Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby's POP

Hi kittens ;3

Along with his parents, I attended my boyfriend's POP (Passing Out Parade) at Float @ Marina Bay the other day.
I only had a quick hour of shut eye the night before and got up at 5:00am to prepare, and expectedly, I was late in meeting his parents!
They were waiting outside my home at 6.30am cause we were supposed to head out together.
So as not to let them wait too long for me, I brought all my cosmetics, comb and towel (for my wet hair) and dolled myself up on the car!
Must have been quite a sight for the cars passing by if they managed to look in.

Everything was going fine until.. THE FALSE LASHES.
Can you imagine how much of a feat it was trying to paste false eyelashes on a jerky bumpy cab? Epic!

But I managed to do it somehow, so thank goodness!

To be very honest, I just realized that Singapore's kinda real pretty.
Plus it was about 7am when we arrived at the Float and the weather was still pretty alright...
But alas, good things never last for long.

The moment we got onto our seats at the grandstand, I could've sworn all my pores were screaming.

I was proud of my baby to have graduated from BMT but it was quite disappointing that the parade was done in such a large scale,
it left me no chance of testing my skills of spotting him using my camera's zoom function :(

I mean you have to admit they just look like blocks from where I was seated!
And I wasn't even at the far end.

"Because a boy like you's impossible to find...."
in a sea of green army men :(

Maybe Singaporeans wouldn't have such fiery tempers if the Sun showed us more mercy...
I could feel the top layer of my skin becoming crisp already from all that baking under the Sun.

Look at all their disgruntled faces! Hahah
Everyone couldn't wait for the parade to end so they can collect their soldier and quickly head home~

Anyway, I guess Singaporeans are never known to be shy in expressing their dissatisfactions.
In between the parade, a passing cloud managed to block out the Sun for a brief few minutes and there actually were applauses and cheers coming from the grandstand.
And when the cloud drifted on, I heard people sighing "aiyoooo" and it was so amusing!!!

After much burning (literally) agony, here's my soldier whom I'm really proud of :')


Thanks for reading!
Love you all ♥

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