometimes you can go a lil' overboard and dramatic..... this has just been blown too out of proportion and you could have done it as someone said above, per say behind the scenes then informing us as an overall once u've settled with MAC ....

on another note i think you should stop degrading yourself so openly... even if you do think you're ugly and whatnot. imagine your other readers who aren't as aesthetically pleasing as you w makeup or not. 'if pxdkitty claims shes ugly and god doesn't grant her good looks, what about me'

Cheryl said...

I believe it is only human to be paranoid over your buys from online webstores. You will NEVER know if your products are fake or not. I don't think she's wrong, not even the least. I cannot agree more with what she just said in this post.

Besides! At least now everyone can learn:

1. the possibilities of fake products selling online (printing, etc.), you can now be a cautious and smarter online shopper

2. Smoochiezz sells motherf- cheap and AUTHENTIC MAC foundations.

Doesn't matter whatever that happened in between. In the end, nobody got hurt! (Smoochiezz got free publicity, c'mon!) So take a chill pill guys!

Anonymous said...

Don't see anything wrong with being defensive. It's your friends and your readers that you're concerned about, that's why you wrote that post right? Don't let the haters get you down, as long as you know you did what you thought was right to do at the point of time, it's enough. <3 you!

Regine. said...

Hi. I've been reading your blog for a long time and I was involved in the cube-gen thing too. It's really frustrating. I purchased accessories adding up to $100+ from her after reading your advert for them for two different sprees and I didn't receive my items even till now! (Around 6 months later). Other than that, she was supposed to refund me $20+ for OOS items and she has been ignoring my texts and emails. I'm really damn disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Actually not bad ah, before the incident I was actually deciding whether to buy from smochiezz not, yet held back on my decision cause i was doubtful luh.
Now that it's authenticated, everyone can rest assure and shop!
Will remain as an reader of yours just like before and start to support smoochiezz :D

Anonymous said...

Bashing her isn't gona do shit. Shut up, get laid and move on and enjoy her blog, nobody's perfect.

Jamie said...

I feel that you should stop criticizing yourself. If you really feel that you are ugly and all having to put lots of make up and still find it ugly or what, then you wouldn't even take self shots! I also think that you shouldn't criticize yourself and blame god for your looks. You can take a look at people at Somalia or Cambodia etc, the people there are so poor and helpless. Some are even disabled. Or what about those who are disfigured? Do they blame god? Some of the people can't even make up to make themselves look normal. Please be thankful for what you have! Nonetheless, you're gorgeous Rachel. Really :) don't hate yourself anymore!


Different people react differently to things. If i were you , i would also be paranoid too. Whats more , you didn't even mention any names so you were not in the wrong. You were only trying to warn people about the society outside about selling fake make-up products so they wouldn't get scammed too. You risked yourself in doing a video + post for your readers and that shows you're concern ! I'm sure many other readers would be proud of you ! Don't let any haters bring you down nor affect you. Ignore those nasty comments & stay happy ! :) <3

Natalie said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, but I felt you took the incident too far. Yes, you did not mention any names BUT you posted Yoko's formspring onto twitter, blowing up the matter and confirming that it was Smoochiezz. And as for Kiyomi's reaction, you have to understand that everyone's skin is different and everyone's body chemistry is different. If it happened to her, doesn't mean it will happen to EVERYONE. Furthermore, with such sensitive skin, she shouldn't be wearing too much makeup, no?

Anonymous said...

put yourself in their shoes la please. someone say u selling fake and you wont be angry or swear? i bet you will curse and swear the entire weeks in twitter. so you are allow to express yourself freely in video and twitter, and she got no right to comment?

in the first place, you could have clarify things with them before posting up the video. you dont know mac changes packaging then still act smart teach ppl how to tell fakes? so the video you are just bullshitting your way? assuming you are right? didnt even bother to check first before "teaching" your followers?

all the time you said smoochiezz statement are baseless. so how about yours and kiyomi? wheres her pathetic bleed face you talking about in the video?

yes there are alot of other blogshop that are selling mac. but its damn obvious you are referring to them because you retweet other bloggers which indicate SMOOCHIEZZ name in it. so hows that "oh im innocent i did not say out their name is" about?

your one blog post is not going to make them gain back all their customer trust. damage done means done. i bet all this are just to gain your friend and yourself publicity using smoochiezz name.

shame on you.

Anonymous said...

stop it la guys rachell was just trying to be noce to tell us rite? SHE DIDNT EVEN MENTION WHICH BS WHAT UNTIL NOW?! stop posting hate comments!

Anonymous said...

you just want attention la seriously whats your problem

Anonymous said...

It just meeans the you are s dirty user that caused your friend to break out and bleed, not the make up that caused it. GOD, you are so distgusting. Plus you sound so defensive when it is your own fault, grow up pls??? Smoochiez can always sue you man

J said...

Get a life people. Rachell is just trying to protect her readers, what's wrong with that? Like what she said, if she only mentioned to us after she has checked the authenticity of that product, and IF it ends up to be fake, what would have happened to our face? She's just letting us know that there's fake products out there. & She didn't even mention that shop's name. You people are the guys who started mentioning names. But after all these, now we can buy more make up products from Smoochiezz at ease.
Thanks a lot Rachell! Don't let those haters bring you down. Will continue reading your blog like I always do <3

bettyy said...

it's her blog where she can post about her feelings and her own daily life, so of course if something happened, she will blog about it?

if it's my friend who suddenly gets rashes from buying something online, DAMN RIGHT I WILL BLOG ABOUT IT and tell people about it!

or else what, let my friends get rashes and then tell them 'oh my other friend got rashes too!'

its a immediate instinct to blog about it when it happens and not wait a few days or weeks later. she merely wants to give people a warning first alright. this is what normal people will do.

