Monday, December 19, 2011

Twinkle in her eye

Hi kittens ;3

Was on my mum's car the other day and decided to use the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 to take some pictures~

Left the house in a rush so I didn't get to comb my hair at all, lol!
So sorry for the frizzy hair and all,
but omg the camera captured my contact lens so prettily!!!!! :D
No photoshop, just natural light and the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100's HDR mode! :)
I didn't use the Premium Auto (make up) mode here cause my initial intention was to take pictures of the scenery :p

And while I was on the car, I tried out the camera's Multi Frame SR Zoom and while we were at a traffic light, I snapped a shot of a building really far away and look what I captured!


This was an image I captured from INSIDE THE CAR!
Meaning there's a glass in front of me plus I was soooo far away!!!!

And then I got really excited and kept exploiting the Multi Frame SR Zoom mode!! :D
I feel like I was trying to peek into the building man hahah
Notice the 60 speed limit sign...

Look at how far I was!
The speed limit 60 sign is near the traffic light ^~^

Not convinced by the Multi Frame SR Zoom yet? ^~^

Check out the super clear details of the top of a building!
Once again, this was taken from INSIDE THE CAR ^~^
You can even see the exact texture of the building and the uneven paint omg!!

And check out how far I was from the building???
Yes, it's the building on the left side, with a little triangular side of the roof!!!!


And after a long drive, mummy and I went to eat at crystal jade :)
Super yummy food i LOVE crystal jade!!!

The focus of this shot went a little off but the xiao long baos still look so dreamy~~~ ^~^

Alright love you all~
Bye!!! :)


Anonymous said...

hey Rachell! which lens were you wearing in this post? they're really naise!

kitty said...

i THINK they're ifairy moe moe brown lens dear! :D