Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Singapore Love Story

Hi kittens ;3

Today I'll be sharing with you guys briefly about a highly relatable book based on local context that made my boyfriend and I laugh, cry and reflect deeply upon - A Singapore Love Story by Low Kay Hwa.

First of all, I heard of Low Kay Hwa, a Singapore Novelist, since I was about 15 because there was this particular (online) book of his back then called I Believe You which left me an extremely vivid impression of the name 'Low Kay Hwa' as an impressive writer. Those of you who aren't too much younger than me should have heard of his name before I'm sure :)

And I am so thankful that recently I got to read another of his latest novel, A Singapore Love Story.

As much as I want to, I'll have to resist posting all the juicy parts because I don't want to spoil it too much for you guys :p

I mentioned above that the book made both my boyfriend and I laugh because he was drawing and I was reading the book aloud to him. I was the only one who cried at the end of the book though, but I bet my boyfriend would have teared too if not for his man pride haha!

Anyway, this book tugged at our heartstrings and we were immensely drawn to the book because the first few chapters of the story book felt as if it was OUR love story.
I know I haven't blogged about how Martin and I met before and all.. well.. soon :)

The coincidence between both our lives and the 2 main characters' was amusing and flattering to be honest.
Martin was quite the delinquent, and was from ITE. On the other hand, I was protected by my parents since I was young, taught to study real hard so that I can earn $10k a month in future as an accountant, they drove me everywhere, and I was from (Victoria) JC.

When we first got together, we faced the exact same difficulties the couple in the story did!
Friends would ask if I mind his education level and what if I became the bread winner of the family, people would start judging once they knew about how different our education backgrounds were yada yada.. As far as I remembered, not many gave us their blessings.
(If you asked me, there's essentially nothing wrong with ITE. I'll say that the fault lies with the stereotypes people have towards students from ITE.)

Just a disclaimer, I've been with Martin for 17 months now and I personally don't think education levels affect my relationship with him. I guess he's probably just lazy to study but he has an extremely high EQ which I fell in love with and NO guys in my former school (NUS) could even come close to that. So don't judge a book by its cover!

And if I ever were to blog about my love story with Martin, I would HAVE TO include this extract in cause this is exactly how Martin makes me feel :)

(Extracted from A Singapore Love Story, Chapter 10)
I knew many of our friends expected us to break up after one month. The Ah-Beng-with-bad-results together with the go-home-after-school-studious-girl?

When I was beside him, I felt like the bravest girl in the world as I knew that no matter what came upon me, I would be protected.

But of course, A Singapore Love Story, unlike your typical fairytales in a world of all play and no work, is much more down-to-earth than ending off so mindlessly with a "Happily Ever After".

The book reminds us that in the real world, there's Love.
But we ALSO have exams to take, bills to pay, parents and relatives we have to account our lives to.
And this is especially true in Singapore.

(Extracted from A Singapore Love Story, Page 72)
I wanted so much to take the ring. I wanted so much to become Michael’s woman forever. That had been my dream since I was a teenager. When I was younger, I had always yearned for this proposal; but I kept my hands behind me.

We had grown up.

In the past, women and men got married for financial stability. With arranged marriages and the likes, few got together because of Love.
In contemporary Singapore, have we moved on from the past? Is Love an obligation in a marriage, or is it an option?
Since a tender age, most parents would tell us to marry someone who is highly-educated and rich.. will it matter to us if we don't love him?
A Singapore Love Story touches on these modern day issues and is definitely a good read!

If you're interested, check out the online preview of 10 Chapters at:

And if you're getting the physical copy of the book, WATCH OUT FOR THE ENDING.

After reading A Singapore Love Story, The Sunday Times bestsellers list in November 2011, I'm motivated to head down to the bookstores and grab a few more copies of Low Kay Hwa's works!
You can find out where to buy his books here: http://www.goodybooks.com/wheretobuy.htm


I'll also be giving away 2 copies of Low Kay Hwa's For That Day to 2 lucky winners!

All you have to do is to leave a simple comment with what Love means to you plus a valid EMAIL at the end :)
(This is not a competition of length of comment or language skills, just a simple comment will do!)
I will randomly pick out 2 comments by 18 Jan 2012, 11.59PM and email you for your postage details and mail the books via registered postage :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Hui Xin said...

Love to me simply means following my heart and it will lead me to the one for me. :)


Kellyb said...

What love means to me is when two people are happy together, when two people understand each other even without much communication and when he is the one that you know no matter how angry or frustrated he made you to be, you would still smile at the end of the day with his little actions.