Anonymous said...

to J: smoochiezz has been selling makeup product for so long and if it's gonna hurt anyone so badly it will happen long ago. so her argument for posting it up FIRST and clarify 2 weeks later, that's bullshit. you don't ruin ppl's company reputation FIRST then say sorry.

you flame ppl all over the net, cyber bully with other bloggers and now you just say "oh you can buy them now" that's all???????

Anonymous said...

@bettyy ya she got the right to blog about anything but NOT making up story. comparing mac product and telling ppl how to see fakes when she got no clue what the hell she's even talking about. lol loser!

Emmy said...

woah. she was trying to protect her readers? without any real verification *round of applause* . self-pity won't get u anywhere. Its ironic how you're always going "oh.i'm so ugly" , then you start posting pictures of yourself. seriously?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell, I think it was really nice of you to try protect your readers/ followers. But perhaps you've taken it too far? You had good intentions, however you shouldn't have retweeted tweets related to Smoochiezz or Yoko and tweet Yoko's formspring. You were already flaming Smoochiezz then. Also, maybe you should've made sure you got the packaging thing right before you started teaching your readers how to differentiate an authentic and fake MAC product.
Other than that, I still think you're a good blogger and you should have more self-confidence! :) Hope the haters won't bring you down and you'll continue blogging.

Anonymous said...

it's bad enough you've convinced yourself that you didn't harm their business, but to say that you did them a favour?! not everyone who heard about this will follow up reading on your blog, so there's a whole bunch of customers lost for them. whilst yoko could've handled it better, you should've as well. even if you didn't mention names, it was obvious who you were referring to in the comments. and if you didn't actually know if it was fake yet, check it out first before doing videos about how to spot a fake, since it obviously turned out to not be a fake. pretty irresponsible, don't you think? yet she gets all the flak, which she dealt with pretty well considering you continued to harp on it and retweet things for days after- as you are so fond of doing. talk about hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

all the pity parties probably indicate you need some help with your self-image. everyone gets insecure with their looks sometimes, but to descend to such levels of self-hate (if you aren't just being all drama mama) isn't normal. cos your blog posts are generally fun to read, but your twitter sometimes gets kinda insufferable.
also don't agree with how you handle things, including this episode with the make up. heaps of people in previous comments have recommendations on how you could have done things. but hey, live and learn. though i don't think you believe you did anything wrong since you're all defensive and offensive ("LIES!", "LIAR!") about it.
ah well, your life.

Anonymous said...

We do know of all your good intentions etc. But Rt-ing every mentions of yours that night will definitely make the other party angry. Like seriously, they're innocent. By posting yet-another-post-that-you-claimed-will-help-advertise-them, ain't gonna solve the problem 100% actually.

But well, let's just flame for the last time and that's it.

Anonymous said...

i read your blogpost and no apology at all after making wrong accusation?? oh i forgot, you're too busy crying over your face -.-

if you think this is bad. well, guess what? you are worst

steph said...

stop saying you're ugly its sickening. you're not. take a look around you there are people worse off and not just in singapore, around the world alright. people actually wanna commit suicide over things like their looks being REAL bad or disfigured cuz of an accident. make up does u good and u shouldnt say u look ugly then proceed to post pics of urself, ur just being 2 faced and wants attention.
as much as i respect this is ur blogging platform n u have the right to say as much as u want or how u wanna post, just think of the repercussions of ur words.... also since u have the freedom of speech, we commenters also do ^^

Anonymous said...

Forget it lah people.
She is trying to protect her readers from buying fake M.A.C products mah, she also got a good intention (:
Just that she went a lil overboard, That's all really.
Forgive her!!(:

Anonymous said...

2000 odd followers only. just stfu la. you think you're so pretty adver also charge so high. loser lose alrd still wanna act all kind in front of your readers

only you're readers are so dumb to believe you.
FYI, i'm not your reader i'm only here because you're a double face liar. Act kind here and there.

Anonymous said...

LOL it was kinda obvious that you were talking about Smoochiezz, ohsofickle, sophie etc tweeted to you about it and osf even said something about wanting to check with Smoochiezz? and you replied. So its kinda obvious you were talking about them lol? So what if ur followers asked and you didnt say? Same thing, no? If people follow osf and sophie, they can totally see ur convo babe.

And besides, you're quite dramatic. Everytime something happens to you, you tweet about it and retweet all the replies from ur followers to back you up. Quite pathetic. LOL.

But anyway, I applaud you for ur honesty.

Leney said...

Wowww so many angsty comments about her flaming others! K you guys may think that rachell's at fault for flaming thus feeling so angry and thinking its unfair treatment towards the other party.
But guess what? YOU GUYS ARE DOING THE SAME THING. You guys are also flaming her right now, isn't that unfair treatment too???
Really ironic to see the same people who's raging over her flaming doing the very same thing.
Anyway rachell, dont worry jiayou! You were right in being paranoid cause afterall it's about our complexion!!! ^^

Jhsm said...

"BUT fortunately for me, the one I got online was checked to be authentic in the end!"


"....being paranoid worked out for me cause now I can get ASSURANCE and know that I can buy that AUTHENTIC M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation from Smoochiezz at $29 instead of $49 at the counter!"

"(I didn't even say anyone's name, I said online in general?) "

Hi girl, are you joking? Until now you still don't admit that you're advocating Smoochiezz? Above are all the evidence isn't it? "the one I got it online was checked and it's authentic", is already saying that it's only a particular online store that you bought from? Then after that you said you finally got assurance that you can buy for Smoochiezz? WHHUUUUUUTTTDAAAFUCK? THE FUCKING IRONY?!?!?!

Wendy said...

If people call my mum stupid, i will definitely flare up as well. Why she can't retweet it when people made such comment about her mum?

What's wrong with being defensive anyway? What's wrong with being paranoid anyway?

Oh wait, it's her blog.

