Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adorer of the adored

Hi kittens ;3

This may sound quite wrong but here are some butt-shots for the day cause my face didn't feel like getting onto the camera ;)

Wearing a lovely pair of printed knit skirt from :)
I've been looking for a pair for the longest time and this fit me perfectly!

The sky would be way prettier for pictures.... if it wasn't roasting me the very minute I stepped out of the shade!

Check out for more gorgeous designs like this! :)
They always have huge and impressive collections, one of my favorite blogshops ever!

Paired this with a plain top and my standard lace up wedges.

Gawd, recently my mum reminded me of the piles of shoes I have in my shoes cupboard..........
I have to show you guys one day :/
I'm quite a collector of (cheap) shoes but the problem is how I never wear 99% of them and always stick to the "safe-looking" and more comfortable ones~

Wake up and smell the.... bread :)
Makes me hungry all the time and I'll definitely have to buy one every time i pass by a bakery!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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Anonymous said...

which collection did you get your skirt from :D?