Friday, January 27, 2012

Stand tall, stand proud

Hi kittens ;3

As promised, here's a post on my shoe collection!
Actually this isn't everything yet but I can't be bothered to arrange them nicely anymore...

Like I mentioned previously, these are all cheap shoes. No brands no nothing... and IF they look like those branded ones, they're just cheap knock offs.
I'm not earning my own money to buy branded shoes yet so I shall resist~

This post is going to be quite senseless.. just me showing off some of my favorite shoes and telling you some stuff about them.....
but if you don't like Shoe Stories then just go watch Toy Story and don't read the words in this post okay~~~ hahaha

(I got most of these shoes waaay back so there's no way the blogshop is still selling it so no point telling you the blog url anyway, that is if I can even remember...)

I got this JC Clinic inspired wedges from a local blogshop at about $30+, I saw it in Hong Kong at $10 and was so tempted to buy the exact same one just because it's cheap... lol! But I didn't in the end cause I spent a lot of money already
Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 4/10

My new H&M Lace up inspired wedges from local blogshop at $30+. I got a pair 3 years back and it's still surviving but I bought a new one just in case cause it's soooo comfortable!
The new one has a tougher material and shorter strings which I don't really fancy, but it's still pretty much as comfortable as my original favorite!
Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 1/10

One of my most impulsive buys. TOPSHOP boots which cost me like $210 but I wanted it there and then and it was the last pair in my size!!! T~T
And the number of times I've actually worn it out..... ONCE.
Simply because..
Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 9/10

Plus the fact that high cut boots make my calves look shorter and I don't have really long legs to begin with, so my legs look extremely stumpy with this pair. AND IT HURTS LIKE CRAZY, UGH.

I would consider this pair of Leopard wedges as one of my luckiest buys online so far!
I got it at $28, preloved from a local blogshop during the period where leopard wedges were the IN thing!
I didn't even care that it was 1 size bigger! I can always stuff some sole paddings in and not have to pay $50 for a pair of leopard wedges from those rip off sellers :P

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 4/10

Another one of my impulsive buys simply because I saw Jeffree Star tweet "if the soles aren't red I ain't wearing it" followed by a picture of him with a pair of Louboutins and I'm obsessed with him. So when I saw this pair of Christian Louboutin inspired studded pumps in Hong Kong at 80SGD I went crazy. But the price bugged me for helluva long time (and they refused to give me any discounts, bitchhhh) so I combed through the entire Nu Ren Jie 4 times only to go back to the same shop and pay $80 for it cause I can't find it anywhere else!

But I'm damn glad I bought it anyway, cause it adds on to the pretty factor in my shoe collection cause I'm all wedges and platforms if you noticed.

But you know what's the most evil part about this pair of heels?
When I try to strut like a model (don't pretend you don't do it too!) and walk in a straight line, cause I can't open my leg really wide while I'm in a dress, I may sometimes accidentally KICK my own ankle with the other foot. AND YES, THE STUDS. HURT. LIKE. FFFFFFFFF.

Well even without the studs... It's still quite impossible for me to walk in this properly cause of the steepness of it, the sense of insecurity caused by the lack of cloth for more grip like my other wedges and the fear of twisting my ankle severely.

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 9.5/10

They say never judge a book by its cover.
I say this motherfucking wedges looks pretty comfortable but each shoe it self is a demon's mouth.

I walked out with these pair of heels one day and I regretted 2 minutes after I left the house.
Blisters started forming by then and I had to LIVE WITH IT cause I was late for something.
I swear the blisters were soooooo bloody huge the liquid inside them could collectively prepare a pot of soup for a family of 5.

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 7/10

I bought this pretty Little Red from Japan, which I mentioned in my Japan Haul Video previously :)
It was on sale cause it was winter season and all the winter boots were in demand and these babies were on clearance hahah! Got them for $15 but I haven't worn them out yet!

They look kind of too feminine and cute for me though.... but they were cheap so what the heck! :)

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: KIV/10

I might have possibly bought this pair of Jeffrey Campbell inspired Tick wedges when it was popular some years back at $60 online but it was so long back I can't remember exactly already..

It doesn't hurt thaaaat much and it's quite really pretty.. not sure why I don't wear it much either, lol!

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 5/10

Ah-hah! Finally a picture of the demonia / punk boots I spoke of in my Japan Haul video!
Got this huge ass monstrous baby that towers over all my other shoes in my shoe closet at $100+ and I bought it because I saw similar ones in Singapore selling at $300. Fuck you rip offs!!! LOL

This pair is 3 sizes bigger than my feet but it was the last pair and I really wanted it.... LOL :S
I really want a lot of things, I knowwwwww~

Haven't worn this out yet! Pretty sure it'll make my feet look totally stumpy and short but it's always fun to have huge monstrous shoes cause it makes me feel big and powerful and I can stomp on the feet of anyone I dislike in public places without fear lol whutttt

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: KIV/10

I bought this next pair of strappy wedges from OhSoFickle at Far East Plaza last last year!