Anonymous said...

still love you!! :3 you're the best!! <3

Anonymous said...

you should have double confirm first before flaming people on your blog. instead of apologising to her SINCERELY, you are more on 'her shop will increase in sales while others may suffer a lil' due TO YOU? OH WOW

Anonymous said...

if you think you arent pretty, you wouldnt be taking lots of self-shot pic. yeah, dont say it for the sake of saying

Anonymous said...

Dafuq is wrong with you?!?!!?!
"hehe thank you love <3 <3 at least i get flamed but we all get to save on authentic make up ;) worth it!"
You make yourself sound like a saint! You aren't even the least bit apologetic to Yoko? I think you owe her an apology? Plus you sound extremely infuriated in your post. It is as if you've been "wronged"? I mean, Yoko's the one who has been accused of something she hasn't done! And you think it's all because of something as trivial as people flaming you for "being paranoid". No, it isn't! I mean, come on! You aren't even making a point. I can't stand it any longer! Just, stop the act? Clarify yourself and give a public AND decent apology to Yoko. In all honesty, I think she really deserves it. And you should reflect on your own actions and halt your "noble acts". Well, I do appreciate your kind intentions and concern for our skin. Thank you very much and I have nothing else to say. I genuinely hope you'll improve as a person, character-wise. I do think you are a promising blogger and I enjoy reading your posts, though.

Anonymous said...

Rachell was just being kind to inform us of the danger just in case <3

Anonymous said...

& that the make up is safe to buy.. I could have denied that phone call frm M.A.C & pretended I was right all along but I shared w u guys eh
Hello?! You're like trying to deny your mistake and alter it to seem as if you've done as a big deed. Ok, if you pretended, Yoko could have checked her MAC products herself, and provide proof that it is actually, authentic. Like, what?! Up till now, you're still insistent that you are in the right spot. She could've have asked any other famous blogger who has bought products from her to check the authenticity themselves as well?
And when you're wrong, apologize. Publicly. Like how you blew this whole incident up. Do you know that Yoko can sue you for defamation?? Am I not making any sense?!
You dragged Sophie along with you and now your haters are flaming her as well? Yup wow.
Maybe I am unclear about what you've done to make up for your mistake? Like perhaps, at least, apologizing? Please clarify everything and show a tinge of guilt for what you've done. A mistake has been made and it cannot be erased. Face up to the outcomes and stop letting self-pity dominate you as a..person? I might sound harsh here but I just wanted to let you know what kind of a point I'm making. The damage on Smoochiez has been done and that is an undeniable fact. You have caused unnecessary unhappiness and discontent among your readers + bloggers who've trusted you AND affected Yoko's business. I really don't see how you can still live in self-denial and pretend that it's not your fault at all.

Joyce said...

Lol . In case u didnt notice, her video was inaccurate. Both MAC products used were authentic. So how is that informing u of the danger? I know i sound mean here. But seriously, not the first time. How many bloggers have u bullied before? And then tried to make it seem as though you're the victim

"oh, im so fucking ugly. Everyone wants to bully me"
Oh how true, if u think u are ugly,why post pictures of yourself? To make us all puke?

THIS IS CALLED BULLYING. Exactly what you've been doing to others . Dont like it? Then stop doing it

Anonymous said...

Go freaking apologise to Smoochiezz instead of trying to claim credit and fame kthxbye

Anonymous said...

Did she even say 'Sorry'?

Oh, she didn't. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just felt that what you did with regard to posting about the potential fake Mac products would have been beneficial to all of us, and the authenticity of the product was indeed very suspicious.However in unforeseen circumstances it was just blown up due to the shop helper thus making it so much more difficult to clear up. Regardless, thank you for clarifying all this in the end, and thumbs up for handling this maturely instead of avoiding it or dismmisively addressing it! Haters who have too much time to stalk you should be ashamed of adding fuel to fire. Love you still! <3

bloop said...

You claim that you have taken an extra effort not to post the name of the shop online and thus shouldn't be blamed for damaging the reputation of the shop but you obviously don't see how retweeting tweets which outrightly state and single out smoochiezz has the same effect?

It's like you're claiming to be the saint in this matter when you really aren't.

You also claim to have been "paranoid" and thus posted that video and post about fake mac products as you were "warning people".

Honestly, if you were that paranoid, you should have just kept mum about the matter before the results were released. I don't see how 2 weeks would have made that much of a difference and if you had just not been so "helpful", all of this could have been easily avoided.

Lastly, it's extremely laughable how you claim that there'd now be an even greater increase in their sales thanks to the brouhaha that you've caused. Oh please, so are you suggesting that they should be thankful for your many (albeit "indirect") accusations?

You definitely owe them an apology and I used to be a loyal reader and supporter of yours before this but now you just seem so contrived and full of yourself it's really rather off putting.

Anonymous said...

paranoia isn't even the issue. if you'd just said like "okay i suspect some online make up may be fake, i go check then update you but in the meantime be careful", nobody would've gotten mad. but you suka suka go and assume that it's fake then put tutes/posts like you know what you're doing + make it pretty obvious in the comments/twitter who it is, the allegations are enough to make anyone mad la. your actions obviously spoil business for them!
you didn't even put a disclaimer or anything of the sort even though you knew full well that it was only an unconfirmed suspicion + you wouldn't know for a fact if it was fake or not til you got it checked. and yet you don't feel like you need to apologise - be it to the shop that you were so obviously referring to, or to all the people you alarmed for giving them false information/tips.
i don't (quite) doubt that you had good intentions, but wrong means wrong what, still can justify yourself + act like some martyr. reality check leh, hello? just cos you make yourself sound so kelian + use your followers to get support doesn't make you right. just louder. this whole thing's just been handled horribly.

Anonymous said...

you should delete the mac video cos you teaching ppl how to identify real mac vs real mac. and it doesn't even make sense now

EP said...