Phoebe said...

After reading this post, i'm really going to get that book! I would also like to win the book you are giving away, so here's my definition of love! :)

I think love is when two people can cover up what the other lacks of and when both can have good communication. Of course there would be contradictions and differences but when these can be overcome, that's true love for you!!! ;)


Cheryl said...

Love to me, is both heaven and hell. Sometimes it makes us happy but sometimes it hurts like hell. Despite that, we still chose to love. Becuz without love, would we still want to live?

Xo, sales.kittyindulge@gmail.com :)

Anonymous said...

what does love mean to me,
it is sour and sweet. love is something really between the couples and no one can destroy, because love is strong.


wen said...

Hey, its the 1st time i comment here =DD

what Love means to me...

Being able to see 'you' is all i need =))



Anonymous said...

Love is when you look forward to waking up in the morning because there's something beautiful to look forward to. Love is when doing simple things with that special someone like having H2H chats, making breakfast together or mere cuddling can make you feel like the happiest person in this entire universe. Love is giving that someone the permission to hurt you, but trusting that he won't. Love is when your emotions are readily and directly affected along with that of that person's. Love is when you'd give up your ego and lose a fight rather than risk losing your sweetheart. Love is choosing to stay on even though you have every reason to leave.
Love is courage; courage that gives us the willpower to live on happily.


Anonymous said...

It means looking at someone and seeing nothing but the present and future with them.


Us said...

I think love is something that can be feel but cannot be touch or seen. Love is something that is hard to say it but only the person in love will know the feeling.


Anonymous said...

Love brings two strangers together, no matter how different they are.


Last long with your bf ^^

Saphy said...

Love to me is when you find (or finally meet) someone who is willing to be with you, sticking together and staying together through good and bad times, enjoying all the happy moments together and yet sharing with each other all the sad things that happen in life (basically sharing the burden with each other).

It is not just saying the words to each other and then doing nothing; it is when you look into that certain person's eyes and when you see that person's actions, what he/she does - and you know that it exists, it is real.

Love to me basically means the special bond my boyfriend and I have with each other. I think the best relationship is when your other half is also your best friend and that you both can talk to each other about anything under the sun and not feel awkward or anything like that :3

I think I got carried away LOL sorry, anyway the book sounds like a good read, think I'll ask my bf to help me get it in SG and post it over for me if possible ^^" I can't get the books in Malaysia (sadly) so yeah :/

Thanks for the giveaway <3! Anyways you & Martin look good together :3

Email: silentsacrifices@live.co.uk

Us said...

I think love is something that can be feel but cannot be touch or seen. Love is something that is hard to say it but only the person in love will know the feeling.


Mabel said...

Let me first say that I am not leaving a comment to enter a giveaway for this book. Low Kay Hwa seems like a really good writer and I would like the pleasure of going to buy his books and supporting such a talented local novelist :)

I really left a comment because this was a great post and really made me think about what love is. My boyfriend and I are 12 years apart in age so my family is strongly against our relationship. We're dating in secret. But I am immensely blessed to have really close friends + my boyfriend's extremely accepting family who have given us their understanding and support.

My boyfriend is very giving so when we fight, you know it's a huge deal. Sometimes it threatens to tear us. But I know it is love because whenever we seem to hit rock bottom, when our relationship seems to be coming to its end and we're almost on the edge of breaking up, we know nothing would be worse than never having each other again, and that nothing either of us did to hurt each other would ever hurt more than having to live without each other.

I know it is love because if anyone had done what he did to me, I would've have left them in a heartbeat. But with my boyfriend, I can always find it in my heart to accept and forgive - the same way he treats me :)

Anonymous said...

Love is when 2 heart beats together as one. It's commitment and trust to that 1 person who you respect & desire.

Email: kohhhshihui@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Love is something that makes you feel like a complete person. It gives you a sense of security keeps you real happy deep down. :)


Anonymous said...

Seeing the one that i love with a smile on his face (:


Lynette djong. said...

I'm currently in a really mixed up situation. Broke up with my boyfriend, getting hatred all around me. Close friends leaving me for my ex boyfriend. I want to know what love is about, even though I'm only 15, but I would like to learn it so I won't have to have headaches at night figuring what love is about.
Was looking at your blog and I smiled to myself and reflected. Would love to read it.
Love makes me happy, but I don't know what it really means.

So yeah. :)


huangching said...

