Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi kittens ;3

Did you all miss the blogshop of the day posts? ^~^
If yes, I'm pretty sure you guys will LOVE ShopPlainJane! :)

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ShopPlainJane has tonssssss of gorgeous apparels!!!
Like I wish my entire wardrobe was made up entirely of clothes from them!

Can't get over how pretty this knitted slit sleeved top is x)
As you can see the material isn't too warm so you can wear it even on a hot day!
No need to hope for rainy days just to wear this out :p

And this tiger pullover is SO CUTE!!!
It's sold for only 18.90! This tiger pullover left a huge impression on me cause I saw it at Far East Plaza and the sales assistant told me it's $36 and I was like.... hmmmmm nah too ex~
LOL :x
So here's a cheaper deal for you all! ^~^

And I recently saw Chriselle's Fashion video on what to wear on Thanksgiving and she mentioned the preppy girl look and immediately i thought of this top from ShopPlainJane! :D
sooo pretty!
I want to try this style too! ^~^

And I'm not sure if you guys have seen these Skintight Skeletal Leggings getting into trend especially among hipsters and all recently~
i think they look kinda funky hahaha!
Like it'll be awesome for a casual night out with your friends and imagine taking pictures with a black backdrop and you look like you have real bones for legs! wickeddddd ;)
All that fun plus the illusion of skinnier legs at only $13 at ShopPlainJane! :)

Of course that isn't all :)
ShopPlainJane also sells tons of accessories like BAGS, PLATFORM SHOES and HEADWEAR! :)

This spiky headpiece is my favorite! Damn badass looking hahah!

Have fun shopping at ShopPlainJane for all those awesome stuff kittens ;3
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