Hello, why should Rachell apologise to Yoko? Yoko scolded Rachell's parents! Where the hell is your brain? -_-

Anonymous said...

Is that smoochiezz??? :O

November 27, 2011 8:15 AM

you approve comment like this on your previous blogpost and now you are going "i didnt even mention names" save it lah really.

if you DONT intend to let your reader know its smoochiezz, you will not publish those comments. so your "im a victim" didnt work. try again next time :)

Bet said...

Agree with most of the comments. We're just speaking our thoughts and not flaming rachell now etc etc. rachell always do boycotting. Getting all her followers to support her and hate the particular thing together for example this smoochiezz issue, there was also the flea issue where she felt that the organizer made she and her girls felt it was bad. Not forgetting also her portal at need to sell with another guy who was also opening a selling port at the same time with her. What's with the big fuss!?!!??

Anonymous said...

whi is yoko? got her blog link or somrthing?

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Rachell was just being nice & caring towards her readers when she did the mac foundation authenticity check post. Little did she no that actually both foundations were authentic. But at least now she did a rather lenghty blogpost and explaining herself and even giving smoochiezzz kinda like a free 'advert' without doubt smoochiezzz sales would increase after this blogpost and on the other hand, what do Rachell get in return - HATE! Chill people. Not everyone can make a perfect blogpost. Everyone can blog what they want. And to Rachell, I'm an avid reader of your blog and always will be :D

Leora said...

Hy guys, just because Rachell gave us the rights to leave ANY SORT OF COMMENTS down here, it doesn't mean we've got to go to SUCH EXTENT right?

I mean, I'm not siding anyone for this case because BOTH PARTIES ARE IN THE WRONG. Please do not deny either party is innocent BECAUSE IT TAKES TWO HANDS TO CLAP. I just hope after 'venting' all of your anger here, you guys could just forget about it AND MOVE ON. I don't see a point hating someone due to this misunderstanding?

And regarding about Rachell's insecurity towards her looks, WHICH GIRL WOULD CLAIM THAT SHE LOOKS PRETTY? Yeah she shouldn't have blamed God about not giving her good looks but DO YOU GUYS HAVE TO SCOLD HER TILL THIS EXTENT? Hey, I'm sure you guys ever felt unsecure about your looks right?

Please put in yourselves into Rachell's shoes too. Please spare a thought for others. Thanks x

Anonymous said...


yoko posted her ccomment on formspring only to her followers. she make a BIG FUSS over it and tweeted and retweet everyone comments. post her formspring url and all. how is that yoko' fault??????


and rachell stop your "dont flame other, flame me only". because THEY ALSO OWE SMOOCHIEZZ AN APOLOGY.

Smoochiezz posted on their blog to clear things up and you can continue to tweet about it and ASSUME THEY BOUGHT A REAL ONE TO THE COUNTER? Instead of waiting for the result to be out QUIETLY? you just cant STFU for awhile can ya?

and @leora what did smoochiezz did wrong to deserve this? by selling AUTHENTIC MAC? she didnt even bother to ask smoochiezz about the packaging before posting the video. so how is that a misunderstand??????

you can YELL AND WHINE for all you wants, and yoko are NOT ALLOWED to make comments?

Anonymous said...

Post up a picture of your bleeding friend to back up your story in the video? you keep saying you are paranoid because of kiyomi, but wheres her bleeding face?

she even reported to the newspaper (wan bao) about it, so now all this is not true , you guys gonna make an apology to newspaper for giving FAKE news?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

I think you were kinna exaggerating when you said yoko threatened to beat you up and say that your mother's stupid. Yoko did say something along that line but of course she did not mean it literally like the way you took it. When she said "mother stupid", what she meant was that that particular issue is "very stupid". She uses the word "mother" as a substitute for "very" or something like that. For eg there was a comment left on her formspring that her friend "zinc is gorgeous". Yoko replied "LOL I DIDN'T EVEN TAKE A PHOTO OF HER FACE, HOW YOU KNOW SHE CHIO?? LOL but ya la she's motherchio" Of cus she doesn't mean that her friend's mother is chio right?!?

Anonymous said...

I feel like this whole matter has been blown out of proportion. I've been avid readers of both your blog & Yoko's blog from the very beginning.

Yes, Rachell may be thinking about her readers' wellbeing when she blogged about the makeup, but from the way she responded about the incident, she at least owes Smoochiezz an apology. Your entry does not even imply any sense of apology. Yes, Smoochiezz may have a small increase of sales due to your blog post, but do you think she has not lost more than she gained? I just feel it's very unfair to Smoochiezz here.

P/S: What Yoko said was "Hurl all over", not "Hurl you over". Also, "mother stupid" & "Your mother is stupid." - THAT, is 2 different matters.

Anonymous said...

noooo rachell don't stop blogging!! there are still your readers and fans~ i read your blog whenever im bored and i look forward to your posts and videos, so don't stop doing what you like! :( im sure there are many other people like me too! fighting!!!!

Anonymous said...

u know u all ah. if a blogger says she's pretty and all u all HATE and say she bhb all. & when a blogger says she's ugly u all HATE also. say she dunno what pity all these shit. and u all say she cyber bullying? but what r u all doing now?! isnt it cyber bullying too? posting all the hate comments? do u know how she would be feeling now? its not get she done something like really so damn fucking wrong like kill someone or smt rite?! please stop posting hate comments! it may be very enjoyable for u all to see so many hate comments and going like horgai good for her all. but has anyone thought about her feelings? she didnt want it to happen this way either okay. so stop it. its really cyber bullying la k. pls guys pls stop it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh, so now what?
advertising for Smoochiezz now?

You're a joke, seriously Rachell, BIG JOKE.

你的一句话, 不知害了多少人.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you. Get the facts right before you even blog your posts.

