Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creatures of the Night

Hi kittens ;3

I went to the Singapore Night Safari for the first time in my entire life.
And it also made me feel like I was a tourist of a foreign country I've never been to before!

All along I've always heard rumors like "the animals just hide and won't come out" and it'll be a "waste of money" and such. But after visiting the place for myself, I can safely say that those are called rumors for a reason - They're totally untrue!

I enjoyed myself with my boyfriend and the Night Safari and would definitely recommend you guys to visit too :)

Some tips: Bring along a portable fan because you might have to queue for the tram on weekends so make yourself comfortable. Bring along a water bottle in case you get thirsty and can't find a vending machine. Bring enough cash with you because the entrance fee is $32 inclusive of the tram ride and the food there is slightly more pricey.
But for the enriching and super fun experience, I'd say it's money well-spent!

After taking the relaxing tram ride, my boyfriend and I explored the entire place by ourselves, walking through enclosed areas with BATS flying around, had a good laugh seeing a Hyena TRIP on its own feet and run away embarrassed (super ironic and epic!!), watch a Fishing Cat prey on an unsuspecting fish LIVE, see the elephants "dance" for us without any zoo keeper's instructions, saw a baby elephant cuddle beside its mother in deep slumber... :')
Seriously one of the best days of my life.

*****There are NO pictures of the animals in the Night Safari in this post because we're not allowed to use flash photography and the pictures are extremely blur without flash.
This means that you'll really have to visit the Night Safari on your own if you want to see some of the cutest and some of the most majestic animals! ;)

Gotta love the design of the place and the play on words! :)

What's more blissful than to have B&J's to end off a fulfilling day... :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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