I love my girlfriend like nobody else. And it feels so damn assuring when you know that no matter what happens, you'll always have someone there for you. Wish you and your bf last long :')

renee ♥ said...

hi! ya mine also. my bf only had psle cert and now i'm in poly. everyone in my family felt that he was not good enough for me. even some of my friends look down on him. so i totally get what you trying to express when you say you and your bf are so different. during the first 2 years were the most difficult times. my family kept asking when we going to break up :( i'm really glad and happy for you cause your relationship goes well now :) JIAYOU! and hope you guys last forever :)

daffyyen said...

love is an abstract art. it's like walking through an art gallery. at first glace, you don't understand it. give it patience and even the most complicated and bizarre ones have a deeper meaning. every kind of love has a identity on its own.

not here for the book. :)

Anonymous said...

Love is like a drug. A dose gets you high and you feel like your on top of the world.

Love is unconditional, sacrficial and doing something for your partner w/o expecting anything.


Anonymous said...

Love to me is not about meeting the person who has the same IQ as you, who has all the wealth in the world, who has good looks and all. Love is about meeting the person who will still come back after a quarrel. If he's meant to be yours, nothing will change that fact. Love is a strong desire you can't fight off, when you're missing him and even when you're in his arms, you still feel the adrenaline rush. Love can't be measured and is always not enough.

- jforjiayan-@hotmail.com

Ellena Young said...

Love is when you know all the imperfections of one another and accept it anyway. When two people are able to be a hundred percent themselves around each other. Love is something that can hurt you excruciatingly deeply if things go the wrong way. Love is also something that people would willingly risk getting hurt to just feel that moment of bliss and knowing that someone they love is there for them and loving them back. However, Love is an indescribable feeling and words can only describe it to an extent.


isabellekhw said...

love is nothing. but when two person come together, it turned magic. it can make you cry, make you smile. its something that weird, but make you addicted to it. no matter how imperfect the one that you love is, when you come tgt, you doesnt care about the imperfection. what you care is you love him/her.


Cynthia said...

After reading your post, I'm definitely getting this book!!! Almost teared just by reading the back cover of the book. To me, love is undefine. There's no real definition towards it. It's a feeling that just happen for a reason. Have gone through many heartaches before and still i believe in true love. Hope that you and your boyfriend will last! Love to see happy couples around ^~^

Cynthia said...

Sorry forgot to leave my email!


Anonymous said...

My bf is only Pri 6 level and I'm a graduate. I spoke English and he spoke hokkien. I taught him English and computers. We just clicked and we are celebrating our 14th year anniversary this year. We have a son and we are not married. I dun believe I need a piece of paper to let me feel so secure and I dun believe always sticking with him can prevent him from straying.

Love is 互相扶持, always encouraging, great understanding, and supportive meaning always be there no matter how hard the journey is going to be and supporting his dreams. If he loves u, he will be more worried than u and will make plans for you. He will be so protective and make necessary arrangement that life will not tough for you if he accidentally pass on. Love is not about flowers, gifts, birthday celebrations or romance.

Just wanna share my story that cos I'm very proud of our relationship. By the way, he has become a very successful businessman and our son is 12 years old now.

Hui Hui said...

Love means wanting the best for each other.


Anonymous said...

Love is simple, love is great. Love makes one HIGH HIGH, but sometimes love can be selfish too (sometimes I just want the special one TO ONLY LOOK AT ME). Love can be sweet, like LOLLI-LOLLI-OH-LOLLIPOP, but sometimes it can get too sweet I'd roll my eyes upon listening to any love song (I HATE THIS LOVE SONG~). I do think that most people do want SOMEBODY TO LOVE but it may be a bad idea to love a HEART BREAKER hmmm. Sometimes I THINK I'M UGLY AND NOBODY WANTS TO LOVE ME... Nah I'm just a STUPID LIAR I don't rly think so lol.

But seriously, I think HP describes love the best:
"After all this time?"


Anonymous said...

Love, to me means that we'll be comfortable with each other no matter what and no awkwardness in between. Every problems are shared and no secrets are kept.


xy said...

To me , love is when you overlook all the flaws and imperfections of your partner and accept and embrace who the other party is .
Regardless of whether you know the love will be reciprocated in the way you loved that person , & you'll still love unconditionally without wanting anything in return . It is selfless.


Bryant said...

Love means how someone special brings colors to your life, making it beautiful with her around.


Ying said...

Love is too enchanting and overwhelming to be summarised by words alone .


Anonymous said...