Hope you can apologize to Smoochiezz if not I think you seriously damn ill-manner. You think your blog big fk? Can write whatever you want? Get out of the cyberspace, write whatever you want in a notebook/journal instead.

So have you deleted the youtube video yet? The one teaching your readers how to differentiate the real and fake mac.

GeeGee said...

I can't believe so many people are hating on you... Like seriously they can all shut f@#k up. Don't listen or even bother reading the negative sh*t. You don't deserve it at ALL! Just scrolling down and seeing all the hate is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Not to mention they leave themselves as 'anonymous'? Like where are your bloody balls? If they have anything to say especially 'their' opinion, say it loud and proud. I think you should keep on doing what you want to do... I mean it is YOUR blog.
GRRR, makes me so angry how they take your worry for us and escalate it to something stupid! I mean you spent your precious time already to do the other post and obviously you spent time also to clear it up on this post... Whatever lah to them! Can't please everyone.
Just know I support you all the way! <3
It's their own fault for being paranoid or worried you did the right thing by raising awareness. It wasn't like you FORCED them to panic and most of all everyone should already know that buying things online is never 100% safe and thus they should be cautious.

Anonymous said...

"and even giving smoochiezzz kinda like a free 'advert' without doubt smoochiezzz sales would increase after this blogpost "

Please la what if they never follow up on this matter and forever thinks smoochiezz sell fakes? smoochiezz dont need her free advert. her blog not so famous please. smoochiezz is already popular with or without this you-sell-fake issue.

this is why smoochiezz has so many rumors saying she sell fakes, cos there are irresponsible people out there like YOU making her reputation go down!

Cheryl said...

Hey... guys just shut up already. Dont be a pot calling the kettle black, you guys are now the ones blowing matters out of proportions (to the extent that you comment about how she "degrades" herself - thats srsly none of your business so shoo!)

UNLESS YOU ARE RACHELL, UNLESS YOU ARE SEEING THIS IS IN HER POINT OF VIEW, UNLESS YOU HAD YOUR MOM INSULTED, UNLESS your friend got her face inflamed by some makeup product she bought online, UNLESS you worry for your readers and educate them about the fake and harmful products that are roaming about in blogshops, DO NOT TELL RACHELL WHAT TO DO OR WHERE IS SHE WRONG.

This whole is all cleared up. Nobody got hurt except (it seems to me) THE REST OF YOU WHO ARE THROWING MEAN COMMENTS AT RACHELL. I don't understand why are you guys SO ANGRY. Its not like you bought fake online goods, its not like you got maligned indirectly, its not like you got your mom insulted. SO PLEASE, stop all these nonsense.

if Rachell made a mistake, SHE KNOWS IT and your comments about it hurling it into her face is very unnecessary, unwanted and very mean.

look who's blowing things out of proportions now? Now you guys are just trying to hurt her. Seizing this opportunity to degrade other people publicly. You guys are disgusting beings.


In ALL honesty, hands down, I still think she didn't do anything wrong. (I believe she is an intelligent person who can think before she acts - Just look at how cautious she is already! She's warning you guys about the risks of online fake goods and not just ranting alone.) All she did was acted according to what she thought was right. And then there is the part where EMOTIONS come in.

She was ANGRY because this damn product caused her friend's face to fucking BLEED! Having gone thru bad skin problems before herself(no offence pls), AND knowing that every girl doesn't want to have a bad skin condition, she needs to WARN her readers about it FIRST; and yes, BEFORE verifying the authenticity of that product. Because while she is checking the authenticity of that product, more online-shoppers could have bought it.

Perhaps she could have acted on impulse with the flaming and all, but isn't that NORMAL? Isn't it normal for a person to feel displeasure FOR A REASON UNLIKE YOU ALL(may I add!)?

From what I'm reading here, you disgusting people are telling me that she is not reserved the right to be angry! (not to mention being thoughtful enough for her readers?) YOU people try being in her shoes,

HOW WRONG IS RACHELL, really? and then again, HOW RIGHT ARE YOU PEOPLE? Dammit, just stop all these anger and hate. You guys aren't being very nice you know. Perhaps she had apologised to Yoko, Idk. But PUBLICLY OR NOT, its none of your business. lol

P/S. I don't even need get started on the "my mom got insulted" thing. Because if you love your mother, BY RIGHT, you'd wish to have murdered the bitch who just called your mom stupid.

PixiefartHyena said...

1) The fact that you didn't outrightly and directly apologise once to Smoochiezz and/or Yoko for damaging their reputation with unfounded accusations (yes, picking at differences regarding packaging without any prior experience with regards to identifying fakes is considered an unfounded accusation) in this long post makes it redundant and really revolting. You sound like a peevish child whose lies got found out ("What! Nobody got hurt! Their business won't be affected!!" )

2) Yoko did not insult your parents. Evidently, your reading and comprehension skills require lots of work. However, you insulted the integrity of her employer- who's actually a friend of hers- as well as invited a cyber-maelstrom to come crashing down over the heads of both Smoochiezz and Yoko. The difference between both of you? See point 1. She apologised and came across as being mature enough to own up to her errors. You are, again, merely a peevish child.
(Note for possible mistakes in comprehension!! Maelstrom not malestorm!! I didn't mean you called for an army of men to storm Smoochiezz literally :) )

3) Your last paragraph about the moisture particles within the foundation which was the actual cause of the rashes! Thank you for alerting us to the bad hygiene of your friend Kiyomi. Since you tarred Smoochiezz with the same brush as you did Smoochiezz's employee, I can only extend the same courtesy to you and assume that you are a slatternly, unhygienic female as well. That would possibly explain the poor state of your looks which you keep whining about.
(Note for possible mistakes in comprehension!! Slatternly not sluttily. Ps. Are you sure you're not dyslexic?)

A Concerned Pal

Anonymous said...

