Saturday, December 17, 2011

Remember Elmo?

Hi kittens ;3

Went to Plaza Singapura the other day!
I love the Christmas period cause everywhere will be filled with christmas lights and decorations!!! ^~^

Outfit of the day!

Tried to use the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 Panorama mode for the first time to capture my entire surroundings but I failed cause I was quite noob at turning the camera gradually hahah!

Waaaay better at second try! :D *pats back*
The stitching of the image is pretty awesome!

Getting more and more pro at 3rd try! I think I turned my body like 210 degrees and managed to capture all of these!!!!! :D
Anyway, see the TV on the right side? They were playing the Smurfs movie and I bought the CD to watch at home hahaha!

And what's Christmas without some Christmas celebration shows? :)
Guess who's on stage waaaaay up at the front?

Elmo!!! :)
I used the Multi Frame SR Zoom for this picture!
The actors and actresses were all moving around and singing and dancing
but amazingly the fast shutter speed + Multi Frame SR Zoom of the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 kept the image really clear :) :)
You can even see the full furry texture of Elmo in this picture, whoa!!

Hahah Bert was there too!

Used the mode on the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 to take a series of continuous shots of the performers dancing! :)
I'm not sure if I mentioned before but it saves EVERY image as an individual .jpeg so I had to put them in a .gif myself~

And I randomly took one of the .jpeg file to upload here and OMG THE IMAGE IS SO SUPER CLEAR AND SHARP!
Showed this off to my brother and he was so amazed!
He told me the same thing "er jie, even if you don't win this camera I think it's a good investment to buy it!"
:D :D :D omg!!!! hehehe maybe he'll chip in a bit too lol!

Random insert of badly lighting picture of me taken with iPhone lol!

Super excited! Christmas is soooo near now!

Alright, love you all!



Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell! Why have you stopped blogging about Beauti Instinct? :S

Anonymous said...

i dont know who to rant to anymore but i hate my face with its current break out and very big and red pimples that cant be squeezed.. i stopped going out because of how ugly i feel... is natural aqua gel going to help? i feel like crying every time i look into the mirror

alicia said...

hi there, i am your daily reader ! (: would really love to make friends with you. i know i sound so thick skin. >< but do you go out with readers as well ? (:

Anonymous said...

Hi can you take a video with your Casio camera? After seeing your praises abt the camera, I was thinking of buying it to be used at a concert :) thanks :)

shebunny said...

ELMO!! :D my favourite!!

Anonymous said...

Hey dear, where did you get your top and skirt from? Pls reply!!

Anonymous said...

are you plastic? u look so plasticky! if you are not, then good for u!

kitty said...

I'm not plastic but I'm planning to be <3 ^~^

Yes the Casio camera can be used to record videos!

The top and skirt, you can search "santarina" in my search bar, I blogged about it awhile back <3 :D