Monday, January 2, 2012

Japan Trip Part 5 (iPhone pictures)

Hi kittens ;3
First of all I am going to apologize cause this is going to be an extremely self-centered post with my pictures and not much stuff about Japan so... yeah :x I'm sorry!
But some days I want to post low resolution iPhone snapshots of myself only so please pardon me just today hahah!

If you guys are interested in the iPhone apps I used, it's mainly More Beaute (to smoothen out the skin and HIDE EYEBAGS OMG, recommended by people on twitter) and Mei Tu Xiu Xiu (for effects, also recommended by people on twitter) ^~^

I love my leopard hat thingy I bought from TOUGH+ jeans! It was $70 though...zomg.
One of my most irrational buys ever in my life. LOL

At the air port with my cousin and lil' brother :)

On the train!
I kinda like this picture although my eyes look really small plus you can see my eye bags very clearly~
Cause I think I looked genuinely happy here hahah


Bought this houndstooth jacket from one of the small shops in Arima on sale at $20 SGD!!! One of the only cheap things from Japan :p
Everything else was kinda expensive so I didn't do much shopping~~~ T~T
BUT! Wait for tomorrow's post on the loots I bought from Japan!!! :)
Not a lot but worth mentioning, I guess... ^~^

Having hot cocoa when it was snowing outside! Ahhh :D

Wore the hotel's yukata, it's super difficult not to zhao geng with it hahah i'd choose teeshirt and shorts anytime cause i always sit in the most unfeminine of positions :D

Took this on the day I was flying back to Singapore, awww :(
Actually no lah I missed Singapore and everything :D

Super thick eyeliner day, lol
just realized how black it looks!

My leopard fur coat! :D
how i wish i could wear this out in Singapore without dying of heat stroke hahaha

Another shot of me eating ice cream while it was snowing slightly though you can't really tell from the picture :/

but actually idk i hee hee what also lol

tied my hair in a big big bun on the last day!

Bye Japan, thank you for all the wonderful memories and awesome new experiences!!!
I had a really awesome time looking at all your gorgeous and yet super polite and helpful people~~ xD
I'll definitely visit again when I have $$$ :)

And to the rest of you, thank you for being so very patient with this post despite it being just my big face in front of the screen hehe!

Love you all, bye~~~ ^~^


Evangeline said...

i think you should put ATLEAST one big ass picture of yr face in every blogpost, cs i really like yr make up, x) and easier fr me to see and copy :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell! I love how sweet and humble you are despite being such an influential blogger! You always share the cutest apparel and outfits with us and you genuinely help so many girls out there!
I don't want to seem creepy or anything LOL but I think you're really pretty and sweet! Keep it up! ♥

By the way, I adore the bun. It'd be really cool if you could teach us how to execute something like that!

Anonymous said...

hi rachell! i think you shouldn't put so thick eyeliner cause i think you look more pretty if you had light makeup really than thick makeups.i have small eyes too and people do make fun of me but i think natural is the best! :) hehe do post more!

Anonymous said...

hi rachell. you seem to not think you're pretty and i just wanns say you have realy pretty features- your fair skin, your small and sharp face, your beautiful face shape (ideal guazi lian), your sharp nose (i know you think it's round but no amount of contouring could make a flat nose look sharp from the side). and the combination of your features look good. i imagine you having a long tall sharp "perfect" nose on you face and i don't think it'd make you prettier than you are now. i've seen you in real life before and you really don't look too different from how you look in photos. chin up babe, stop being so hard on yourself!

kitty said...

@Evan: hahaha alright i'll try! but some days i just look terrible in pictures and don't feel like uploading pictures of my face :p

@fatima: thank you so much for your very kind words darling! in my Tutorials (on the right) i actually had a tutorial post for big buns, do check that out alright? ^~^ same method I used to tie this bun! :)

@anon: thank you so much dear! but it's quite a personal preference for me that i like big eyes.. sadly i wasn't born with it which is why i'm considering surgery :)

@anon: thank you for your kind words as well darling <3 i think my over-reliance on make up killed a whole bunch of my self-esteem already, hoping i'd get it back soon else it's quite expensive to keep considering a ton of surgeries haha!!