Rachell also exaggerate all the things she do... Eg. She retweeted all the tweets from her 'supporters' that where insulting yoko, am i not right? She went to such an extent too yeah? Stand in Yoko's shoes. It doesnt feel good to be bashed up by so many people when you're an innocent party.

Those ppl that left comments were stating facts and their opinion only yeah? Rachell does that too?

The more i read your social space (Blog, Especially TWITTER), the more disappointed I am for you rachell. You gotta correct your attitude. AND just because you have fame, PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE IT. It's sickening .

Pingping said...

I believe everyone has their own stand regarding this matter, and I do believe the damage caused is irreversible to both parties. Since now the MAC makeup has been authenticated, maybe you should take down the video &/or blogpost regarding them.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Anonymous said...

you should edit your blogpost. yoko never threatened to beat you up nor did she say that your mother is stupid. she blogged about it already.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell me if I'm over thinking this life? I should just be less careful and let myself get hurt cuz eventually we're all going to die?

No, Rachell, you still don't get it! It's not about YOU over thinking. It's about the fact that you are able to act like you've done nothing wrong and aren't even remorseful at all! You didn't even apologize to Yoko. FYI, I don't feel that this qualifies as a proper advertorial.

And on your twitter, you said that you might wanna stop blogging? I assume it is because of all the haters and stuff. Look, when you accused the flea organizer or whatever for lying to "your girls" + the person who copied your selling site or whatsoever (I'm unclear, sorry), how would THEY feel? You are making yourself seem like the victim - hurt, bullied and framed. BUT .. You've done it yourself before. What goes around comes around man!

Anonymous said...

"and u all say she cyber bullying? but what r u all doing now?! isnt it cyber bullying too? posting all the hate comments?"

LMAO anon, I wonder who started this whole drama first though??

Anonymous said...

People who flame Rachell are really heartless.
Dudes, people make mistakes and this one a big one,
but does she really deserve these uncalled-for insults.
She was being nice to raise awareness abt fake products online which is potentially detrimental to our skin. Result for her kindness? She gets flamed and bashed online.
I understand that Yoko is also a victim here, but honestly, try to be more understanding towards both Yoko and Rachell. Since it was all an false alarm,
then build a bridge and GET OVER IT.

Anonymous said...


It's not that i wanna hate you or whatever (although you FLAME me before).

But i think you need to know that you're not perfect and you're not ugly either. You don't have to bring yourself down to fish for compliments.

And regarding Smoochiezz, i thank you for letting us know we can buy stuffs from her but hey, at least apologize to others whom you've hurt and all? It's not fair that you wanna act all sad and want people to appreciate and care for you but you constantly hurt people?

God knows...

Hope you'll see the big picture. :)

Esther said...

Totally agree.


Since I saw Yoko's formspring, I know that she did not mean what you thought she meant. It was you overreacting on your part the entire time. You misread/ miscomprehended her words, please ensure this wrong is made right.

At the same time, I'm sorry but I felt totally disgusted at your blogpost. When I saw your tweet about MAC finally authenticating your product, I was thinking there'd finally be closure. But where is your apology?!?!


A sorry would really be good especially after the damage you've done. Maybe you did not EXPLICITLY mention their name, but APPROVING the comments that mentioned ONLY their name, no other online shop that sells MAC products. HOHOHO. That's as good as pointing all 10 of your fingers and saying "THAT'S THE SHOP!" I mean seriously, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ANYWAY?

I don't think we're flaming you, but rather we're standing up for SMOOCHIEZZ, who has had to endure all your barrage of bad publicity, even pulling in some rather influential bloggers, with your so-called proof. Which now, is a JOKE. HOHOHO. Was that video meant to be an insult to your intelligence? (Seems like it?) This whole time, SMOOCHIEZZ has been like this little girl that has had to endure all your CRAP. (FOR NOTHING.) I mean I would say you were verging on cyber-bullying.

You misrepresented yourself once and dragged another brand in the mud with you. Please edit your post so that no further damage is done to their brand name. Actually, this post is UTTER RUBBISH. Its self denial and and is barely a decent apology.
Please post a decent apology.

I really do hope that after approving my comment, (Not because you HAVE TO APPROVE all comments that "flame you") you CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE.

You might CLAIM that you have brought them much publicity, but the damage is done. As a rather known blogger, I hope you will be more careful of your actions next time. Stop dramatizing everything and tarnishing others' reputation. Some people actually try to work hard to establish a good reputation. but because of your actions, it has caused much doubt of their reputation.
Thank You.

@PixiefartHyena: I'm totally loving your post. Love your writing style XD

Anonymous said...

all of you last warning ah

Anonymous said...

You seem to love throwing pity parties when people FLAME you. But think about it, you get so angsty with their small comments and you start flaming them back, tenfold. That isn't being very nice, is it. Quite hypocritical too since you make yourself sound like such a nice, gentle and fragile person. *cough* martyr *cough*

Furthermore, yes Yoko was angry at you with the accusations. But who wouldn't? If you were working for your good friend and your good friend was accused of selling fake products, wouldn't you be angry? You got angry for Yoko getting angry, but you were the one that instigated it. So no one's allowed to HURL insults and RETWEET mean tweets about other people except you? Unfair.

Put yourself in Yoko's shoes. Having insults thrown at her left, right and center because of you retweeting mean things but yet apologizing and trying to clear the matter. That's called maturity. Something you have yet to learn.

Most of these comments aren't even hate comments. It's just criticism, something you have to deal with in life. So your "LET THE HATING BEGIN~" is quite ridiculous. In the working world, if your boss lashes at you, are you gonna start retweeting all the mean things your followers say?

This isn't hating, it's just a lesson you have to learn for irrationality.

Anonymous said...


Wasn't it Kiyomi who accused it of being fake in the first place and alerting everyone? Shouldn't Kiyomi along with Rachell apologize to Smoochiezz? Furthermore, accusing Smoochiezz because one of you doesn't know how to preserve your makeup properly and causing Kiyomi to bleed? If her face was so sensitive she shouldn't be slapping on so much make up anyway. Ironic LOL.