Love to me is a feeling that I get when I'm with this particular guy I like. Is like your whole world just exist because of him, you want to wear the ring and live with him forever. Although circumstances will arise but I truly believe if he is that God-sent guy no matter what happen. You guys would pull through and last for a long time and that is true love.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell,

To me, Love means accepting someone(s) and something(s) exactly the way they are in this moment.

When I live in love, I see only perfection.


Anonymous said...

I am also a uni student and my bf only has N levels (ITE dropout). Like you, I have been sheltered by my overprotective parents all my life (they also want me to be an accountant wtf) while my bf led a vastly different lifestyle. But we've been together for a year and a half now and I've never found ANY guy who treats me better than he does. Thanks so much for this post, it's so hard to find someone who understands <3

Pearℒeen.♡ said...

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.♥

Joey said...

Love nothing to me till I find the right person. Be it if you are so anxious to get a new grilf/boyf, be it you just want a change of status, that doesn't represent love. Probably, it will still be a no at the start.

That's all because love is nothing you can search for.
Love something that comes naturally when you never know it will.

Just like that, xoxo


S. said...

Love is something you cannot explain. Its a feeling that slowly grows on you; the inexplicable chemistry, precious laughter, every single moment that will be most cherished in your life, be it good or bad. Its when you honestly see a future with your partner, and most imptly, are able to accept his imperfections as part of the "perfect" man he is for you. Love is trust, faith, & being able to feel like you just fell in love even when its 20 years down the road. Love comes with commitment, awareness & responsibility, and I think its simply the best when you're able love your man like a lover, a soulmate, and a best friend. (:


Anonymous said...

Love, to me, means to be able to accept one another's flaws. Love is also.. the attachment that results from deeply appreciating another's goodness. Love is when giving your everything to the person you love but not expecting anything in return.
Love reading this post of yours :)


Anonymous said...

Love is blind. Love can make someone go gaga.
Both party need not be compatible in regards to looks or background to be together. So long as you both truly LOVE each other its enough.
Love is sweet and at the same time bitter. Be strong to love be happy from love. Everyone deserve to be loved and to love.
So long as both parties love each other,No one can break that love band you both had.


Anonymous said...

Love is like laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and you know definitely, that moment is yours to keep. Love is like letting your other half smell your bad breath after eating onions/garlics, but after laughing it off, he still looks at you deeply telling you how much he loves you. Love is not flawless. But we can choose to love your love's flaws.


SChaeyoung said...

Love means being yourself and wanting to be with him for the rest of your life :)

rararainbow@hotmail.com ~

Anonymous said...

Love is a magical feeling shared by two people, regardless of their individual identities.


Seryna said...

Love means not listening to others and trusting yourself to trust the other person complete. It doesn't matter of different backgrounds as long as the you two are happy~


Anonymous said...

To me, Love is not simply just saying I love you. Love will makes your heart beat every time you think of that person, your hands get clammy, you almost feel like you are going to be sick because you're not sure what to say or how to act. When you talk to that person you will hope the moment lasts forever.You love the other person for everything they are, even their flaws. I think that Love has no definition because it cannot be express by words.


Anonymous said...

Love is not just about the infatuation and passion two feel when they first got together. It is also about how much two are willing to sacrifice and compromise, for the betterment of togetherness.


Anonymous said...

Love is all about trust. As long as we trust each other,we don't need to fear anything,we'll be able to overcome all the obstacles hand in hand,no matter who or what,wants to separate us. Just like education levels,age,height or weight,they are just numbers as love overcomes them all.


K.qiyun said...

What Love means to me: Love means giving. Giving means hurt, in some way, I believe. But still, people yearn for it at the end of th day, because of th feeling One gets, when One is in love.


Miko said...

Sorry, left out my email: oh.smileybox@gmail.com

Have a great day ahead! :)

Anonymous said...

Love is that feeling you get when you meet the right person


Hannah Goh said...

Love is knowing the person's flaws and loving in spite of, not despite of. Love is waiting. Love is being comfortable in silence. Love is holding when he's crying without speaking a word. Love is not sex. Love is more than feelings. Love is indescribable, beyond words can say.


Anonymous said...

Love is what makes you beautiful. That tingly, heart melting feeling when you see the guy you love. It can change someone, bringing out the sweet and shy you. But love means the world, you'll never regret falling in love. It's that feeling that never fails to make your day ;)

Rinnie B said...

Love to me is the ultimate challenge of Life. You give away your most precious self (in this case, your heart) to another human being, in hopes that it's mutual. IF it is, it's like striking jackpot but million times better. And it doesn't, it could break you down so bad you can't look forward to another day.

