Sunday, January 1, 2012

Strawberry Coated Kisses

Happy happy new year kittens!!!! ;3
I hope 2012 will be an awesome one for all of you!
Leave all the bad memories of 2011 to the past and look ahead, it's a new year!~~

And to me, new year means new clothes! :p
Check out StrawberryCoatedKisses with all their awesome fawsome apparel designssss~

I've been looking for this pair of crochet shorts for the LONGEST TIME!
Finally got it from StrawberryCoatedKisses, yay! :D :D
When denim shorts, tribal printed shorts or whatever other shorts seem too boring for you....
this pair of pretty crochet shorts should do the trick! ;)

My basic long printed shirt looks instantly more expensive cause of the shorts heheh!!
A good investment if you ask me! :)
And it's priced affordably on StrawberryCoatedKisses as well ^~^

And if you guys remembered the patched elbow knitted top i mentioned previously.....
guess what!
It's under $30!!! yay!!! :D :D :D

Not only that, they also have other gorgeous designs that will definitely turn heads ;)
Here are some of my top picks!

So start your new year with a wardrobe revamp and may more pretty clothes come your way!!! :D

Love you all, bye~~~

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