The night I bought this pair of shoes, I was out with my EX-BOYFRIEND and his friends and we had a huge argument IN PUBLIC (so embarrassing, but I started it lol bitchhhh) over some extremely trivial matter. But anyway, I WALKED OFF REALLY QUICKLY from him and he chased after for awhile but he couldn't abandon his friends so he went back to them, leaving me by myself.
And guess where I walked to? Far East Plaza.
And what did I do? BUY WEDGES AT OHSOFICKLE, LOL!!!!!
And my ex-boyfriend kept calling me and I texted him "Come to Far East Plaza OhSoFickle in 5 mins or else we're done"

Okay, memories. I'm so sorry I was such a terrible girlfriend. That boy was suay to have been my exbf lol please don't learn it's not a good thing at all in fact if i saw a girl do that to her boyfriend right now I'd wish I could whack the living daylights out of her lol. Anyway, it's my ex-boyfriend!

See, you never knew shoe stories were so gossipy right!
Got romance and drama, not bad!

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 1/10

MIU MIU inspired satin heels!
I swore I must have been insane.
I actually paid $180 to a BLOGSHOP cause they were one of the few to spree these in first.
These satin heels were in trend together with those swallows motifs which are still popular now.

And it pissed me off greatly when more blogshops held the spree and it became like $60 even for those with the crystalsssss. FML :(

But back then I cashed out my Nuffnang moolahs so it covered quite a bit of the total cost! :) yay!

Till now, these are my only "formal wear" shoes cause apparently all my other shoes don't look matured or professional enough. knn.

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 6/10

Here's my Sam Edelman inspired harness boots!
Also got it when it was popular....... and expensive....
HAHAHAH FML I AM ALWAYS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF OTHERS. This is how I spend all my money, sigh.

Not much of a story behind this except I met up with the seller at Outram Park MRT.
I was lucky cause this was her only pair of in stock cause the rest were on preorder... 1 size bigger than my feet again, lol!

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 6/10

Spiky shoes!

I bought these from Hong Kong and at the airport my luggage got detained for having spiky shoes and my hell angel's inspired brass knuckle ring :S

You know those MRT warnings? I am the dangerous person with suspicious articles.... T~T


Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 1/10

OKAY, last shoe for the post cause I'm too lazy to talk about the other shoes hahah!

I got this from and it's my "safest" pair of flat shoes so far.
But I just kind of really really like the feeling of being elevated off the ground by a few inches of pure padding and lies, which is why I don't wear normal shoes much :X

Hurts-like-a-bitch level: 0/10

Alright somehow this was supposed to be a tiny tiny short and simple post but I have no idea why in the end it became so long..
But thanks for hanging on till the end if you did! :)

In conclusion:
Girls would go shopping in freaking killer heels for hours just to look good
Girls would fake a smile and strut like a supermodel to look pretty although their shoes are killing them with each step
Girls would pay shitload$$ for shoes by scrimping and saving on their meals
Girls would wear shoes that aren't their size just because they like the design
Some tall girls would actually feel sad about their height and wish they were shorter just to wear mega high heels (Someone told me about this before.. okay then I guess being short ain't that bad...?)


Alright, thanks for reading! Love you all :)


Anonymous said...

eh, very wasted u know?
are u able to wear socks with some of them? it will be more comfortable.
for those which hurt too much & u simply can't walk in them, perhaps u can wear them for camwhoring at home, or when modelling clothes.
worst condition, chuck ur brollies in them, i'm sure they don't mind. hahaha.

Crystal said...

The part about tall girls wishing they were shorter to wear high heels is SO TRUE! I myself am around 173cm (not very tall but taller than average) and whenever I wear wedges, I feel like some Amazonian monster lol!

Plus guys in Singapore aren't tall so I look even more odd :/ it's kinda sad when I can't wear pretty shoes just because they are simply too high Hahas.

Temin^^ said...

<3 the lace wedges a lot! where you get it or you know where can i get it?

Anonymous said...

Hey rachell! Can I ask where you got your new H&M inspired wedges from? :)

[[candy`]] said...

Can't believe no one commented on this post. Love your shoes! And the interesting stories behind them;)
Wished I had tiny feet like yours, most beautiful shoes are sold out in my size -.-