Monday, January 2, 2012

Ladies Inn

Hi kittens ;3

I know I've been posting about mainly apparels recently and some of you may be looking for bags to match it? :)

So I'm gonna tell you girls where I got this pretty bag from! ^~^

It's from Ladies Inn! :D

It's actually a inspired bag and I love how roomy it is!
You can store a lot of things in it and it comes in many colors to match your mood or outfits :)

Ladies Inn is also well stocked up with pretty and comfortable apparels such as this!
I really like cut out shoulder tops :D
I have a plain black one which i always wear cause it's simple but still stylish! :)

And among all the accessories available at Ladies Inn, this pair of earrings caught my eye!
How can anything be sooo cute please!!! :D
Looks super korean-ish and sweet, and looks quite yummy too lol!
So sweethearts, if you like what you see,
Ladies Inn is just a click away! ^~^

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Anonymous said...

rachellllll you know where to get nice cny clothes? :((((