Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Hi kittens ;3

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! :)
I guess you guys must be sick and tired of all the Chinese New Year related posts cause everyone's posting about them so I'll keep it all within one post.

Just a disclaimer, there will be a ton of unglam and weird looking shots because we got too bored of smiling nicely for the camera.

First of all, new year's eve's reunion dinner!
I was make up-less with a terribly evil pimple on my cheek, how timely :(
So I spammed acne cream onto it and you can actually see them from the pictures haha!

My favorite part - opening of hampers!

What a pretty display of all the alcohol... too bad I don't drink :(

Spot the photo bomber at the back lol

Mahjong's a MUST for us :)

My pretty living room light~

1.8m 15-year-old cousin... #okcan
Younger cousins... don't you hate it when a year ago they were so tiny and a year later they tower over you like mad? D;

My dearest lil' brother who's not that little after all ^~^
My mum always refers to me as "mei mei (little sister)" when she speaks to him and I'm like "what mei mei i'm er jie (second sister)!" to defend my superiority hahaha

Chinese New Year Chu Yi (First day) where we all dressed up to visit my grandmother :)

Duuuuude, I was in heels man...... T~T

"Let's do the victory sign cause we're Asians"

Family photo :)
My mum and sis are about 1.64m and 1.67m respectively and I'm... not 1.6m yet
So I'm actually the shortest but as you can see heels help a lot in boosting my height, love it! :)

Some more goofy expressions ahead

This was before we went to my grandmother's place

"Stop taking pictures, let's go!"
"Okay okay *turns and runs*"

My cousin's a proud daddy!!! :)
His baby girl is soooo adorable and everyone was fawning over her~

Aww her daddy's protecting her from all our teasing, super precious!

Photobomb at the back again :)

I had food in my mouth here


The aftermath of army training.... poor weixiang and the boys :(

Pizza Hut's Lunar New Year pizza! :)
I love the bak kwa and pork floss on it~ b:

Hungry? 62353535 ;)

Thanks for reading, love you all! :)


naomi said...

love your shoes!! where did you get them from?

sophiewillocq said...

Hey Rachell! Your family doesn't mind you wearing black? Most will say at most only a lil bit of black!

sophiewillocq said...

Or lol my mom said if I wear black I must accessorize with gold so I was too lazy & gave up.

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Mika said...

Hi, I just wanted to ask if you're still using the Casio for your photos? I've been think about getting this camera. Came along trough youtube and now I love your blog and read it regularly - you have a great clothing taste :) <3

Thanks for answering in advance xx