Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beauti Instinct #5

Hi kittens ;3

Some facial updates for today!

My latest facial treatments at Beauti Instinct are Roller Treatments, as recommended by Auntie Rita. She says a lot of customers love this treatment :)

Basically they will use this spiky roller thing together with a customized cocktail (suited for your skin) to make your face more radiant, reducing pigmentation and scars.

Personally I don't think it hurts a lot, it just feels like something spiky massaging your face.
Endure. For the sake of beauty :)

Picture taken from Tammy's blog.

And here's my face without any make up (only with eyelash extensions which i cannot remove of course)
As you can see the scarrings have significantly reduced since months ago :)
And I don't have huge ass evil pimples as much anymore!!! Maybe just 1 big one in like 3 months?
The rest are usually just clogged pores caused by my make up but I can't help applying make up so.... I'll live with it! :x
Super happy!

If you're keen in checking back on my entire progress with Beauti Instinct, please click on

I hope this improvement will keep up so that I can be their lifetime customer and sign a better package with them in future maybe! :)


Anonymous said...

hi i've left about 3 comments asking u which outlet u got ur unicorn pillow from!can't find any reply :(

kitty said...

sorry love! I usually reply a lot of comments at one shot.. I got it from AMK central's Courts! :)