Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hi kittens ;3

Check out the guitar my boyfriend "pimped up" by himself :)
And some of you might find it familiar cause it's inspired by the Fernandes M-145x I previously mentioned in this post.

Don't worry, I was just posing hahah I can't play the guitar for nuts.. and I can hardly strum the F chord!

Some close ups of the guitar :)

At the end of the entire process, when my boyfriend was about done with his masterpiece, he let me doodle anything I like on his guitar. I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND :)
If you can spot the minnie mouse ribbon, the swallow, the diamonds, the lightning bolt, the cupcake, the bat and the PXDKITTY (the Y is a cat btw), it's all my vandalisms hahah ;)

Oh and cause I don't have a guitar (what more a cool looking one), I have a shimmery shiny Hello Kitty guitar pick to make up for it :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said...

The guitar looks so so so cool! Love it! :D

Anonymous said...

the guitar is prettyyyy! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, it's a lot of work, love it!
esp the side with your drawings.
next, do your nails!