Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi kittens ;3

If you're in the mood for shopping, then you must check out the blogshop of the day,
InfinityXBeyond! ^~^

As usual, here are some of my favourite designs I've picked up from their web :)

This gossip girl leopard clutch bag which many girls have asked me about some time back!
Awesome for school, formal wear and the party at night ;)

They also have tons of other pretty apparels you should probably grab first because they sell out real fast ;)

And here's my favourite part :)
InfinityXBeyond is currently having a sales promotion going on for their previous collections so this is your chance to get these awesome deals at low prices!

You'll definitely love the prices for the following items!
Plus they all look so chic and pretty! :D

I love this bag for its braiding and tassle details :) Plus the super cute size!

I've seen a lot of high waist shorts around but this one's really unique! :D
Check out the designs of the buttons, totally vintage looking! ^~^

All these gorgeous designs can be found at InfinityXBeyond! :) :)

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