Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hi kittens ;3
Last few days before Christmas!!!
I can feel all the excitement and Christmas spirit already lol!
(random morbid thought: if the world really ends in 2012, this might be our last Christmas ever...... D;)

Hhahahaa scratch that thought! Live everyday like it's your last :)

And today, let's just shop our hearts out at SeventeenthLane!

Quote "pxdkitty" to redeem free normal postage!

Check out their hugeeee variety in their Christmas collection!!!

Everything at SeventeenthLane is imported from either Korea or Hong Kong.
All pieces are specially chosen and in order to maintain exclusivity and quality!
(Many pieces can't even be found in other shops!!! Woooo~)

Here are my top favourite pieces!!!
They totally suit the Christmas theme and look sooo winterish!
Red dresses are super santarina-ish and knitted clothes are must-haves for "winter" (rainy season for us)!
Hahahaha the thing about living in a country with summer all year round, we just have to make pretend we have winter and all and wear knitted clothings and thick socks... and hide in our air conditioned shopping centres, LOL!
Imagination ftw!

Wah and this pair of shoes are so pretty!
Platforms with LEOPARD prints as base?
And when I thought wedges were the most comfortable things ever, platforms came into trend.

I love how sincere the blogshop is in having the entire shoot to fit the Christmas theme as well! :)
Makes me happy just visiting their web!

Also, Christmas is a season for joy and celebration!
They'll be giving out tons of gifts during this festive season.
How to go about winning them:
1. Like and share their C1 preview album (
2. Comment on the album on your impression about their very first collection
3. Join their mailing list!

Simply follow these 3steps and you stand the chance to win these cute notebooks and post-it!
16 lucky winners will be chosen, and furthermore, 3 spenders will walk away with a 2012 diary/a notepad/and the super cute panda bag!
In addition, their first 30 buyers will get a vintage post card each no matter how much you spend!
So hesitate no more! You are just 3steps away to be the lucky one! :)

The giveaways ends on 20th Dec 2011, 11.59pm!

Hesitate no more!!!
Have fun shopping!

Love you all~~~

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