Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eyelash Extensions

Hi kittens ;3

As you all know, I've always tried ways and means to get double eyelids from double eyelid sticker, double eyelid glue, mezaik fibre etc #sadlifeofamonolided

And recently from Hannah, I learnt that Eyelash Extensions can actually give you double eyelids! She tried it and after the eyelash extensions came off she had double eyelids omg :O

So I decided to go to Milly's to get them and try it for myself! :)
I chose Milly's because they're known for their Extensions, Manicure & Pedicure etc
and I've went to several shops for hair extensions before and Milly's one lasted the longest and didn't end up in knots and all! :)

I present you my sparse and unimpressive natural lashes :(
I never ever bother with applying mascara on my lashes because they never seem to listen no matter how much I coat them or curl them, so I've always been reliant on false lashes to date.

At Far East Plaza's Milly's! :)

The staff asked me to choose the length of the lashes I wanted and I chose the longest one!
You can choose how thick you want the lashes to be but most importantly you need to choose the length of the lashes first :)

And then we proceeded with the extension! How exciting :) :)
The lash extensions were delicately attached to my real lashes one by one!
It took about half an hour in total and I was impressed by how carefully the staff did the entire extension process for me.
Initially I thought it would be uncomfortable but it didn't even hurt a bit!

Halfway there...

And I'm done!
Check out how dramatic they are! :D
My natural lashes are totally concealed by the extensions so it looks perfect!

With proper care, it'll last a month or so.

So far I love my lash extensions by Milly's and I'm not regretting one bit!

x It looks gorgeous (as pretty as my favourite DollyWink falsies)
x It's totally comfortable, doesn't affect my vision or putting on / removing contact lens etc
x I get to save $$ on buying new falsies all the time
x My sister says I look like I have make up on when I'm at home with ONLY the extensions
x I could see double eyelids right after extending my eyelashes (no need for $2k++ surgery if the double eyelids stays too!)
x My brother says the extensions make my eyes look less small! :p

Now I present you, my eyes with NO make up, NO double eyelid sticker

Check out my new double eyelids!

How can I not love it? :)

And I hope the extensions stay as long as it can!
I'm being as gentle to them as possible and keeping my lashes clean and all :)

Anyway I'm sharing this with you all because I know there are many girls out there with small eyes or single eyelids.
Trust me, extending your eyelashes will save A LOT of preparation time for you.
You can even head out without make up!

So if you're keen on getting Eyelash Extensions by Milly's too, here you go!
I'd say it's an extremely good investment!

And you can find Milly's to get your lashes/hair extended or nails done at:

Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-129
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723

Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
Tel: 63384137

Bugis Street, Little Red Dot
Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
Tel: 63384137

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Rachell, may i know if you r able to comb through ur eyelash extension? I went to have mine done aft reading ya blog but unfortunately it isnt rly what i wanted:(

Ya reader.