Anonymous said...

fyi, hurl all over you = puke, and mother stupid = motherfucking stupid. your england not very the powderful hor?

1810fm said...

Haters can be really stupid sometimes. LMAO. Entertained...

Anonymous said...

Stupid attention seeking bitch since day 1. Only reason why she posted this damn post cause she's bloody insecure like wtf. Of course after smoochiez proves their products are authentic she confirm kia la. Like scared cause she don't wanna paiseh. Either way she loves flaming ideas into peoples heads and brainwashing all you poor followers cause she is like damn bloody good at munipulating ppl?

I mean I've heard so much shit about her its bloody disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Stupid attention seeking bitch since day 1. Only reason why she posted this damn post cause she's bloody insecure like wtf. Of course after smoochiez proves their products are authentic she confirm kia la. Like scared cause she don't wanna paiseh. Either way she loves flaming ideas into peoples heads and brainwashing all you poor followers cause she is like damn bloody good at munipulating ppl?

I mean I've heard so much shit about her its bloody disgusting.

Anonymous said...

not to mention smoochiez should never sponsor this stupid china bitch. make up or no make up, from low end to high end. SHE STILL LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING CHINA DOG. No wait, maybe even china dogs look better. Pity her bf. Can get better girl x18272819000 end up with some dog. His ex gf also a million times better.

Anonymous said...

Rachell, I still love your blog no matter what! All haters aside, everyone deserved another second chance. :)

Anonymous said...

I love rachell ! <3 Spread the love! Please people!

Anonymous said...

I think most of you took the advantage of rachell when she approves all hate comments.

Karol said...

I've been reading these comments.
But honestly Rachell, are you reading these comments? Are you LISTENING TO YOUR READERS?
You seem to be approving all these comments w/o even digesting what the people here are trying to say.

Honestly, I feel as if you're just trying to approve all these comments so that people can see how "KE LIAN" you are getting "flamed" by so many people. And the numbers keep increasing.

ITS SO FRUSTRATING!! ARRGGH. Its like, everyone here is saying the same thing. Telling you that that was BARELY a SINCERE APOLOGY. And you just ignore our comments. All we implore of you to give SMOOCHIEZZ is a formal/public apology. (Its not as if Smoochiezz is asking you to compensate them for their loss during the period their authenticity was doubted. They actually can, its called Defamation. Hazel, is super nice to not do that ok.)

THE MOST DECENT THING YOU CAN DO AS A HUMAN BEING is to apologise for causing so many problems.

Thank you for further ensuring the authenticity of Smoochiezz MAC's products. Oh but wait, Smoochiezz already authenticated their product by going to the MAC booth. But YOU didn't want to believe her because you thought that she was lying. That she was a lying seller. How noble are your supposed actions then?

I think it absolutely DISGUSTING and REPULSIVE that you blatantly think you are COMPLETELY NOT AT FAULT because you did us such a HUGE SERVICE. That all of us should thank you and kiss your feet because you saved our faces from rotting and not use FAKE products. But evidently you jumped to conclusions. Your makeup is unhygienic, you should have read up more before posting a video that attracted every other blogger's attention and further blew up the issue. Its as simple as that.

And honestly, as a blogger, how can you not be more careful with your words.

People who support her, you all think she did such a huge service to all of us and we should be grateful. Yes we may be grateful but why are you blindly idolising her. Are you'll seriously SEEING THE "GOOD" in her? ok...
We as humans may not be perfect, but you Rachell, you aren't even humane if you can't own up to your faults and apologise. Stop pretending to be noble and self sacrificial. Isn't it tiring to be so... placid? Pretentious? Fake?

Yeah...hope you'll make all your wrongs right.

Anonymous said...

And she didn't take advantage of the situation when she die-die wouldn't reveal the website's name, BUT PERSONALLY approved of comments that stated SMOOCHIEZZ's name? *applause for keeping the silence* LOL.

You think we take advantage of her just because she claims that she will approve all hateful comments? You don't think that she is taking advantage of this opportunity so that people like YOU will pity her and boost her ego and low self worth. LOL.

Hello? Logic? I'm not a hater. I used to be a lover of your blog, but now, you just lost an avid reader because you handled this situation poorly and only thought about the opportunity to gain fame and publicity rather than to actually be a objective blogger.

Leora said...

We, outsiders shouldn't even have bothered because it's between Rachell and Yoko. Like what I've said, it takes two hands to clap.

If you guys can defend for Yoko, why can't others defend for Rachell? Likewise, if others can defend for Rachell, why can't others defend for Yoko.

Why not just put this a stop, and let this matter rest after tonight? I don't see a point harping on this matter for days since the both parties have let it go.

Anonymous said...

Seriously.. You still don't feel sorry and you not willing to come out and apologize? You and your good friend blow this matter up, even go to the extend to the newspapers, obviously all online shops who sell make up will be affected, not only smoochiezz.

You're seriously hopeless and inhumane if you continue not doing anything.

Btw this is not a hate comment, like what the others have said. We're in fact helping you. Can't stand you and your chao ahlian friends zzz

Anonymous said...

It's because we think that all these hate comments are ENOUGH, cyber bullying? All of you said the same old thing over and over again. Very bored already can.

Anonymous said...

By allowing all these hate comments, she might have already learnt her lesson, WHY ARE YOU ALL PUSHING YOUR LUCK TO BRING HER DOWN. FUCK OFF MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

To think that you're from a JC last time.. I guess all the education you've got has gone down the drain...... Shame on you rachelllllll tan

Anonymous said...

EVEN if rachell did not feel suspicious of SMOOCHIEEZ , WE CUSTOMERS FEEL IT. WHY? Because they sell things at such a low price. It's MAC LEH!

