Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tuesday Kalos

Hi kittens ;3

Are you girls prepared for the next wave of CNY shopping? :D :D :D
The moment I clicked onto Tuesday Kalos I was like "THIS IS IT! ALL MY CNY NEEDS~~~"

Check out all these gorgeous red dresses :)
Wearing red on CNY will definitely gain the favours of all your relatives when you go visiting :p
And who knows? They might give you a bigggg ang pao! :p

I really like how this dress is festive, elegant and also sexy (without being revealing)!
Would look gorgeous even for more formal events~~

And if you like the cutting but red just isn't your colour, why not go for the Blue one instead? Equally pretty! :)

And I remembered when previously I blogged about one of my black flare/skater skirts there were a few comments asking me where I got it from :)
You can now get yours at Tuesday Kalos!

And for the younger girls, this cute collared top is definitely for you :) :)
Looks damn sweet for both CNY and also casual dates!

During festive seasons SingPost will take a longer time to deliver the items.
So if you want to get your new clothes now, you better act fast! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what size are the clothes? Some aren't specified :/