If you succeeded, it means finding another half that believes in you, shares the same interest (if not, he would eventually), to rely on, to make things better for you daily. There's so many beauty to love that I could gush about but my fingers are too tired to type.

I might ramble on stupid nothings but to me, that's what love really means. To each his own? To take a leap of faith and hope to God, it really works.

I'm waiting for mine, thanks.


Rinnie B said...

Love to me is the ultimate challenge of Life. You give away your most precious self (in this case, your heart) to another human being, in hopes that it's mutual. IF it is, it's like striking jackpot but million times better. And it doesn't, it could break you down so bad you can't look forward to another day.

If you succeeded, it means finding another half that believes in you, shares the same interest (if not, he would eventually), to rely on, to make things better for you daily. There's so many beauty to love that I could gush about but my fingers are too tired to type.

I might ramble on stupid nothings but to me, that's what love really means. To each his own? To take a leap of faith and hope to God, it really works.

I'm waiting for mine, thanks.


Anonymous said...

To me, Love is something that makes life more significant.
Without love, living in this world is just a pure pain in the ass.
Love isnt oxygen. Its the soul, the spirit!

Isabel. said...

Love is what i would do and sacrifice for him and at the same time what he would do that make me feel that its worth it for everything at at the last point of the day, a ' iloveyou' would just be perfect to end the day and start again tml.I love my boyfriend a lot , and i don't wished for ' forever ' but for now, in our mind it will always be each other <3 Thanks pxdkitty ! Lastlong uh

Xoxo ,
ilovelens@hotmail.sg .^-^

Rachell said...

What love means to you: well to me love means a lot. It makes the world go round. Really. Can you imagine without love, this world is nothing. Feeling of love.... Awesome.

Hi Rachell! Big fan of your blog! Hope I can win this book because I have been looking for low Kay hwa's books but idk where to find it since I was like 12... ): and I'm 16 alr. Sigh. thankyou! Ps. I'm not pretending to be you, my name is really spelt Rachell hehe

shirley said...

Love means Trust and Freedom.

shirley said...

Love means Trust and Freedom.


Anonymous said...

Love simply means being blessed, contented and happy all-in-one.


Anonymous said...

Love is friendship set on fire. Its is a magical feeling which sets you on cloud nine and makes your heart flutter. <33


Anonymous said...

love is when simply knowing that person is doing well, makes you happy. You try your best to make them happy and you’re willing to make sacrifices to make them happy. You want them to be healthy and when they’re not feeling well, you wish it was you instead. Love is when you don’t give up on someone just because they do something you don’t like. Love is when you guys argue and it’s not about who wins the argument, but it’s about what you learn out of it to make your relationship even stronger.


Anonymous said...

Hi why is it that I don't see my comment posted :(

Anonymous said...

Love is all about following your heart, and going through thick and thin together.

all the best to you and martin :)


MochaFrapp. said...

What Love means to me...
Love means to me to be still there for the other even when you don't have the first few months of'lovey feeling' anymore.
To wake up in the morning in an unglam state and be contented, knowing that he could have chosen someone else better but he settled for me. :)
To fall in love with someone who you truly will stand next to him and encourage him when circumstances are not optimistic.

Fairy said...

Hi rachell!

After reading this post, I AM SO GOING TO GET THAT BOOK! I rly hope I'll win this book because its really a hobby of mine.

To me love is all about seeing your loved ones happy. Even if it's not with you. "sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead"


Grace said...

Love means being able to have fun when you two are together. Taking silly photos, teasing each other and being there for each other. It is also to understand each other better and give into each other.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachelle!

I think love is unconditional, whether between bf/gf or friends or family etc. They will be there to support you when you are down, and they also share your laughter and tears. If you are on the wrong path, they will be there to guide you back. Loving someone also means that even though you haven't seen him/her for a long time, you don't feel distanced. Love is something special you share with another person ^^


Larissasjy said...

What love means to me?

Something that is bitter sweet. You will encounter lot of problems even though it might upset, agitate or make you happy non stop for the whole day. With just the thought you will feel instantly happy & warm in the heart <3


Tyler :) said...

Love is simple, giving and being selfless. Just being able to be there with you love, sharing how you feel, your joy, ups and downs and almost everything else. It makes you feel like a perfect being because love is what fills you from within :)


Sokman said...

Love is unexpected and it can't be explained with mere words. You know you're in love when you feels it.


Anonymous said...

Just finished reading that book I bought the other day. Amazing story. Love how the ending is different from what it seems.