Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hi kittens ;3

It's only up till recently that I realized that I don't have much dresses when the occasion calls for it! :(
Most of my clothes are knitted tops and tank tops. And when I need something classier, I feel absolutely lost cause I'm always stuck with the same few black dresses..
And I'm quite sure I'm not the only one.

So thankfully there's Esnique! :)
Their latest collection Colourful Wonderland will definitely solve all your problems!

You know, classy dresses aren't always formal and matured looking~
This cute green dress looks like it'll be perfect for a picnic or a vintage photoshoot!

And I can't help taking a second glance at this bandage skirt!
Simple, professional looking and yet it looks super stylish with all the side details!
Stay in style at work with this piece! :)

And this Embellished Cut-out Shoulder Toga Dress was particularly HOT selling and now they have RESTOCKED it!!! :)
The embellishment makes this black dress look extremely glam and I love how it allows you to flaunt your shoulder blades!
The cutting of this dress is so flattering it'll definitely be perfect for a night out partying ;)

And the best part?
Quote "pxdkitty'' to get this Embellished Cut-out Shoulder Toga Dress at ONLY $23!!!! :D
I swear this would cost you close to $40 if you got it at retail shops in FEP! omg!

For their collection 2 and 3:
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Don't forget to also check out their What's Available section where all the last pieces from previous collections are!

Among it, I found this pink dress super sweet and pretty!

Red/pink dress ah? Can wear for CNY!!! #sosingaporean
Plus it's not those qi pao kind of designs which means you can wear it out even after CNY!!! :) yay! ^~^

So visit Esnique now and grab some of these pretty dresses for yourself today! :)

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