Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Japan Trip Part 6 (Haul Video)

Hi kittens ;3

As promised, here's my Japan Haul video!!! :D
Once I give away all the souvenirs if there's any left overs I'll do a small giveaway okay? ^~^

Not everything was shown in the video cause I probably ate the Japanese snacks up or gave them away already :D

And here are some excessive camwhore pictures with the clip on bangs hahah
doesn't look quite like me but ohwell, it was fun!

Alright, love you all~~


Daphne said...

You look great with the hair !!! <3

THT Christina said...

Lookin great as usual! And I like the haul stuff you bought :D
And did you really cut your bangs!? Or are they by any chance clip-ons? Regardless, You look good :)

From your new follower!

Anonymous said...

you look very pretty in that fringe and in that hair colour!!!!! please post pictures when you dye your hair :))))

Anonymous said...

You're so kawaii!! Did you get the clip on bangs in Japan or SG?!!

Anonymous said...

nice stuff u bought from japan!

Celia said...

hey rachell! can you do a tutorial on how to tie ur hair when u went to the airport? really nice

Gwen said...

I like your makeup in this post ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG you look like Bom from 2NE1 with your new hairstyle :) So preeeeettttyyyyy!!!!

kitty said...

@daphne: thank you darling <3

@christina: they're clip ons dear :) i took them off at the end of the video heheh

@anon: thank you love, i definitely will blog about it <3

@pearlene: i bought it from Japan dear <3

@anon: thank you <3

@celia: hi darling! i actually have a tutorial for that, you can click on the Tutorials section on the right, several posts back :) hope it'll help, thank you!

@gwen: thank you so much <3 <3

@anon: thank you love! that is such a huuuge compliment <3 i love 2NE1 :) anyway it's probably the angle.. i don't look as nice irl hahah T~T