I've been buying from smoochieez still, but after this incident I can confirm that it's safe.



Anonymous said...

WHY APOLOGISE when it's yoko who starts to feel paranoid for what PXD blogged?

If she keep her mouth shut, nothing will happen?


Anonymous said...

So.. will you be making a public apology on the newspapers? Its only fair isn't it? Cos people who the newspapers may not read you blog.

Rachel said...

Hate comments seriously?

I remember reading about the whole saga and I went over to Yoko's formspring. I remember her saying that she wanted to Hurl on you. AKA. Vomit cos my friend was going eeww at the post. This was totally taken out of context.

The "mother is stupid" part is Yoko's slang for EXTREMELY/VERY. LOL. Seriously, I mean if she wanted to flame you and your entire family, why only your mother? -.- Why didn't she say FATHER, SIBLINGS etc... -.-
Again, taken our of context.

Soo... that means that your justification that Yoko was flaming you just *falls through*

Wait, so are you telling me that this entire blog post was a lie? Because none of the facts were true to any extent?

WIN. (Y)

*takes magnifying glass to search for apology*

-Search returned no results-

Anonymous said...

JUST APOLOGISE, Rachell! Is it really THAT hard?! For goodness sake! All the "hate" comments will come to a halt if you do so. You're like pretending this never happened. And it seems to the public (or at least to me?) that up till now, you are still unrepentant and insistent that you are in the right. Since you started the problem, you should end it. If you don't end this properly, all your avid readers will turn into haters. And they'll start picking on every single thing you do. Nobody forgets after awhile, I hope you know that. The bad impression will remain, regardless of what you do. I suggest you apologize and address the comments your readers have given you. If you are planning to act as if nothing has happened, it will just show how ungrateful and self-absorbed you are. Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

If Yoko keeps her mouth shut, SMOOCHIEZZ's business will be affected. Are you even using your brain to think? -_-" Lol. You aren't making a point at all.

Anyway, even so, if your GOOD FRIEND is the BOSS of that company, will YOU shut up and act as if nothing has happened?

Come on, ALL the other make-up blogshops would be DIRECTLY affected. They won't be able to sell their make-up because of the distrust and rumours flying around. THIS is STILL an impact.

Let me re-emphasize what I've said:
1. SMOOCHIEZZ will lose a significant amount of customers
2. The OTHER blogshops selling make-up WILL ALSO lose some customers.

Do you NOT think she owes YOKO an apology? Do you, really? It is as simple as that. A sincere and decent apology. Is it that much to ask for?!

Anonymous said...

Allowing these hate comments= more pity from people= absolving herself from all guilt.

FACT: SHE HAS NOT APOLOGISED TO SMOOCHIEZZ (no one gives a shit about her apologising to Yoko or what not)

SHE APPROVED of comments that said "Its smoochiezz right, OMG SMOOCHIEZZ??" in her previous blog post. NOTE how only smoochiezz was mentioned. Multiple times even. Obviously, even if I was a retard. This one was a little hard to not notice right.

AND ON TWITTER, machiam flood of tweets that EXPLICITLY mentioned SMOOCHIEZZ. -.- NOT OBVIOUS ENOUGH?

I ONLY WISH THAT YOU CAN GIVE A MORE SINCERE APOLOGY TO SMOOCHIEZZ (THE OWNER). That's all, end of story. Even if you love Rachell like mad, I'm sure you'd agree with me that THIS IS JUST.

Smoochiezz's owner is really nice, she doesn't deserve this kinda treatment. People, put yourself in the owner's shoes. Out of the blue, she is accused of selling fake MAC because a rather reputable blogger's friend suddenly broke out. HOW WOULD SHE FEEL? (Yoko is NOT the OWNER of SMOOCHIEZZ) Have any of you ever thought about the owner?

The apology should be to THE OWNER of SMOOCHIEZZ, and honestly guys, no one cares about this whole rachell and yoko saga. Because honestly, it is insignificant.

Anonymous said...

Why are we even wasting our time here - trying to convince Miss. Blogger Queen Rachell Tan to apologize? There is already 100+ comments and still, NO action has taken place. Ok, sure. Do it the way you like it, Rachell! By escaping reality and denying your mistakes... Hm.. I am certain that you'll go far in life <3 Lurbbsss w0rs ! SuPp0rT uue f0r3v3r <3

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon above. If this was not Smoochiezz and it was another company, you would stand to face legal consequences. Not a word of apology to Smoochiezz and instead a whole post of defensiveness? Ok. I think we can all see what kind of person you are.

Anonymous said...

Why should rachell apologies? I don't see the point.

Anonymous said...

Ignore haters comments! this is YOUR blog, YOUR say. Cheer up! Love your blog :D

kitty said...

I'm back to deleting hate comments ;) I'm not approving them anymore, too bad if you missed your chance!

Lynette djong. said...

You guys should put yourselves in Rachell's shoes! Who isn't paranoid over fake products? Plus, she did not mention any names, and that armpitjuice girl from Smoochiezz went and accuse her! And even hurled vulgarities to her. Is that how a MATURED GROWN UP LADY should do?
Rachell is just being nice and warning her readers to beware of fake M.A.C products, and you haters go and call her names, diss her and scold her! I mean seriously, if you were receiving so many hate comments, how would you feel? Whereas Rachell is not in a good mood I would say these few days as her bf is in army and stuff.
Can't you all just give her a break?!

Lynette djong. said...

By bashing her, do you feel GOOD?

Anonymous said...

ignore all haters lah....cheer up girl (:
anyway, you did a good job (((:

well, to haters, its her blog, she have all the say... she is informing everyone out of good will, and SHE DID NOT even mention names. so what's wrong???!

cant stand childish haters =\ think before you talk alright!

Anonymous said...

To all: Just get the facts right before buying products online. Simple, stop hating on her~