Thursday, January 5, 2012

Re-Remake: PXDKITTY Make Up Tutorial

Hi kittens ;3

Here's a re-remake of my make up tutorial cause people were complaining about the sucky quality of the previous videos, lol!

Anyway my make up changes EVERYDAY depending on my mood and I use a lot of different brands of products depending on which is nearer to my reach LOL
And in this video I used lesser eyeliner so yep!
Hope it helps! ^~^

Products used:

(Pictures credit to

1. Enlarging lens

2. Double eyelid stickers mentioned in this post

3. KATE Liquid Foundation

4. M.A.C Liquid Concealer
5. M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation

6. E.L.F Cool Bronzer

7. KATE Designing Eyebrow Powder

7. DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

8. Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil

9. DollyWink False Eyelashes

10. Eyetalk Eyelash Glue
11. CANMAKE Duo Cheek Blush

Leave a comment and let me know if you guys have difficulties finding the same product(s) as I'm using and I'll let you guys know where you can find them! :)

Love you all, bye~~ :)


Anonymous said...

hi!:) where did you buy the bronzer?:)

Fion Yap said...

Hi, where you get the eyetalk glue from?

Anonymous said...

Do more of such makeup!! You look great when you go easy w the eyeliner! :)

Stay pretty and awesome, Rachell!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can i know where can i get
10. Eyetalk Eyelash Glue? and does it really work?(:

Anonymous said...

HI,the kate eyebrow powder can be useas eyeshadow ?

Kelly said...

Hi rachelle , can i know where you get the Eyetalk Eyelash Glue?

Anonymous said...

erm hi kitty orry to trouble, may i nooe where to gt m.a.c concealer and eyetalk eyelash glue pls?thank you very much. <3

Anonymous said...

omg so fking pretty without mk up too. envy!

kitty said...

Hi love, the bronzer is actually a KATE eyebrow powder from Watsons! :)

You can buy the Eyetalk glue from Watsons or SASA <3

Thank you love, I will do more make up posts if people like it :)

Yes the eyelash glue is pretty good, my personal favourite so far :)

I'm not sure if the Eyebrow powder can be used as eyeshadow but I use it anyway... hahah! save $ :X

You can buy m.a.c products from or m.a.c counters! :)

omg are you serious haha i actually really hate my face without make up :/ cause i'm too reliant on make up~

Anonymous said...

Hi babe the Kate eyebrow powder that you bought what shade issit in?